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Dr. Paul H. Levine

Professor Paul H. Levine is a cancer epidemiologist, who provided laboratory, administrative space and logistical support for Dr. Haines’ team, beginning in the fall of 2002. Drs. Levine and Haines were principal organizers of a team that included, GWUMC Prof, Ben Dickens, VA physician John Ottenweller, U.S. Army Generals Richard Valente and Reggie Centracchio, Iranian Revolutionary Guard General Mostafa Ghanei, M.D., Kuwait University Prof. Fadia Mahmoud, USAF Captain Joyce Riley, along with prominent Iraqi and Iranian scientists, including Dr. Hikmet Jamil, Saddam Hussein’s former chief of environmental medicine – who is a participant in the CTM interview. In 2002-2003, those members of the team based at GWUMC, collected and analyzed blood samples and clinical data from a population of 30,000 Gulf war era veterans. Outcomes of this work in 2003, revealed the astounding conclusions regarding likely involvement of military vaccines that John B. Wells found sufficiently intriguing to extend an invitation for the upcoming interview. For the past 14 years prior to this writing, Dr. Levine has worked with Dr. Haines to obtain approval for publication of these results in a high-impact, peer reviewed scientific journal. The persistence of this team was rewarded and the results will be published in late August or early September, 2017.