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Episode 593 – Guest Media – Jon D’Amore & David Shurter

NAME: Jon D’Amore

Websites: and www.jondamore.comJon_D'Amore




It was the 1960s. The place was Hudson County, New Jersey…minutes away from midtown Manhattan. Jon D’Amore was first published at 10. A story he’d written about the Civil War was transformed into a mimeographed book and distributed throughout the county school system. He went on to write for the school newspaper.

The pre-teenager also began studying the guitar, leading him to hone his love and knowledge of music and the art of composing. By his mid-20s Jon was traveling cross-country as a musician.
While touring during the 1970s, he was also a feature writer for New Jersey’s 3rd largest newspaper, The Passaic Herald News, simultaneously allowing him to enjoy the best of his favorite worlds; Playing rock & roll and writing.
In 1985, Jon found a different side of life. He said, “Goodbye and it’s been a slice!” to the music business and got a job in the corporate world.
By 1999, another change took place when he relocated to Los Angeles and wrote the manuscript that would achieve him success in 2012…THE BOSS ALWAYS SITS IN THE BACK – A Novel Based On A True Story.
Since then, Jon’s writing has earned him Proclamations naming May 23rd and 24th “Jon D’Amore Day” in Secaucus and Union City, New Jersey…the town and city where he spent the first 22 years of his life, along with Union City’s coveted Artist Award and several Congressional, Senatorial and Municipal Proclamations and Citations.
In 2014, after countless interviews, readings, radio & TV show appearances, Jon felt the need to make THE BOSS the true story it was always meant to be.
After revising the original version, THE BOSS ALWAYS SITS IN THE BACK – A Memoir was released on October 1, 2015, and once again it proved to be, as noted by several newspapers and radio hosts, “…the story that refuses to die!”



NAME: David ShurterDavid_Shurter

Website: and

Books Written:  Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivors Story


My family was instrumentally involved with the events surrounding a failed savings and loan called Frankliin Credit. My father was a child abductor- and is involved with cases such as Johnny Gosch, Jacob Wetterling, and Ricky Chadik. I have been trying to get this investigated now for 15+ years. I was born into the MKUltra program and was raised to believe that I would grow up to be the antichrist.




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