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Episode 6 – Dr Dave Janda – Joseph Meyer & James Perloff

Thursday July 13th 2017

In this episode of Caravan To Midnight hosted by Dr. Dave Janda, the financial, economic and investment arenas are dissected by Joseph Meyer. Then James Perloff dissects False Flag events which have occurred at the hands of The Globalist Syndicate. Dave opens the show with a WTF segment which outlines how globalists within the government violated millions of Americans’ 4th Amendment Rights and what they are up to now behind the curtain.


The Vigil – Blue Öyster Cult
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4 Responses to Episode 6 – Dr Dave Janda – Joseph Meyer & James Perloff

  1. Mitchell Grim July 19, 2017 at 10:17 am #

    what i find the most disturbing thing about our current government is this fact.

    every time Israel and Saudi Arabia ask for something to our congress, they always get it with no questions asked.

    everytime corporations, banks and other foreign nations ask our congress for something they always get it with no questions asked.

    everytime We The People ask our government for something our voices fall on deaf ears and we are ignored.

    i for one am tired of these political party organizations selling our representation out.

    There is only enough room for one voice of representation in the United States of America and that belongs solely to the american citizens of these 50 states only, and not to corporations or banks or foreign nations.

    this post is true America first policy

    Our current President still serves corporations, banks, and foreign nations ( israel and Saudi Arabia) first

    we are people are being ignored.

    we need to cast down this failed democracy the democrat and republicans brought on us after our founding fathers died

    we need to restore the Constitutional Republic and restore the constitution which is in exile

    god bless America

    Presidential candidate for 2020

    Mitchell Grim

  2. David Westerhold July 14, 2017 at 1:01 pm #

    Great show Dave. Mr. Perloff coverd a lot, and I learned a lot. I already knew 9/11 was not what they told us and wanted us to believe. But I myself did believe their BS for years, until I paid attention to the “truthers” and all the evidence. One person who John has had on his show is Rebekah Roth. I have all of her books now, and I think she has the answer to what happened to the people and the planes after they were diverted. She says they were landed at an Air Force base near DC or somewhere, I forget the name. And I believe what she says about cell phones NOT being usable for all those fake staged calls the government operatives forced those people to make, AFTER they were on the ground. But, up until now I had leaned toward the thermite and controlled demolition cause of the towers collapse. After hearing Mr. Perloff I am more inclined to believe the suitcase nuke theory, however, I still think explosive charges were planted in those buildings, and we know that building 7 was purposely “brought down”, by controlled demolition. The area off Virginia where he says the planes were sunk – I had never heard that before. And gassing the passengers? Probably, wherever the planes were. It should be screamed loudly that Mr. Silverstein was in on the collusion and profited HUGELY. When I learned that the whole thing was a false flag event, I never thought that “Israel”, the Mossad, was responsible, but Mr. Perloff, and probably others, makes a case for that. Thanks for the show Dave.

    • Dave July 15, 2017 at 4:15 pm #


      Thanks for your note and for listening. All of us would like to believe what we were told was the truth and nothing but the truth from the outset. However, with time and with analysis many questions and information has come forward that we owe it to our children and the future of Our country to research the event and the aftermath to the fullest to get the unvarnished truth.

      James presents information and data which I was unaware of prior to the research I did prior to our interview. I suggest you go to his website and take a look at his writings on the “event” at

      Thanks for subscribing and please let others know about the shows we are doing to help Educate and Empower the public.


    • Dave July 20, 2017 at 11:34 am #


      You have my vote! I agree with you 110%.