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Episode 670 – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, James & JoAnne Moriarty

Wednesday January 11th 2017

In this edition we speak first with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and then to James & JoAnne Moriarty.
Dr. Roberts an author of 12 books on the American economy and is a blogger as well. John and Dr. Roberts talk about the rumors surrounding President-elect Trump and the wet mattress scandal, where once again “Fake News” is deflated. Dr. Roberts goes into detail on how the businessman and outsider will bring a new perspective to the White House.
Then we welcome James and JoAnne Moriarty who are whistle-blowers on war crimes that have been committed in Libya which involve Hillary Clinton. Mr. And Mrs. Moriarty go into great detail on their visits to Libya and tell a much different story.


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49 Responses to Episode 670 – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, James & JoAnne Moriarty

  1. Denis January 19, 2017 at 9:05 pm #

    I also would like to see this episode on the YT channel. I believe it has the potential to bring in more subscribers and also help the Moriarty’s with the DVD sales. The American people and others need to know the truth about Libya.

  2. Michael January 18, 2017 at 10:41 am #

    I work with a Libyan lady who occasionally manages to return to see her family. This is very true. The western leaders that propagated this atrocity , and the scum that supported it , yes USA , UK , French politicians need to be found and be made to answer for this !

    Also follow you tube “where did Eric Braverman go”. George Webb pulls together the CIA, Stinger Missile, oil , mercenary . Clinton links ..These guys are on the level , The USA government are truly scum !

  3. Terry January 17, 2017 at 5:23 am #

    This show needs to be on YT because it is so timely, pertinent, and shows what MSM doesn’t want us to see, yet , from our Vietnam experience, we know it’s true. It’s NWO evil. Maximum deception. We have a Luciferian government that lives in the 21st century while enslaving us as a resource for maximum collection in a 20th century paradigm. Why can’t we all just get along? That’s not the way Luci wants it. Rise up now, mighty Christian warriors and patriots alike.

  4. Terry January 17, 2017 at 5:13 am #

    Hillary was a done deal to bring in war and chaos. Trump is a silent, but strong Christian that went to the elite parties, but knew enough to leave before the debauchery would begin. He’s had exceptional self-control since his military schooling while inheirating a huge fortune. All the different Luciferian/satanic branches are now working together to bring on the NWO for Luci. They’re less than 20% of ranks, yet have key positions to control. Trump’s miracle win was against all their betting and manipulation. He has a destiny. A Kennedy redo where he knows they want to kill him only God wants him to win this time and the 80% christian, agnostic, and humanitarian want to get behind the effort! We were looking in the pits of hell if Hillary had won. When superpowers war, the whole world loses! Support no evil! No country should have a world domination mindset with open plundering and population enslavement.

  5. sharonoliveria January 15, 2017 at 11:19 am #

    John, very good show with great guest’s. I heard a wise man say, “You think you Know, but you don’t , until you do “. I am seeing this , with each new Guest.

    With Paul Roberts speaking of how interwoven CIA is in everything, how hard the fight will be for Pres Trump, our prayer’s are most needed now , for protection of He & Family.

    Will Pres Trump be able to get rid of CIA ? With God’s help ! we know with God all things are possible!

    My stomach is still jerking , upset at hearing the evil brought upon the people of these Tribe’s . Hilary, Obama need to be brought before the Court’s for war crime’s & Treason,

    To hear James & JoAnne ‘s retelling of their life lived in great danger, trying to help the people , as they are trying to Help ! American’s now to learn the truth of what really happened to the B-4 . We must find a way to help support them any way we can, for their needs are great now.

    How is Evil born in some people’s lives? We may never know the answer to that of Hilary, Bill & Obama, one day they will have to stand before God at the great white Judgment throne of God, they will have to give an answer for their Sin’s, evil acts, taking of so many lives, before God passes Judgment upon them , they will not be able to lie call on the CIA, or anyone else, they will not be able to try to charm God.

    I pray our America & its leader’s will one day be in our eyes what we once believed it to be & for other Nation’s to respect America . It hurts to find out all we have today with Paul Robert’s & James & JoAnne Bless them Lord & Protect them , always protect John B Well’s In Jesus Name !

  6. Chris January 14, 2017 at 6:48 pm #

    The interview with the Moriartys was extraordinary. I should have skipped the PCR segment and gone directly to the second half of the show.

  7. kimberly January 14, 2017 at 2:47 am #

    JBW….this is why you are here…so the rest of us can hear the stories

  8. alloywheels4you January 13, 2017 at 10:46 pm #

    There have been many episodes on C2M. Many.
    This episode with the Moriartys was spectacular.

    I find myself compelled to get their DVD to support them in their efforts. May God watch over them.

  9. Marc January 13, 2017 at 6:40 pm #

    Wow, one of the best, most interesting yet troubling shows yet. And for C2M that’s really saying something! Even if it did have me wondering what my cat was up to lol. I absolutely will buy the Moriartys DVD. I’m far from rich but there are people and subjects well worth my hard earned dollar. Simply astonishing. I don’t have the words. The truth must get out. I don’t even remember the last time I went to the theaters to see a movie. If I heard that the Moriartys were making a movie based on their experience, I’d be the first in line. Like I said, no words. Just keep it up.

    Thank you C2M and all the listeners for assuring me that I’m not the only one awake and aware 🙂

  10. Lynne January 13, 2017 at 5:17 pm #

    Having lived through the Kennedy assassinations and MLK’s death and NEVER believing the official stories, I am not surprised at the crimes and evil associated with the CIA/shadow government. However, hearing the horrific details and in depth information is still sickening. The book to read is “The Devil’s Chessboard” by David Talbot It is the story of the amoral psychopathic and truly evil Dulles brothers. At times I had to put the book down as I was overcome with horror and grief at the violence, death, mayhem,torture, and murder perpetrated by US “intelligence”. But we have to hear it and we have to know it and we have to remember it and never forget it. Allen Dulles was fired by Kennedy and then just continued to run the CIA out of his house in Georgetown. And his cronies at the CIA just went right along with him. We do NOT need this agency or anything like it. Getting rid of it is a necessity–it a monster that has grown by leaps and bounds over the years–yet I believe the power of the Lord can overcome anything. “Their” time is running out and “they” know it–we just have to hang tough and hold on for the wild ride to come. Thanks again John B. for everything…..

  11. cjhund January 13, 2017 at 4:25 pm #

    The Moriarty’s story needs to be shared with everyone. It’s not too late to hold the people who did this responsible for their actions.

  12. jane254 January 13, 2017 at 2:45 pm #

    After hearing Jim and Jo Ann I am sitting here numb. Everything I’ve feared about this govt is true. I knew it was, news junkie that I am, but this interview brought home how Evil and dangerous they really are. I have no doubt they would do the same to us as easily as they’ve done to these other countries. Someone posted on FB, earlier something about how we could rectify our reputation on the world stage and I said that was only going to happen if we delivered Obama, Hillary, Bushes, and the rest of these players to the World Court and publicly prosecuted them for war crimes against Humanity like the NAZIs were. I have to wonder now if that would be enough.

    I think it was Steve Quayle said that before God destroyed America He would pull back the Veil and all the secrets would be revealed. I am so disgusted and ashamed, I praise God my Dad died before he knew what this country has become.

  13. kyle January 13, 2017 at 11:22 am #

    James and JoAnne Moriarty

    Wow. That was one of the hardcore gnarliest episodes in awhile, JB

    Well done.

  14. olasmanns January 13, 2017 at 1:18 am #


    I commend you and the entire staff at Caravan To Midnight for the interview with James & JoAnne Moriarty! This is exactly the reason I have been a Caravaner from day one, the content of your interviews and the guests are incredible! There is no one else out there providing the level of hard hitting content that CTM offer to subscribers.

    The interview with James & JoAnne Moriarty needs to go viral so that all of this can be exposed. I think they would be great guests for a Saturday night Ark Midnight program.

    Keep fighting the good fight brother! God Bless You All!


  15. Jr. Ryder January 12, 2017 at 10:53 pm #

    I swear i truly thought that was my cat lol, i was like how the hell can i hear the cat down here so clearly? lol..

  16. George January 12, 2017 at 10:06 pm #

    Excellent show. Unruly cats.

  17. Bomar January 12, 2017 at 4:59 pm #

    Johnny B,…

    Great interviews, definitely a keeper for my personal archive…

    I listen to them 3 times…


  18. christine January 12, 2017 at 3:28 pm #

    WOW… what a show! Thank you so much! Dr. Roberts is on target and if any American thinks that they can run away from this guess again! Again thank you for the Moriartys interview. This is the first I have heard of them. There was something brought up by JoAnne that gave me the chills.
    When she spoke of 14 year old girls breasts being cut off reminded me of something I had heard before. My former Cambodian sister in law survived POL POT. She said the Khumer Rouge would go round in groups , that they would cut off the breasts of young women and would eat people. Sound familar????
    Oh God………
    Another note. I know things are bad in South Africa between blacks and whites but it sure as hell doesn’t help things when a white b@#$h from America goes there and tells their government “do as I say or I will !@#$ you as I do to them.” If I were a black South African do you think I would trust ANY white person after hearing something like that? Oh HELL NO.
    Yep America has ALOT to answer for.
    Peace and keep up the great fight.

  19. wwindsor January 12, 2017 at 1:41 pm #

    JBW, great interviews!

    Moriarty’s speak the truth. I’d say follow the money, but trail of blood leads to money/cgi/cf/hrc>>>>>>>>George Webb digs into the weeds deeper…exposing the beasts.

    Rev.2:9 Talmudic…khazars

  20. mary January 12, 2017 at 12:40 pm #

    So, this place I go too daily, I talk with my buddy,,,and he states, how many languages do you know fluently? I state 3,,,,Northern, Midwestern and Southern. But I’m sorry, with DR. Roberts I fail; although I resided in the GREAT STATE of Alabama(Sessions) for 4 years…….I have too watch Dr. Roberts too understand his DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP Souther’n accent! of my children was born in bama’

  21. mary January 12, 2017 at 12:31 pm #

    THE HONORABLE Donald Joseph Trump, Really Needs too find a position in his Cabinet for my HONORABLE DR,Paul Craig Roberts, and his cats!

  22. Darlene and Scott January 12, 2017 at 12:31 pm #

    I am so grateful that you have interviewed the Moriartys. Back when Glenn Beck began his For The Record series he devoted one of the earliest shows to whistle blowers, allowing them to report on how we betrayed Kaddafi, and then allowed him to be murdered.

    With that I went to YouTube and watched Kaddafi’s UN speeches. I found him to be an most intelligent and caring man, and one who was calling out the UN for their poor behavior. I recommend viewing those speeches.

    Then I watched videos showing what it was like to live in Libya…with explanations of how the government took care of its country and citizens.

    At the time the GBeck episode aired, I had a difficult time getting any attention for my opinions about how I believed the whistle blowers. I do not remember the exact CTM episode(s), but I do remember commenting, and giving my recently developed opinions concerning Kaddafi and life in Libya, in the CTM old forum. Might be that I got blow back because it came from TheBlaze…or might be that I was ignored.

    Today I am grateful that all of those events took place when they did and as they did!!! The Moriartys reports support what I believe to be the truth. Thank you!!!

    • Darlene and Scott January 12, 2017 at 1:45 pm #

      Interesting. I am reading the article / transcript at the Libyan War The Truth website from 06/30/2016 where they spoke of The Blaze, CIA, and death threat. Too bad they did not spell Joe Weasel’s name correctly. Easy enough to confirm since it is Joe Weasel and Joel Cheatwood who are cited in internet articles / news about how these men, working for The Blaze, defied the judge’s order to reveal their sources concerning the radio show where Glenn Beck talked about the Saudi Prince who was hospitalized after the Boston Marathon [hoax] bombing. The Royal Saudi family sued GBeck over the dialogue in show.

  23. Timothy January 12, 2017 at 12:28 pm #

    Hello John and team (Nadine!!!).

    Thank you for bring the James and Joanne Moriarty story to the Caravan.

    I had never heard of it. I had read that Her Clinton was responsible for Beganzi.

    Please bring a follow up to the story. Especially after Trumps inauguration. Hopefully Don’s team will clear the Moriarty’s.

    Keep the real news coming. The Earth is definitely NOT flat…

  24. mary January 12, 2017 at 12:01 pm #

    Funny when you peeved JOHN,,,at your BEST! ADORE DR. Roberts and his cats:)

  25. Sue January 12, 2017 at 11:53 am #

    The interview with James and JoAnne also made me cry. If this doesn’t make you ashamed of everything being in done in the name of America, you have no heart or soul. I want justice for the people of Libya! I cannot believe that many of our Congressman, ones I had a fair degree of respect for, would not listen to their testimony. Just shows how deep the Deep State is! I hope everyone that can will purchase the DVD! As always, love Dr. Roberts!

  26. Katherine January 12, 2017 at 11:22 am #

    Just an added note: One of the foregoing commenters posted a link to CNN which is great but people might also want to go online and pull up a list of the sponsors who advertise and, therefore, enable CNN to stay in business. A woman has apparently gone to a lot of trouble to compile this list and I have already contacted the establishments with whom I do business in order to lodge a complaint regarding their sponsorship of the despicable (oh, wait . . . I meant to write “deplorable”) trashy “news” outfit dba CNN. Hit them where it hurts.

  27. michael.wynne.mi January 12, 2017 at 10:07 am #

  28. Sharon January 12, 2017 at 8:32 am #

    Excellent show, thank you!
    PLEASE consider having George Webb on your show……you can listen to his brave investigative reporting on his YouTube channel. I heard him on Rense tv and also on the Richie Allen show.
    This man is a wonderful example of truth…he connects all the dots and I think Your audience would find his work fascinating. Thanks to you and your excellent staff for all you do.

  29. ROLAND EDGAR January 12, 2017 at 7:50 am #

    This account oultines the USA influenced situation in the Ukraine, to ptotect individuals I have redcated some names.

    The following exclusive material was sent to REDACTED by a self-declared representative of the anti-fascist movement in Ukraine from Kharkov, whom for safety reasons we have agreed to call “Andrey Anon.” Andrey has been living and working behind Ukrainian lines since the war began and has come into close contact with numerous personalities ranging from Poroshenko’s former business associates to Ukrainian officers and conscripts. In this astonishing tell-all, Andrey shares his knowledge of the dirty underbelly of the Poroshenko regime, the seething sentiments of conscript soldiers and civilians in occupied Donbass, and his impressions of the future of the Kiev junta and the war. REDACTED is gratified to have been confided in with this material which the author wishes to have spread as far and wide as possible to reveal the truth of the horrific corruption and war that have gripped his country since February 2014. Andrey and REDACTED have left out and changed certain names to protect sources and the people involved. – J. Arnoldski

    I am a resident of Kharkov, the first capital of Soviet Ukraine. Although this city has lost the status of the political capital of Ukraine, it is still considered the scientific and industrial capital of the country. Kharkov was founded and settled in the 17th century and belonged to the Russian (Muscovite) Tsars. It was the administrative center of the vast region of Slobozhanshchina (“Sloboda Ukraine”) where the Cossacks from Ukraine fled after being defeated by Polish troops during the Khmelnitsky uprising (the rebellion of Ukrainian cossacks and peasants in the mid-17th century). The descendants of the Cossack families of Sloboda Ukraine served the Russian Tsars, while the Cossack leaders became part of the Russian nobility. This brief historical digression will allow the reader to understand that Kharkov, by virtue of its origin and identity, is a Russian city, not a Ukrainian one.

    The overwhelming majority of Kharkovians, even those with Ukrainian surnames, feel themselves to be Russians. The mentality of the people of Kharkov is much closer to that of the neighboring Russian regional centers of Belgorod and Kursk than to that of the cities of Western or even Central Ukraine. Bandera and Skhukhevych, the leaders of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and its military wing, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army which is “famous” for its genocide against the Polish population of Volhynia, are national heroes for Galicia and Volhynia. But Kharkov’s heroes are the Russian Tsars, Empress Catherine the Great, and the legendary partisan of the Second World War who fought against the Hitlerite fascists and their Ukrainian henchmen, Sydir Kovpak.

    February 21st, 2014 was a black day for Kharkov and all of Ukraine. On this day, the coup d’etat took place which was backed from the beginning by the governments of Germany, France, Poland, as well as the Democratic administration of the US. The current Ukrainian authorities are none other than those conspirators and criminals who overthrew the country’s legal president, Viktor Yanukovych. It is a fact that “President” Poroshenko was one of the founders of the Party of Regions of which Yanukovych was the leader. Poroshenko was also a minister in Yanukovych’s government. Immediately after the coup d’etat, the Party of Regions was declared illegal and disbanded. When has Poroshenko ever been honest? When he created a party that was then declared criminal? When he served Yanukovych? Or when he financed the coup d’etat in Ukraine?

    I’ve had the opportunity to talk with people who were once Petro Poroshenko’s business associates. According to them, he is a genuinely intelligent and experienced businessmen who indeed established a successful business. His business acumen and capabilities are undoubtable. But these same people also asserted that Poroshenko’s main, distinguishing feature is his unbridled love for money. Poroshenko can make money literally out of thin air.

    Now a number of Western publications are publishing revelatoryexposés on corruption under Poroshenko. Poroshenko’s former business partner and deputy of the Verkhovna Rada (Ukraine’s parliament), Alexander Onishchenko, has fled to England and given a number of interviews on the illegal financial and political schemes of President Poroshenko. One of Onishchenko’s revelations is that Poroshenko has extracted major financial benefits from secretly trading with the “separatists” of Donbass. In Ukraine, it is a kind of open secret that “gray” trading schemes exist between Ukraine and the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. This trade is covered by the Ukrainian Army (UAF) or the Ukrainian neo-Nazi paramilitary battalions. However, they are just the cogs in someone else’s game. The main customer and patron of this shadow trade are the Ukrainian authorities and specifically President Poroshenko.

    When Time magazine published Onishchenko’s revelations, including his story of the shadow trade with “separatists” from which Poroshenko extracts profits, I remembered what my friends, who were in contact with Poroshenko the businessmen long before he became president and a simple politician, said: for Poroshenko, the main and only goal is money.

    For almost three years already, dissidents in Ukraine have been subjected to political terror. Any sympathies for Russia can earn one a prison sentence or physical violence. Even those people who dared to bring flowers to the Russian embassy as a sign of condolence over the death of the Tu-154 passengers and crew were beaten. In Washington and New York, people expressed their condolences to Russia and sang the Russian anthem. But in Ukraine and in my native Kharkov, this is unimaginable. This would have ended in the death of brave people.

    President Poroshenko is a Ukrainian patriot in words. But he does not like, but rather hates and despises Ukrainians. To start with, he is not a Ukrainian by origin, but a Jew. During the Maidan, a video spread across Ukraine which captured Poroshenko, the main sponsor of the Maidan among the Ukrainian oligarchs, insulting his associates on religious grounds. I think that’s when we saw the real face of the future president of Ukraine.

    Poroshenko loves to deliver speeches dressed up in a vyshivanka, the traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt. Yet he still does business with Russia which he constantly accuses of occupying Ukraine. It’s hardly possible that Poroshenko actually believes in what he says but, in the least, this doesn’t hinder him from owning his own factory in the Russian town of Lipetsk and paying taxes into the budget of the “aggressor country.” I’ve already mentioned Poroshenko’s business with the “separatists” of Donbass.

    Ukraine followed the elections in the US for all of 2016. The Ukrainian authorities’ sympathy was entirely on the side of Hillary Clinton. Poroshenko even tried to contribute to help her win. For example, he reported on the supposed corrupt ties between people from Donald Trump’s entourage and the electoral headquarters of Viktor Yanukovych. Yet Poroshenko is closely linked to the Obama Democratic Administration and Vice President Joe Biden personally. The American Vice President’s son, Hunter Biden, and the ex-president of Poland, Aleksander Kwasniewski, were put on the board of directors of the Ukrainian oil and gas company Burisma Holdings which was preparing to begin oil extraction in the Slavyansk region where fierce fighting subsequently broke out with the Donbass “separatists.” We’ve even heard rumors that the war was needed by Ukrainian and American oligarchs to clear out the population of Slavyansk to commence oil operations.

    Another member of the board of directors was Devon Archer, an adviser to the presidential campaign of current US Secretary of State John Kerry. I’m no specialist on the intricacies of American politicians and this information can be found on the internet by looking up Burisma Holdings, but it turns out that Poroshenko is just as much a member of the Democratic administration of the US as Joe Biden, albeit one standing immeasurably lower in rank. Another senior Ukrainian politician and Kharkov-native, Arsen Avakov, even went so far as to insult Donald Trump, who he called a politician only in quotes. He also wrote open threats against Trump on his Facebook account.

    It is difficult to convey in words the panic which has gripped Ukrainian politicians since the news of Donald Trump’s victory. The Ukrainian elite is scared to death – probably not without reason, since Poroshenko, Biden, and other members of this team’s corruption schemes could be exposed. Arsen Avakov, according to rumors, has been released from his post of minister of foreign affairs and has fled Ukraine.

    Just before the New Year, I had the chance to meet with a former classmate in Kharkov. For safety reasons, I will leave out the exact name and rank of this friend of mine and omit all the details that could reveal his identity. My friend – let’s call him Evgeny – finished military school back in the 1990’s and started serving as an officer in the Ukrainian Army. He had just recently returned from the ATO on leave when we met almost by accident. Initially, he didn’t want to talk about his service, but then the ice of mutual distrust melted away and he told me many details about his service and the situation in the Ukrainian Army.

    Evgeny is a high-ranking officer in the UAF who said that he feels less danger in the ATO from the “separatists” (the DPR and LPR militias) than he does from behind him. Behind him are paramilitary units of Ukrainian neo-Nazis that are called “volunteer battalions” in Ukraine. Besides idealistic neo-Nazis, their ranks include a large number of criminals who were let out of jail to fight in Donbass. In Evgeny’s words, the slightest breach of orders on his part could lead to being shot from behind. He openly admitted that he has to fear “volunteers” more than “separatists.”

    Contrary to Poroshenko’s assurances, Evgeny told of how untrained youth are sent to the ATO. Contrary to the reports of the Ukrainian command that only military-trained recruits are sent to the combat zone, the Ukrainian Army often sends 18-year-old conscripts who have never held a weapon in their hands before. When the militia’s artillery opens fire, these untried soldiers, almost children, go into real panic. Heavy losses among UAF soldiers are due to the lack of basic military training, as kids from are sent immediately from conscription points to the frontline.

    I openly told the UAF officer my opinion that the war in Donbass is profitable only for a bunch of oligarchs in Kiev among whom there are almost no Russians or Ukrainians. They need the war in Donbass to further enrich themselves with military sales and to divert public attention from Poroshenko’s failed economic policies. Evgeny agreed with my evaluation of the Poroshenko regime and admitted that the entire army literally hates Petro. He told me a lot about the colossal theft of weapons and equipment, and the disgusting state of the supplies of the army fighting in Donbass. If he didn’t have officer’s duty, Evgeny would have long ago left service.

    According to Evgeny, only the poor who are unable to pay off military service end up in the ranks of the Ukrainian Army. Those who have money bribe military commissars responsible for conscription or go to other countries, including Russia. The most profitable business in Ukraine revolves around the army: bribing commissars, stealing money, weapons, and equipment, and robbing soldiers in the ATO zone.

    Evgeny agreed with me that low discipline reigns in the Ukrainian Army’s ranks. Surprisingly enough, the officer agreed that the Donbass army is better than the UAF in terms of discipline. He only added that this low discipline is a man-made process, that it is deliberately made and kept this way by the military and political leadership of Ukraine. The ruling regime in Kiev, in his words, fears the emergence of a strong, combat-efficient army and the emergence of a popular military leader who could turn troops on Kiev. As follows, the Ukrainian leadership is not interested in victory over the DPR and LPR. The Poroshenko regime’s goal is directing the attention of the army and volunteer units from domestic political problems to an external enemy, be it the Donbass republics or Russia. Poroshenko profits if the war continues as long as possible, as long as the army and volunteer battalions can’t overthrow the ruling regime. As long as they are busy with the war in Donbass, Poroshenko’s regime feels relatively safe.

    I’d already heard this opinion earlier from the tongues of other Ukrainian soldiers of lower rank. Yet Evgeny is a rarity among Ukrainian officers, a kind of intellectual and morally responsible person. In December, I closely talked with a different kind of Ukrainian troops. Even though their intelligence and rank were very different from Evgeny’s, their thinking was about the same.
    Evgeny’s general attitude is deeply pessimistic. He didn’t say this aloud, but I had the impression that Evgeny doesn’t believe in victory. And this view is widespread among officers in the ATO zone….

    In December 2016, by way of work affairs, for a lengthy period of time I was in close contact with a large group of servicemen, sergeants and soldiers, from the Anti-Terrorist Operation Zone, as the punitive operation against the Donbass republics is called in Ukraine.

    Since Kharkov is a border town, I’ve also had many opportunities to observe the lives of Ukrainian soldiers up close. What I heard and saw in December only enriched my familiarity. I’ve repeatedly visited my relatives who live in Ukrainian Donbass immediately adjacent to the ATO zone. There I managed to observe the lives of UAF soldiers, officers and National Guardsmen in units that are deployed literally an arm’s length from the city.

    The majority of Kharkovians’ attitude towards Ukrainian troops is sharply negative. What I saw in Donbass is something very particular. In Kharkov, they are treated like people serving a criminal regime. There is also some kind of pity or sympathy in this attitude. Ukrainian troops are literally hated in Donbass. Even in towns where people can’t find work, only very few people sign up for the Ukrainian Army as volunteers, literally only a handful.

    Ukrainian troops’ behavior in the ATO zone is distinguished by an extremely low level of discipline. Drunkenness prevails among them. Near units of the UAF and National Guard (militia fighters who were joined by many Ukrainian neo-Nazis and Maidan volunteers after the coup) are round-the-clock alcohol sale points, where they even sell samogon (the vodka equivalent of moonshine). Many times I observed cases in which Ukrainian troops bought bottles of samogon and drunk it right on the spot while they held loaded military weapons in their hands. Some soldiers were lying unconscious nearby. I don’t know just how many cases of murder or theft of weapons have happened to drunk Ukrainian soldiers, but I think these and other cases have indeed taken place. In the least, buying a Kalashnikov or another weapon from Ukrainian units on the black market is no difficulty at all and is cheap even by Ukrainian money standards. It’s no surprise that Ukraine has become Europe’s main source of weapons deliveries onto black markets.

    This behavior differs from that of the militiamen whom my family living in one of the cities of Ukrainian Donbass told me about. In the spring and early summer of 2014, the militia controlled the northern part of the Donestk and Lugansk regions. In literally a few days, the Donbass militias managed to completely eradicate the drug trade that was virtually legally managed by the city and police officials. They also liquidated 24/7 liquor stores. Despite the complete absence of a police force in the city, there was strict order, even on the roads. The number of accidents was minimal despite the frontal location of the city.

    But after the Ukrainians took control of the city, everything changed instantly. Drug and alcohol trafficking was restored and in other Donbass cities that came under Ukrainian control, road accidents became more frequent. The main violators of traffic laws are UAF servicemen and the National Guard. The most egregious case occurred in the town of Konstantinovka, where in March 2015 an armored transport vehicle of the National Guard driven by drunk soldiers drove on the sidewalk at high speed and killed a child (a young girl who was 7 or 8) and hit a woman pushing a baby in a stroller. As a result, the girl was killed and the mother and infant ended up in the hospital with sever trauma. This sparked unrest and a rebellion in the city which was quickly put down by Ukrainian troops. The protesters went after soldiers with their bare hands. Several dozen protesters were seized and thrown in jail under the terrorism article. It’s hardly likely that Western media covered this. Cases of fast drunk driving on city streets happen regularly in all the cities of Ukrainian Donbass. What’s shocking is that not only has President Poroshenko never punished the guilty troops (usually contract soldiers), but the soldier who drove the armored vehicle in Konstantinovka was even awarded a medal for service by Poroshenko!

    Ukrainian troops behave like an army of occupants, and the population looks at them like at hated invaders. Racing armored vehicles while drunk also speaks to the extremely low level of discipline among Ukrainian troops. Officers don’t control their soldiers’ behavior, which lowers the combat effectiveness of the UAF and National Guard. These findings of mine have been confirmed by my personal contact with officers and soldiers in the ATO.

    In December, I closely interacted with soldiers and sergeants of the UAF and National Guard who were on leave in one of the resorts in Ukraine where I was on business. I’ll omit all the details that could shed light on the place or circumstances of this meeting so as not to bring trouble to my confidents.

    So, after having spent some time at the resort, there arrived a group of several dozen ATO servicemen on leave. Officers vacation in other, more expensive resorts in Western Ukraine. These new friends of mine included mostly contract soldiers. This quiet resort was suddenly gripped by general drunkenness in which all the soldiers took part without exception. I’ve never seen such drunkery in my life. Unconscious, almost dead bodies of Ukrainian soldiers and sergeants littered the grounds of the resort and mainly the hallways. Fortunately, lack of money sometimes interrupted this collective drunkenness, otherwise they could have died from such huge amounts of alcohol intake. Between the booze, the soldiers complained in unison of the abominable living conditions in the ATO zone, the low wages, and poor security. According to them, they were promised a salary of 1,000 hryvnia a day (at that moment one Russian ruble equalled three hryvnia, today a little more than 2, while one dollar costs 28.5 hryvnia). In reality, the soldiers didn’t get any money. Their commanders used every opportunity to fine them. The soldiers admitted that the policy of fines came straight from Kiev, the aim of which was saving money by not paying out salaries to ATO soldiers.

    The tourists and staff (almost exclusively female) were mortally scared by the Ukrainian soldiers’ behavior. Several women from Western Ukraine were there who were simply shocked by the state of the Ukrainian Army since they had really believed that the army was fighting against separatists and saving Ukraine from Russian invaders. I’ll admit that I couldn’t deny myself the pleasure of sarcastically asking how many hours such an army would hold out if Russia had really invaded Ukraine. I didn’t get an answer.

    These women from Western Ukraine were shocked to find out that the packages their children – ATO soldiers – sent them were plain loot. The drunken soldiers reluctantly confirmed that they robbed the civilians of Donbass with pleasure. However, they justified this with saying that these civilians support “separatists” while they themselves are fighting “for an idea.”

    I don’t know what attitude civilians in this region so distant from the fighting in Donbass had towards ATO soldiers, but after this contingent left, locals expressed sympathy for the residents of Donbass and spoke of the ATO fighters very unkindly, albeit cautiously.

    The most striking observation that I made while talking with this contingent was that all the soldiers on leave, without exception, openly and unashamedly expressed their hatred for Poroshenko. They were obviously not afraid of the repression or espionage that the SBU carries out among troops. I had the impression that the level of ATO soldiers’ hatred for their commander-in-chief, Poroshenko, is no less than the people of Donbass’ hatred for Poroshenko. While talking with the UAF soldiers and sergeants and National Guardsmen, I even heard murmurs that they would organize a new Maidan later. Supposedly, they would take their weapons to Kiev and overthrow Poroshenko. This is how openly soldiers of the Ukrainian Army talk of readiness for a military coup and overthrowing their army’s commander-in-chief!

    I especially remember one phrase uttered by a soldier who stood out among his comrades as the most sober. He said that the idea of a “march on Kiev” was doomed to fail since “all the new vehicles are arrayed near Kiev, while they send us junk.” According to him, Poroshenko expects troops from Donbass to march on Kiev, so he deliberately sends good-for-nothing equipment to the ATO zone. The army constantly complains of this. Now it’s clear why the Ukrainian authorities behave this way – all the new vehicles that Ukrainians see at military parades are concentrated near Kiev and are designed to defend the Poroshenko regime from its own army!

    After hearing this firsthand, the strange UAF offensive near Svetlodar on December 18th-19th, when the Ukrainian Army lost more than a 100 men, made perfect sense to me. Most likely, the goal was eliminating the largest number of Ukrainian troops and nationalists from the volunteer battalions possible at the hands of the militia, thereby ridding the chance of a third Maidan by any trained soldiers.

    In Kharkov, and probably throughout Ukraine, there have long been whispers – and sometimes people speak almost openly – about this preparation of a new Maidan. But hearing this so openly from UAF soldiers shocked me.

    They say that a headquarters for fighting against a third Maidan has been established which is headed by the secretary of the National Defense Council, Alexander Turchynov, who after the February 21st coup became the acting president of Ukraine. Turchynov was the one to start the war in Donbass and almost started a war with Russia in Crimea. The headquarters supposedly established are seriously preparing for the dispersal of protests and the introduction of martial law in Kiev if the situation reaches the stage of forceful confrontation.”

    The police have been ordered not to allow any transport with protesters into the capital, and Kiev authorities and security agencies have been ordered to stop equipment and tents from being set up on the Maidan by any means. It’s even been proposed to organize brigades out of athletes and private security guards that would aid security agencies disperse protests. They’ve also been instructed to work through plans on shutting off television broadcasting and blocking internet sites.

    I’ll admit that after all that I’ve seen, I have little faith in a successful military march on Kiev. The eternally drunk and hungry, unfortunate soldiers of the UAF are far from suitable for a bloody overthrow of President Poroshenko. Unlike Yanukovych, Poroshenko is not afraid to give orders to shoot protesters, even those whom he just yesterday called heroes of Ukraine.

    I’ve spent a long time impressed by what I saw and heard from the UAF soldiers on leave. I’ve come to the conclusion that the total drunkenness of soldiers and sergeants of the Ukrainian Army is also part of Poroshenko’s plan. A sober and disciplined army capable of victory is fatal for him. If they win against the republics of Donbass, they would turn their weapons on Kiev and overthrow Poroshenko himself.

    From the very beginning, Ukraine’s army was not created for victory, but for mutual destruction and eradicating everyone dissatisfied with Poroshenko’s regime in both Ukraine and Donbass.”

    • mary January 12, 2017 at 12:07 pm #

      Damn, Jean Claude Van DAMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, I’d love too have some espresso wiT U! GEEZ!

    • christine January 12, 2017 at 3:29 pm #

      Roland thanks!

  30. Brian January 12, 2017 at 7:11 am #

    I see from other sites a sort of fear developing in the coming 10 days about a possible planned state of chaos and violence to take down Trump before he is sworn in as president. Calls for violence next week on a large scale along with calls to counter it are building what I see as a welcomed conflict on behalf of the ‘Obama’ and Clinton camps. Further speculation suggests George Soros is trying to start a civil war , the electrical grid is going to be brought down to be blamed on Russia , a war with Russia with new troops and tanks just arriving on the border , a financial collapse with a bank holiday or even a nuclear detonation to be blamed on Russia to name a few. This looks like the same hysteria as I lived through around the Y2K joke. The difference this time is none of the warnings are coming from the lying Fake News sources but alternative media. In the past it was the Fake News ( CNN and others ) that hinted at coming chaos and then pounced on events in a choreographed immediate response with names , found passports and instant villains. As I see it there has been an avalanche of bad news about the sore losers from crybabies cuddling dogs for therapy to Democrat meltdowns in the press to CNN drooling over false stories about Trump urinating on prostitutes. Since the election the news has shown nothing but contempt over Trump and the public has seen first hand the desperate attempts to stop him. Such over the top and blatant hatred by so many has given way to an expectation for more attempts to stop Trump before his inauguration. Therefore it is my belief any massive attempts to stop Trump next week can only be the doing of the Democrats and their immature minions that can’t handle not getting their way. I believe those same people understand any such behavior is on them because the American public now expects it from them. This can only hurt the Democrats for future elections and equally hurt the media that continues to twist every narrative against Trump. To me those risks are not worth losing future credibility and such attacks next week are not worth the long term support to achieve nothing.

    The media especially CNN doesn’t seem to be getting the message about their over the top bias against Trump. I watch CNN not because I believe any of their propaganda but to see what the lies of the day are. The lies are sometimes incredible to behold and at the same time a total disgrace. Sure it is a job but the moral aspect of such horrible lies and twisting of everything they say would be too much to live with for normal people to accept such a job. Instead of ignoring CNN I have a link to CNN feedback ( found here: ) where I write daily expressing my indignation at their lying propaganda with examples. If more people would do that it might get through to the blockheads running the corrupt dwindling CNN propaganda machine.

  31. Benjamin January 12, 2017 at 6:37 am #

    I don’t cry easily. I sobbed after hearing your interview with brave James and JoAnne.

    • Jonathan January 13, 2017 at 2:24 am #

      God Bless them, by Jesus Holy and Mighty name.

  32. Thomas Cool January 12, 2017 at 3:57 am #

    Dr. Roberts asked the question, “Why is Apple stock 1/8th the price of Amazon stock?”
    The answer is that stock price means little. It is accounting magic. For example on June 9th, 2014, Apple stock had a 7 : 1 split which made the price of Apple stock 7 times less but gave every share holder 7 times more stock in their portfolios. Every Apple chart in the world and every portfolio account was adjusted everywhere. Companies do splits. That is how they keep the price between $5 and $100. Old paper shares are adjusted and updated when sold to a broker to account for the splits.

  33. Cheryl January 12, 2017 at 3:28 am #

    Wow, what a show!

  34. Richard January 12, 2017 at 3:21 am #

    Arron Burr shot and killed Alexander Hamilton in a pistol duel in Ft. Lee, New Jersey (forget the year?) when he was Vice President. It was perfectlly legal at the time. That is how arguments reaching such a crescendo were resolved by gentlemen at the time! Physical fights broke out in Congress during Davey Crocketts time as well. This is how men used to resolve differences rather than letting them rot and fester as it is today.. Problem (s) solved! They did not resort to drive by shootings and other underhanded tactics to resolve differences. They were men.

    • Thomas Cool January 13, 2017 at 9:20 am #

      I don’t know if settling disagreements by fighting is what makes a man a man or makes a man an animal.
      Only truth can stop a idea that should not be so violence doesn’t fix much.

  35. Katherine January 12, 2017 at 3:04 am #

    This show with both Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and then, most especially, James and JoAnne Moriarty was worth the entire year’s-worth of subscription in one single night. Absolutely fantastic! I had never heard of the Moriarty’s prior to listening to this show but they substantiated everything (and more) that I have always suspected regarding the Libyan mess that the U.S. and Hillary Clinton are responsible for. Thank you so very much for this airing.

  36. Gregory M January 12, 2017 at 2:34 am #

    I am JUST FLOORED listening to the Moriartys! You have to get this interview on Youtube. This is just … I can’t even describe what I feel right now. I am at a complete loss for words. All I can say is, THANK GOD she wasn’t elected! We really dodged a bullet on this one. I will be having nightmares for days to come…

  37. Donna January 12, 2017 at 1:52 am #

    Tonight’s program is the reason I am a subscriber to Caravan to Midnight. Thank you, Mr. Wells, for your courage in giving us the truth at great risk to yourself. Donna M.

  38. Roger January 11, 2017 at 11:44 pm #

    Listening to Dr. Paul now and I’m so sick of this fake news that I think the word sedition needs to start being used and the punishment that goes along with it. God Bless you John and Caravaners.

  39. Michael January 11, 2017 at 11:40 pm #

    John, Thanks for the Agincourt recap. I love it!!!

  40. David January 11, 2017 at 11:18 pm #

    Dr. Roberts says that the military/industrial/corporate complex will refuse to give up their 1 trillion dollars a year “budget”. I say — why GIVE them that money? DO NOT GIVE them that money. Take it out of the budget. In other words, we need to DISBAND the fricking CIA!!!

  41. alloywheels4you January 11, 2017 at 11:00 pm #

    Wait a second….. there’s TWO Episode 669 ? : ‘ )

    Last nights McAfee interview was most enjoyable. C2M is one of the things that keeps me somewhat sane after a day of listening to angst-driven snowflakes.

  42. David January 11, 2017 at 10:20 pm #

    In the first segment John talked about watching/listening to a speech by Obama last night. Could someone please tell me to whom Obama was speaking and for what occasion, and if it was on television? Also, if anyone knows who won the football game Monday night, please tell me. I hope it wasn’t Alabama again. Thanks.

    • Bomar January 12, 2017 at 4:55 pm #


      President Obama spoke in Chicago, it was broadcasted on C-Span; a “Farewell Speech” made to 20,000 Chicagoans and all his other followers nationwide…

      Most likely it will be rebroadcasted on C-Span over the weekend…

      Also, Alabama did not win…


  43. Bomar January 11, 2017 at 8:16 pm #

    Dudes and Dudettes,…

    Foot Stool…