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Episode 694 – Paul Preston & Patrick Wood

Wednesday February 22nd 2017

In this edition we visit with Paul Preston as he informs us of the corrupt ways of Governor Jerry Brown from California, the Oroville dam and its deterioration resulting from lack of maintenance, “La Raza” and their attempting to take over California. Then, Patrick Wood returns to expose the Urban Agenda and the effects it will have on US cities; is San Diego the first place for it to be tested?


La Femme D’argent – Air
Water of Love – Dire Straits

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24 Responses to Episode 694 – Paul Preston & Patrick Wood

  1. Gary February 24, 2017 at 11:05 pm #

    Street lights to spy on everything that happens in Vegas? – CNET
    What happens in Vegas stays with the authorities? Las Vegas is installing Intellistreets, which are street lights that have many talents — including the ability to …

  2. Dwight February 24, 2017 at 10:50 pm #

    Coming up to my second month of membership. It is definitely money well spent to access this great community. The Archives are priceless.
    J. B., being a Born and Bred Georgian, I have to tell you that the Gentlemanly, melodious resonance of your Southern speech pattern brings a smile to my face every time I listen. A Southern Boy Done Good? Who knew???

    During my “Misspent Youth” I spent many decades in both California and Southern Oregon during the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. Living there during Reagan’s tenure as Governor was a pleasant taste of things to come.

    I started in San Diego, during most of my twenties, and then up to LA, and on to The Monterey Peninsula.

    In the early 80’s I moved to Southern Oregon, and was quite happy there, but by 2000, the “Progressive Writing On The Wall” was becoming more and more threateningly evident, and I got my “Cracker Ass” back to Georgia, and here I remain on my family farmland.

    My family family has been in Georgia since 1820, and my particular, “Little Piece of Heaven” has been in my direct lineage since 1880. Sadly,I am the last of my line to live on this land, and when I’m gone, it will be divided, sold off, or simply pissed away and, we will be no more. The term “Gone With The Wind” often comes to mind. It saddens me, but I’m a Big Boy.

    I know I digress/overshare, but thought a little background might be in order, and may give background to things I will most certainly post here.

    Re; The Oroville Dam. If Californians dodge this particular bullet, the rhetoric will return to “All Is Well. Nothing to see here. Therefore whatever monies available will, once again, be siphoned off to Social Programs, leaving those in danger, still at risk.

    Sadly, at some point, the Oroville, or some other neglected dam will fail and never mind the colossal damage, thousands or tens of thousands will perish.

    These deaths will be firmly laid at Governor Moon Beam’s door, and the altar of Diversity, and Socially Inclusive, Touchy Feely Progressivism. Moon Beam will likely/hopefully suffer politically for it, but this will be of little or no comfort to the loved ones of the victims. The consequences of the Ca. Government’s criminally negligent behavior will fall squarely upon the shoulders of Californians, thereby crushing them.

    Like you JB, I adore California, and a large portion of the population. It was at that time, a place Blessed By God, And to a Boy fresh off the farm, I thought Ca. was Paradise Found. I was forever pulling to the side of the road to look at and touch the plants, Cactus, Ice Plant Etc. that I had never seen, and trekking in the mountains was a walk in wonderland. There are few places in Georgia where one can see for miles, and being high”….up….sometimes both, and seeing for maybe 50/75 or more miles was like a fantasy come to life for me. The mountains still call to e, but I fear that I will never see them again, as my age, thankfully progresses.

    I still have Loved Ones living under the California and Oregon Govt’s regimes. I fear for them, but respect the courage they show, simply by staying put and fighting to better their states.

    They have an unlimited, unrestricted offer from me to provide them with land to build and live on, should the lunacy become unbearable. Thanks to my ancestors, I have hundreds of acres here, and can set them up with adequate land to build and live on with little effect on me, except the joy of helping people I love. It ain’t “Tara” but it gives me room to breathe, and keep a bunch of Critters.

    Enough rambling…I am very pleased to be a member of this community, and will try to be an asset, in whatever limited way I am able.

  3. timeless February 24, 2017 at 2:03 pm #

    I wanted to share a few resources on more info Mr. Preston touched on; (great guest BTW). Regarding Castro and Cuba, Servando Gonzalez writes about Castro being a CIA asset and Cuba being a social engineering testing ground for government policies to be used in the US.

    Regarding Jesuits and the “Witches” in the news of late, Gary Wills wrote a book on their connection titled “Witches and Jesuits: Shakespeare’s Macbeth”.

    Regarding Hamamoto and Jesuits, Tupper Saussy wrote about Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, founder of Christ College, Oxford, colluding with Machiaveli on a project to employ the best of the best to instruct students, and employ movable type, to set “learning against learning” in order to steer people away from the Bible and Protestantism, and back into the Holy Roman Church. Suassy called this “Medici Learning”. “The Oxford Movement” and “Cambridge Apostles” would be research topics to look into for more details on this.

    The book “The Great Deceit” exposes historical and modern “bastions of learning” in such a way to appear to be more of a giant “Hogwarts”, and those who take umbrage to their message and methods, “Muggles”.

  4. Bruce February 24, 2017 at 9:34 am #

    It’s time to develop your Prayer muscle and become prayer warriors in an intercessory sense.

  5. Jim February 23, 2017 at 6:00 pm #

    Need something to worry about? 
    Current Topics Off The Top Of My Head:

    Political left/right/fascism/neo-Nazi etc. – Corruption
    Liberal News/Fake News – corruption
    Anti-Trump factions
    Extreme anti-American politics in Washington, DC
    Nuclear war with Russia
    China aggression in the far east/in American politics/owning businesses
    Economic collapse
    Globalist’s take-over
    Earth Quakes/Volcanoes
    Earth Pole flip
    Middle East Issues/ISIS
    Earth Magnetic Field Weakening
    Sun’s impact on earth
    New Madrid Fault central USA
    California earth faults
    California nuttiness/liberals
    Southern border issues
    Middle East Radicals in USA, sunni and shia islam muslim
    Planet X
    HAARP weather wars
    Antarctic anomalies/bases
    New world order/globalists
    Volcano at Yellowstone National Park
    Homosexual rights
    Public Schools undermining the USA
    Gender confusion as normal
    Prepping food, water, medication, guns, ammo, bugout
    Anti- American Courts/judges
    Militarized police
    Military turning against the public
    Christian Rapture/antiChrist
    Bad water/filters –
    Bad food additives
    Selling aborted baby parts
    baby parts as food additives
    Europe invasion of incompatible immigrants
    Corrupt FDA/CIA/State department/etc.
    Poor Veterans treatment
    dumbed down students
    Banning guns
    Sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants, felons, etc.
    Meat – Human growth hormone
    genetic manipulation
    hollow earth
    hollow moon
    Fukushima meltdown – pacific ocean contamination
    seafood radiation contamination
    westcoast radiation
    global changes
    honey bees
    government takeover of USA land
    coral reefs
    vaccines – autism, etc.
    root canals – chronic illness
    california drought/fruit-veggies unavailable
    california dam breach/flood
    environmentalist wackos
    rampant pedifile groups/Pizza-gate
    satanic cults/spiritism/spirit cooking
    sacred/secret societies
    Gene Editing/Home gene editing kits
    South China Sea
    Obama bunker against Trump
    Obama 30K militants against Trump
    North Korea, Lunatics with Nukes
    Palestinians against Israel
    Hot Spot in Pacific Ocean
    Dept Of State – Dept Of Homeland Security – buying Millions of rounds of 22 long rifle hollow point bullets.
    China buying California land big time
    New digital traffic lights that have cameras and microphones

    • sharonoliveria February 24, 2017 at 5:53 am #

      Jim, Now for the bad News LOL ! I think you about covered enough for one day ! If we had read this list back before 9/11 Towers, we would say , “this must be out of a list from a Horror ! Book of the Future or SiFi Movie.

      Could you believe back in early days before the towers were brought down, that we would be facing all those things on the List and much more, No! wonder some people you pass on the side walks , their eyes look like a dear in the head light’s, but we put our hope & faith in the Son of God, we know this is not all there is, we have a home in Heaven waiting for us, those that have repented & accepted Jesus as Savior & Lord !

      We will have some home coming, away from the Crazy & dangerous ! Don’t let this world steal your Joy ! we have to join together to Fight for our Freedom & America, for Pres Trump , we have come this far by faith, not going to turn around now!

      Blessing’s in Jesus CTM Family , John, Miss . B & Staff are the best ! Love you all !

    • David February 24, 2017 at 10:49 pm #

      Wow Jim, I didn’t realize it was that bad, lol. What a list.

    • Hugh February 27, 2017 at 5:14 pm #

      Mighty. A lot of work went into that, I really like it.

  6. Bomar February 23, 2017 at 4:19 pm #

    Check this out…


    One positive thing…

    Johnny B. nor Art Bell are on that DNC “Hit List”…

    So when these 50 are killed off, Johnny B. and Art Bell will still be around…

    Even though neither are “Flat Earthers” or “Odin Enthusiasts”…


    You cannot “Ask” for everything, you can only “Hope” for a compromise with some form of a continuing focus, on an expected goal…



    • timeless February 24, 2017 at 1:36 pm #

      To sum it up in a word; “deception”. Jesus foretold us to be ready for it cause it’s comin’ and it appears to be here.

  7. sharonoliveria February 23, 2017 at 3:31 pm #

    Greetings again John, I am still here in Sacramento, we have a short break forecast for rain. Your Guest Mr. Preston is well informed of what we face in California, with the dam, with Exit-Ca, with Govn Brown, as time go’s on we are finding that this Govn is right up there with the evil works of Obama, in fact their joining to do their evil worst ! Many are saying Govn Brown is even more evil than Obama & Hilary, there must be a story behind that statement.

    If the dam breaks ,I will give you & viewer’s a inside look at another problem, way back before Jade-Helm the Watcher’s, Pastor’s & teacher’s of God word warned people of dangers of something could happen that Fema would be sent out to rescue the people, we were warned to do all you can to stay as far away from being in the hands of Fema as you can, adding if you go with them you may never return.

    This I am sure many have racing through their minds , what to do? and most of California at present are in flood stage. not high flood’s but enough for boats, & some people leaving their homes.

    Sorry I am jumping around, so is my mind, I hear people write in comments on other sites, “Let California go into the see”, they think all of Ca is Hollywood Evil & S. F. No! as you know California is a very large State with many Christian’s Red-Trump Voter’s, & are wonderful people, as we all could not be judged by Obama ,who we did not vote for, Many in Ca can not be judged by Govn Brown to whom we did not vote for,

    California can not be let go, not to flood, although we may not be able to stop it, but EXIT-Ca we can if we are still around can fight, for what happens in California will effect the World, & if it effects the world it will effect you all in other States will this be the start of world starvation tying up the Food Basket to the world ?

    How do we see Govn Brown removed legal mean’s ? that’s the Question, if we see His name on another ballet do not vote for Him, we must get out after doing our own research on every one on the Ballets, & Broadcast to every one who & what Govn Brown is, who He connects Himself with, and any others, we HAVE! TO! know who we are voting for & putting in office, any more you can say it may be a matter of Life or death, does that sound to strong? not if you hear the plans of some one like Govn Brown, can we stand one liken to Obama? No! Never again.

    We some times throw that word Evil around a lot, but this word can be used for He & His Plans, to see who He is connected with should give all a great pause, Obama, Soros, the whole crew of Obama’s are joining for EXIT-CA .

    John hearing what people bring on your show the information they bring we wonder how, how will be get through all these evil attempt’s surrounding Us, surrounding Pres Trump, Just like we did to get Pres Trump elected, join together & pray non stopping only with God’s help can we fight the evil of our times, where did all these evil people come from, must have been one Big! Rock, we can’t give up now , if we do its over, they win, we are the Winners God’s Warriors maybe with just one rock in our hands can we bring the Giant’s down, faith is what brought David’s Giant down, the Faith behind the Rock, Faith that in God we can take on Giants & bring them down, together !

    Please consider becoming a member of CTM and be brought the inside information often times, we need to stay informed, you won’t regret joining become one of the Family of CTM John stepped out in faith to create CTM, just look at it now ! A show with Host who care’s & the Family of CTM who care ! come join us.

  8. Sharon February 23, 2017 at 2:59 pm #

    John B. Maybe it’s time to play Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” because it’s going to take all of us and a higher power to get through this evil that’s gripping America. The people need to be reminded over and over again that America is worth fighting for,Tooth and Nail if necessary. I could cry my eyes out at what is being done to President Trump, a man who deserves 100 times the respect that Traitor Obama got !!!

  9. Gloria February 23, 2017 at 8:49 am #

    We may already have the Chinese social score system set up with only minor details to be legislated. Indiana is trying to finalize some of those this legislative session. For decades, psychological assessments have been passed off as real academic tests. Mental health screenings are already being done, but with proposed legislation much more will be done. Since federal education is a mental health agenda, states have to get laws in line. And, we’ve heard about assessments being given for so long, we’ve forgotten an assessment determines value. It won’t matter if the Department of Education is closed; it’s all in place. And, we’ve known for decades that it’s for job placement. Maybe health and housing placement too?

  10. Terry February 23, 2017 at 4:02 am #

    Their Global Technocracy is Lucifer controlling all humans thru a quantum computer programmed from another dimension that , like in the movie Eagle Eye, is hooked up to all the databases, health, financial, internet tracking, etc., and thru smart meters , can communicate directly into one’s brain, and even program smart nano dust infectants to serialize and initiate into operation! Morgellons will show it’s purpose! We would become Stepford humans with no minds or free thought. Anyone caught exercising free will, must be terminated before any awakening spreads!

  11. Terry February 23, 2017 at 3:45 am #

    They’re all Luciferians! This is an upset that gives us Christians and aetheist patriots to unite aginst the dark forces that almost conquered! It’s wounded and dangerous! Trump is too trusting, but the betrayals will come! he’ll toughen up. Onward Christian soldier! Bust the satanic pedophiles. Don’t quit after they throw chum!

  12. Thomas Cool February 23, 2017 at 3:17 am #

    When ever you mix different peoples together, like America, your going to have serious problems. What one group considers holy, another group considers a sin.
    Race is just extended family. A person who does not defend their race does not defend their family.
    I recently drove through Dallas on my way to Austin. My old GPS had me running in pretzels. The arches downtown have changed the roads a lot.
    Back to my story, in Austin, I got a hotel just outside of town. At the desk was a person from India. After 4 days, I was the only White person in the whole 2 story hotel. I went downtown Austin and only about half the people were White. Those White people were almost all wimpy, latte sipping, feminist, Bernie Sanders supporters. I stood alone on the pro-White side. Everyone else thought that diversity (genocide) was wonderful.
    I went away from Austin thinking that it needs a massive dose of White alpha males there. I don’t want to go back to that place without a tank mounted with a big flame thrower.

  13. frannieo February 23, 2017 at 3:02 am #

    Excellent show…thank you, John B.!

  14. wwindsor February 23, 2017 at 2:44 am #


    really ought to look up g4s…Serco (RCA previously). Serco places bets on times & number of casualties for the evil events they conjure up. since you like to fly, US Naval Aviator ret. Field McConnell can tell you all about Serco & boeing un-interruptible auto pilot. maybe you can interview him…he starts a lot of his podcasts with a prayer.

    you take the muzzie bait & get whipped up into a frenzy every time. really sending out bad juju for a christian. i’m not talking about gyorgy schwartz mercenaries either. killing ANYONE is unacceptable. you never quote chapter & verse from the quran as you claim you’ve read. would you point these out to me please?

    funny you’d bring up chemo pedo brain ginsburg but not her religion or the invasion of the dual passport holders that have infiltrated the gummnt…fair & balanced? guess what, scalia hung out with the talmudics too. how’s about some quotes from their holy talmud to whip up that ol time religious frenzy? they keep tight wraps on their book… (contempt for Jesus here: BT Gittin 56b and 57a; for Mary here: BT Sanhedrin 106A)

    not referring to the torah jews…babylonian talmudic. if you get lathered up about muzzies, you’ll be homicidal if you look up the above passages about your Lord and Savior. i’d love to hear what Ben DeNoon wouldn’t say on air.

    there’s good & bad in most religions…can’t paint everyone in a single swath. the jesuits, wahabbists, evangelical zio christians & talmudists are the ones who’ve inverted, perverted & subverted religion/gummnt/finance & giving us the gift of communism.

    guess who owns the copyright to the NIV bible? fox smut king rupert murdoch…look it up. if you dare, watch this lady & see just exactly how & what they’ve been removing from the bible incrementally. it’ll set your hair on fire.

    Mr Preston is spot on with the A21 depop. any folks ending up in a fema camp will not be seen again. organ harvesting.

    SD street lites…you’ll love this. would you let fcc tom babysit your child? this is 5G…@33:00 in you’re gonna love the financial statements, lack of insurance & as far as i’m concerned confession alluding to the harm it will do. note the dates. then the insurance underwriters exclusions & finally litigation in the district of criminals.

    great truthy interviews JBW.

    • Ken February 23, 2017 at 3:35 pm #

      WWindsor: I listened a bit to Field McConnell speak about his own background, and he describes himself as having flown many years in “…Phantom F-16 intercepters…”.

      Not so sure he is who he says he is. An experienced pilot who flew Phantoms for many years would not make that kind of mistake.

  15. Donna February 23, 2017 at 12:44 am #

    I have read Technocracy Rising and highly recommend it. The truths both guests speak are real, especially if you are living in Central California because you are experiencing it in real time. In Fresno ,radio stations and TV stations are routinely censored whenever there is a briefing by the President or a conservative viewpoint is given. I have called the networks complaining and I was told that counties have control over their programming and are at liberty to put on a local program in lieu of a network program if in their opinion they deem it more newsworthy for their community. Programs like Laura Ingram and Michael Savage are no longer heard and we can only get Caravan to Midnight through the Internet. of course, the largest transmitting tower in the county is owned by Univision, not to mention that the Mexican Embassy/Consulate sits downtown, that 61% of children under five-years old are Hispanic and are supported by state, county, federal funds and taxation on tobacco products. I was told that my social security number is also assigned to an illegal alien with a letter attached to the end to make sure they were paid out of a different funding that the IRS maintains. (I can’t vouch for the validity of this because I don’t work in the IRS or Social Security) However, I can vouch for the fact La Raza is a looming presence and dominates the Seiu union. In fact, Gloria Huerta who helped organize the United Farm Workers Union is also one of the leaders of the Seiu and recently hosted Robert Kennedy Jr, whose father was instrumental in forming the United Farm Workers Union and for the same reason…to establish a voting base. The president of the state college is Hispanic and the President of the Student Union is an illegal alien who is also Hispanic. Every day you see large expanses of agricultural land dug up and almost overnight replanted with crops that are for the overseas market. You have be living here to believe it because it is not covered in either the local or national news.

    Not only was Jerry Brown the Governor of California twice, he also was the mayor of Oakland which he bankrupted. It always balfeled me what possesses people to put Jerry Brown into office and why Jerry Brown’s sexual orientation has never been discussed, especially since there has been numerous references to the nuances of our former President Obama.

    A depressing show, but a necessary one. Thank you Mr. Wells.

  16. David February 22, 2017 at 11:14 pm #

    John, or producer — in the above description of tonight’s program, please correct the following errors : Oroville is spelled incorrectly; and there should not be an apostrophe in the word “its”. “Oroville dam and its deterioration”
    Thanks. I know these are small things, but on an important website as this, proper grammar and spelling is expected. If you are ever in need of proofreading for any of your copy let me know. I will be happy to check it before you add it to the site. No charge of course.

    • Brendi February 23, 2017 at 11:17 am #

      Thank you David.