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Episode 701 – Derek Gilbert & Mike King

Tuesday March 7th 2017

In this edition we welcome Derek Gilbert followed by Mike King. Gilbert is a keynote speaker at the upcoming Hear the Watchman Conference and discusses numerous topics including the First Commandment, the book of Solomon, the Bible as a record of events; an inception in this edition, further extrapolated at the conference. Then, Mike King returns for a look into his newly released book, “I Don’t Like Ike!” John and Mike talk in detail about the state of the country back in that era of time, how we are seeing some of the same mistakes being made today, and much more.


Stone Free – The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Hayling – FC Kahuna

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31 Responses to Episode 701 – Derek Gilbert & Mike King

  1. UFOS4 March 12, 2017 at 9:15 am #

    After I read Stephen Kinzer’s “The Brothers”, I knew everything I have learned about history was wrong. Growing up as an Army Brat and having Viet Nam as a part of my life for a decade, it was a bitter pill to read. I just ordered Mike S. King’s “The Real Roosevelts”. My grandmother could not stand FDR and I never knew why. She had 6 sons and 2 daughters of her 11 children who served in WWII. She worked at Boeing during the war and I grew up hearing about the great sacrifice and the glory and pride that went into surviving tough times. I will get the “Ike” book, too, because I can handle the truth better than I can believe a lie.

  2. Alexander March 9, 2017 at 5:58 pm #

    Wow, what a show! Good stuff Mr.Wells and crew for having a variety of guests and always something different yet important to talk about. Alternative media has taken a turn for the worse in my opinion. Thank goodness we still have CTM.

    Fact is far better when its chaotic rather than ‘settled’. Settled is for the the controlled masses. Gilbert and King brilliantly demonstrated the best of the alternative paradigm in the show. Even though opinion, fact and perception are controlled to a great extent I say the more the better. Throw everything up and see what sticks. Historical indoctrination is absolutely useless. Stay wide open very cautiously all the time.

  3. steve March 9, 2017 at 1:41 pm #

    great show, thanks for having Derek Gilbert on, I saw his presentation at the Rocky Mountain Prophecy Conference, it was one of the best of many outstanding presentations at an amazing conference in Colorado Springs.

  4. Kathleen March 9, 2017 at 12:31 pm #

    Re: Mike King

    His book, ” The Bad War ” has now been banned by Amazon.
    Somebody got to somebody and now it is gone.
    So much for the truth does not fear investigation.

    Read about it here:

  5. kyle March 9, 2017 at 9:34 am #

    Just shows to go ya
    Ancient history is so utterly wild people are conditioned not to believe it.

    These gods, these other beings, were they all destroyed in the flood, but their telepathic/spiritual influence remains?
    Looks like Lovecraft was on to something.

    I gather they had a physical form back then, interacted with humans directly. I always wondered how humanity figured out metallurgy, chemistry, physics, hell, even what plants to eat and what not to. Seems there was direct intervention.

    Since we are modeled after our Creator, it seems logical that He would be an emotional creature as well. He shows great compassion and love, but cross Him, and the price is steep in the end. No wonder there was constant conflict and disobedience. That really IS the nature of things, in this realm or the one unseen. I wish I’d realized it thirty years ago.

    Have Dr. Hiser back on, JB. That guy is fascinating.

  6. Lynne March 9, 2017 at 9:23 am #

    First of all, John B., I have been with you from day one and I am still amazed at the quality of your guests and your programming. It has been life-changing for me. Today, I do feel compelled to comment on Mike King’s portrayal of Eisenhower. The older I get the less I want to tear people down–every one of us is flawed, some seriously. Washington, Lincoln, MLK, and JFK were all flawed but their positive characteristics truly outweighed their shortcomings. I know I have, as does anyone who has really lived their life, skeletons in my closet but overall I think I have led a noble life.

    I was an adolescent when JFK became president and I idolized him and his family. Living through his assassination made a serious wound and I still get teary about it. When books later came out about his womanizing, etc. I thought was a phony. I was very upset. But as the years have passed I have looked at the total person of JFK–he wanted peace, justice, opportunity for all, not just the US and he was killed because he stood up for his beliefs. I see now that his flaws were small in contrast to his integrity and courage. I really don’t understand why we always want to tear down our heroes, especially long after they are gone and no longer can speak for themselves. Maybe that is what sells books–but not for me.

    And as for what I know about Eisenhower, my father, a great decorated war hero himself and of course completely humble about it, served as a captain (later retired from the army reserve as a colonel) in Patton’s army, Battle of the Bulge, Battle of the Ardennes, Bridge at Remagen, etc. He did not say much about the war unless we dragged it out of him, but more than once he did say that he and the other guys in his outfit were angry that they had to wait to go into Berlin until the Russians arrived. However, he never blamed Ike. Rather, he understood it as Roosevelt’s agreement with Stalin. Ike was following orders. My father never said too much about Eisenhower but certainly respected him and the huge responsibliity he borne. My father did had great respect for Patton because he was a general who was always at the front lines with his men. In fact my father met him. However, Patton was a warrior and had a very hard time coming back from war and living a “normal” life. He thrived in the war theater. So we all have are flaws and quirks but our gallant virtures outweigh them.

    And as for Ike wanting to go into combat and being upset that he could not, many soldiers want to go into combat. I do not understand that for one second. But that is why many people go to West Point, Annapolis–if there is combat they want to go. And as for him being in the middle of his class, so what? I give Ike credit for getting into West Point and especially making something out of his life when he came from a dirt poor family. Yes, we all have flaws and Ike had his share. But why malign the guy now? And one thing I have always given Ike respect for is that he took the huge responsibility for making the sole decision about D-Day. He knew that thousands of young Americans would go to a certain death that day. He had to have the intestinal fortitude to make such a decision. I for one cannot comprehend what that must have been like. Sometimes it’s best to leave sleeping dogs lie…..

  7. Patricia March 8, 2017 at 11:11 pm #

    Mr. John:

    After reading “Vault 7,” as well as, noticing the silence coming from MSM concerning our beloved WikiLeaks’ latest gift to We the People, how about a power packed week long series featuring William Binney, Lt. Col. Anthony Schaffer, Robert David Steele and, if possible, Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, along with other Caravan to Midnight alumni who’s specialty revolves around CIA’s/NSA’s reindeer games.

    As always, thank you very much for the talent and instruction you bring to the Caravan family.


  8. wwindsor March 8, 2017 at 6:41 pm #

    great show!

    eisenhower death camps on

    hope this isn’t too contentious for twitchy the moderator.

  9. sharonoliveria March 8, 2017 at 6:18 pm #

    John, you hit another one out of the park with both guest’s, both messages can be linked when all is said & done.

    John I went down that Rabbit Hole over 15 years ago when I first learned of W Bush & Skull & Bone’s, I like to do my own research before believing shocking new information so I started on my research, before long it would cover all the Bush Men, that where I found about Operation Paper Clip, My looking at leaders in America, in Govn would never be the same.

    the older Bush supported Hitler’s war, a coal mine He owned He worked the People from Hitler’s interment Camp’s to death, & they brought more to replace.

    “Operation Paper Clip”, The worst of Hitler’s wanted for war crime were sneaked into USA By US Military & US Government where they were put right to work within Govn & defense dept. Even The Angel of Dead Dr M was brought in, all were given assumed names of those they killed in the interment Camp’s.

    So when you look at Congressman, Senate & Judges, these are they or their Children with same Mind-set, that being , “We Will Rise Again”, They are full out Communist here on a mission waiting until the right time .

    The hard working wonderful people of America are the true America Spirit, the leadership in Govn are just what they are, COMMUNIST ! and they are evil.

    We pray by The All Mighty God’s Help ! prayers of the People Pres Trump will have Victory !

    Both messages by both Guest’s can be linked together, The Fallen Angel’s, the Blood line of the Fallen still are here today, and they have a Mission & the Communist & Brotherhood are working together against one common enemy, that is America, The Fallen Angles Blood line , Communist, Brotherhood, all with Satan want to destroy America & American people, Satan Hates America, A Christian praying Nation of people.

    We let the enemy slink like a snake into America, before Obama before border’s were open wide.

    But now, just “After Obama the Aftermath”, can Pres Trump restore what shameful destruction Obama has done to America? First Pres Trump has got to rid all the Govn of the Communist trader’s, all Obama old devotee’s ‘

    And Guys He is in clear & present danger! He & Family . Doubter’s get a grip we knew from the start it was going to be a fight to the finish, when you doubt then pray for Him, Pray for America, as Pres trump said, “If Not NOW! then WHEN!”,

    We heard Mr King tell the story of horrors of past wars, how very Evil & brutal they were with the women, children & Men, we have been warned that this can be visited up America , look at the Evil Plans of Obama, & Govn Brown for EXIT-CA,

    Reports are coming in to Steve Quayle & Dave Hodges that empty building’s in California are being filled with Chinese, with Russians, Big empty building, what is going on? what is there plan?

    Just get ready prayed up, accept Jesus if you have not & repent. Get food & water Meds & all you need to ride it out if danger comes to our Cities, they have reported that food & water will be used to weaken the people & take their arms. Just Pray be Prepared

    As David Wilkerson so often said, “God is Still on the Throne, & He’s still in charge”.

    Also God Said, “My People Perish from lack of knowledge & knowledge of the word of God”. We Need both to fight , to survive , to win ! In the end we will all win with Jesus . Blessing’s in Jesus, be safe ! Love you all !

    • rob March 8, 2017 at 10:32 pm #

      thank you sharon!

  10. Bill March 8, 2017 at 2:54 pm #

    King’s theory of preserving the East for the “Communists” relates to what I believe was under developed. Rather than Communists I prefer to use the term Bolsheviks. The Bolsheviks took over Christian brethren in Russia in 1917, financed by the international bankster cabal. The Bolsheviks placed Germany in the crosshairs after WWI and created WWII where more Christian brethren killed each other.

    The Bolsheviks continued their operations for control after WWII by planning to destroy cultures of sovereign nations with a divide and conquer strategy.

    Russia has been purging the Bolsheviks for a number of years and Putin has cranked up the pressure. The hope I have at this time is the Bolsheviks, and its Shadow Global Government, is under attack by Trump. It’s hard to tell. When one looks at who controls the Treasury, it appears to be the same old guard.

  11. Laura March 8, 2017 at 12:33 pm #

    Mike King: Claims that it is pointless to speculate on Trump’s presidency and yet he goes on to speculate and push forth his views and interpretations, which appear to be based solely on speculation.

    • Mike March 9, 2017 at 11:53 am #

      No Laura. My concerns about Trump are based on FACTS! — Boots on the ground in Syria and constant threats against Iran and N Korea —- new boss sounding more and more like George W every day

  12. Bomar March 8, 2017 at 11:02 am #

    Dudes and Dudettes,…

    The life and times of Eisenhower and his chums…

    Definitely worth a listen…

    Johnny B. you need to bring Douglas Dietrich (Episode 63) back for another interview…

    He can definitely fill in the few blanks, you have, on your memory trail…


  13. Jeff March 8, 2017 at 7:34 am #

    Thanks, John, for having Mike King on again! EXCELLENT discussion, and two hours too, covering a lot of ground!!!!!!!

  14. Thomas Cool March 8, 2017 at 3:29 am #

    Thanks for exposing Eisenhower for the scoundrel that he really was.
    I once knew a pro-life activist, Smith Chamberlain, who is now deceased. Smith told me one night that he had been a young colonel in charge of a small camp of German soldiers after WWII ended. Smith told me that Eisenhower ordered him to put all the prisoners on trial. Smith followed orders and told me, “All the prisoners who were not repentant were sentenced to be hung.” The big day came and he had to supervise the hanging of German soldiers for 2 days, 8 hours per day.
    I asked Smith, “How many soldiers did you hang?” He told me the exact number but I forgot. It was over a hundred. He said the first one took 20 minutes to strangle. Once the rope was stretched the second one went much faster and more humanely because it broke his neck.
    My buddy Jack was there and asked Smith if he would record his statements on a video interview. Smith said, “No. I won’t do that.”

  15. Seamus March 8, 2017 at 3:26 am #

    At work the other night and saw this on a television…
    I felt that full body sensation (I orient this sensation as, my spirit that is bound by the Holy Spirit, calling me to attention) and sensed complete aversion to it. This seems as a direct, defiant affront to God and His decree to divide the languages of man. (Genesis 11). After this episode, I wanted to mention this finding.
    Thanks John B. Wells and staff for all that you do!

  16. dirkpittnco March 8, 2017 at 2:06 am #

    I’m new to CTM, but I’m having some trouble with much of what Mr. King says about Dwight Eisenhower.

    To suggest that the Nazi’s were NOT the scourge of Europe is beyond the pale. To think that England should have capitulated is unthinkable, in spite of some leaflets being dropped. These were repeatedly dropped by both sides.

    I wasn’t aware of the scope of the genocide of the German prisoners following WWII, but to suggest that those bodies were passed off as the murdered Jewish prisoners seems unlikely.

    Wasn’t FDR’s vice president, Wallace, a suspected communist and was replaced by Truman? If FDR wanted to install a communist/socialist, why replace Wallace?

    Not being a student of President Eisenhower, I can’t comment specifically on many of the charges leveled against him. But many of the charges seem to be fitting Eisenhower’s actions to the author’s preconceived notions.

    • Jeff March 8, 2017 at 7:27 am #

      We’ve been taught lies from little on about what happened during the bad war, including what really happened in the ‘Holocaust.’ Much of the ‘Holocaust’ story has been fabricated from false evidence, including the photos Mike mentions.

      There was no extermination plan or gas chambers. These were work camps, not death camps. The Jews worldwide declared war on Germany in 1933. That doesn’t make it okay for them to be put into camps, but it wasn’t right for the US to put the Japanese into camps too.

      Those who died in the ‘Holocaust,’ died from Typhus and/or starvation, partly because the Allies bombed the supply routes.

      England and the US also bombed and killed about 1 million German old folk, children and women in the cities, on purpose. And they didn’t drop leaflets first, of for any reason that I’ve heard. They were mass murderers! Hitler dropped leaflets, because Churchill wouldn’t listen to any of his PEACE proposals, of which I’ve heard were about two dozen! Germany didn’t even have the correct aircraft to bomb cities. But Churchill had many made just for that purpose.

      England and the USA wore the black hat, but TalmudVision (TV) and our textbooks demonize Hitler and glorify Ike.

      The Talmudic Jews who controlled Churchill were dead set on teaching Germany a lesson so big that no one would ever throw out the international banksters and those who ran the perverted media again.

      “Hogan’s Heroes” was part of our indoctrination/mind-control to laugh at the Germans. Sadly, I grew up watching that, and believed everything I heard about the ‘Holocaust.’

      Germar Rudolf has proven scientifically that Auschwitz Museum has been intentionally lying about their “gas chamber” exhibit, but many truthers still don’t know the truth about the ‘Holocaust’ because the majority of the truthers who do know are cowards, and won’t tell others, so the Talmudists cannot hide behind this lie anymore, as we destroy countries for them, covertly and overtly — for which we are being judged.

      Mike King just stated on his Facebook page that Amazon has now banned his book: “The Bad War.”

      It’s time to wake up!

    • ROLAND EDGAR March 8, 2017 at 7:56 am #


      The THIRD REICH did not end in 1945. From memory some 10K Nazis were taken after WW2 to the USA to start the NASA program.

      The THIRD REICH also had a strong bond with ISLAM.

      The aim of the THIRD REICH and its successor THE EUROPEAN UNION, effectively THE FOURTH REICH is total global control.

      I believe Eisenhower, in his day, had a good grasp of how German ambition alligned with the USAs industrial and military might. He had foresight.

      The problem we have now in Europe is illustrated by the text enclosed below. This has become a fight between Christianity and Islam with the EU, Germany, THE FOURTH REICH, now the home of about 1 million fit young Muslims perfect for military service.

      Eisenhower would be on the side of the Russian Federation if he were alive today. The RF has the same values the USA had pre 1963. Encl. Statement by RF Embassy in WA DC

      Comment by Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova on the involvement of US service personnel in provocative acts in Eastern Europe

      March 2, 2017

      We could not but notice that US service personnel, who have recently arrived in Poland and the Baltics, have already taken part in obviously anti-Russian “historical” campaigns, including a remembrance run in honour of the so-called “cursed soldiers,” members of the anti-Communist Polish resistance movement who shot Red Army soldiers in the back as they were liberating their country from Nazism.

      The campaign also included a “march to the East”, towards Narva, which culminated in an ostentatious photo session involving Estonian and US service personnel against the backdrop of the Ivangorod fortress on the Russian side of the border.

      We firmly believe that such questionable initiatives cast a shadow on the history of the joint Soviet-US fight against Nazism, to say the least. It would be better if, instead of taking part in similar propaganda campaigns, Americans found an opportunity to honour the memory of their allies in the Anti-Hitler Coalition who were killed while liberating Europe from the Nazi scourge.

    • Bill March 8, 2017 at 1:50 pm #

      The reason we have difficulty understanding true history is because history is written by the victors. All history has a subjective slant. The history we learn in the educational system creates our images of reality which are ingrained as images of reality. Breaking from those images becomes an almost impossible task.

      The question is what should we believe.

    • Thomas Cool March 10, 2017 at 8:40 am #

      DIRKPITTMCO Of course you doubt Mr. King because you have been exposed to only one side of the story, the Allied propaganda side. You have to know all views and make up your own mind then.
      My personal view is that the Allied forces bombed the hell out of the Axis forces. All forms of transportation were bombed so that no food or medicine can be transported. What would happen in the prisons in the US if there was no food or medicine there?
      My comments above are just one small example of real atrocities done by the Allies.
      The Germans tried to be nobel because that was their ideal and nature.

  17. Mark March 8, 2017 at 1:53 am #

    John couldn’t we have been genetically upgraded by an alien race with all these God’s

    • Larry March 8, 2017 at 7:36 pm #

      l also had trouble dealing with the fact that everything I learned in history class was a lie, but here I am,
      I’ve done the research, and the truth of WWII is so very far from what I was taught. I suggest you read Mr. King;s book “The Bad War”. I was surprised to find him here on CTM, but pleased. I had heard him speak before. Go back and listen to the earlier episodes he was on. That may help.

  18. Renee March 8, 2017 at 12:16 am #


    If you haven’t already seen it, you would probably like Tarsem Singh Dhandwar’s “Immortals”.

    Henry Cavill, Stephen Dorff, Freida Pinto, John Hurt, and Mickey Rourke just to name a few of of the cast members.

    Stunning in it’s depiction of how an ancient people might have understood the supernatural when periodically it was unveiled before them.

    Respectfully your fellow Caravaner,


  19. Nicholas March 8, 2017 at 12:13 am #

    Bravo to you John for taking on these topics!

  20. Eric March 7, 2017 at 11:29 pm #

    One of the best shows I’ve heard. Maybe we should not be so quick to jump in the war machine as sheep to the slaughter.

  21. David March 7, 2017 at 8:44 pm #

    John : In response to the news segment – do we need any more evidence of the necessity to shut down the CIA? I mean turn it off, de-fund, and SHUT it down. Totally. What good has it ever done? Nothing that can’t be done by the FBI or the NSA. I heard someone today on another show say that Trump could, if he wished, sign an order which would put the CIA out of business. Now. Immediately. Forthwith. I say DO IT!. Think how many BILLIONS in budget dollars and taxpayer dollars that would save. On another news segment topic, so Obama never attended Columbia? We now have enough evidence that Obama was and is a total fraud and liar, and shill for the deep state globalists. Look where he came from, his communist roots, his muslem brotherhood associations and appointments, his anti-American agenda, his current attempts to overthrow our President. He should be charged with sedition, treason, lying to Congress, lying to the American people, etc., etc. He should be either imprisoned or deported. ( or better yet hung in public )

  22. Bomar March 7, 2017 at 8:31 pm #

    Dudes and Dudettes,…

    It’s Popcorn Tuesday…


  23. Trent March 7, 2017 at 8:15 pm #

    Ep 701 Congratulations JBW and CTM!