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Episode 761 – Rob Kirby & Michael Cutler

Tuesday June 20th 2017

In this edition guest host, Dr. Dave Janda introduces himself to The Caravan and outlines what he brings to the Caravan Platform. Rob Kirby then dissects the globalist directed Exchange Stabilization Fund. In the final segment former Immigration official, Michael Cutler outlines the magnitude of the illegal immigration issue.


Knife – Grizzly Bear
This Is a Sight We Had One Day from the High Mountain – Maserati

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62 Responses to Episode 761 – Rob Kirby & Michael Cutler

  1. rlshut June 27, 2017 at 7:01 pm #

    Michael Cutler still pushing the 19 terrorists carrying out 9/11 is b.s. Dave, as the host he should have immediately been called out on this lie. 9/11 is still the litmus test for truth. Cutler talked about illegal immigration and then went into the alleged 9/11 hijackers, all cannot be accounted for. Patsies most probable.Opening was good end of show I turned off listening to Cutlers official 9/11 narrative.