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Episode 795 – Larry Nichols, Stewart Rhodes & Navy Jack

Friday August 18th 2017

In this edition we welcome Stewart Rhodes accompanied by “Navy Jack” to discuss the risks that face the Presidential Cabinet, what the Oath Keepers are doing in these rough times that we face, and how you can become active within your community. But first, Larry Nichols joins us with commentary regarding the events in Charlottesville, Va. and what is being overlooked in mainstream reporting.

Ark Midnight is this Saturday night on radio station 570 KLIF at 9 p.m. (CST). Our guest for the night will be William H. Wisecarver. Tune in for a great conversation and some great tunes!


Vuelvo Al Sur – Gotan Project
The Horror – RJD2

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47 Responses to Episode 795 – Larry Nichols, Stewart Rhodes & Navy Jack

  1. Jimbeau August 23, 2017 at 11:36 am #

    Sorry for saturday’s rant…
    I got too wrapped up in Larry Nichols’ plight
    Apologies to John

  2. Christopher Heller August 23, 2017 at 1:43 am #

    Since John didn’t correct it I feel like it go in my bit. Fascism is not right wing it is far left it is communism with a different face. If you want to look at far right he’d probably be looking at something more akin to corporatism. Sharia law would be closer to extreme right then fascism. If you can’t understand fascism how can you ever identify or fight it.

    Just because communist and fascist are always opposed to each other doesn’t mean their politics are the opposite of each other if you look at fascist and communist together they are almost identical. Whereas corporatism and Sharia law would be more of a polar opposite.

  3. michael August 21, 2017 at 9:59 pm #

    John, liked that Gotan Project song alot. But you haven’t been fulfilling my blues needs lately. How about “Turned Off TV Blues” by my man Alvin Lee and Ten Years After?

    • David Westerhold August 22, 2017 at 5:17 pm #

      That sounds good, I’d like to hear it. I do believe I heard them in concert sometime in the early 70’s. One song he plays a lot is Vibration Science which I like a lot.

  4. Chon August 21, 2017 at 7:07 pm #

    When the Evil controlled the White race to kill, rape and colonize the land of Colors, the White race fell for it and they did it because they thought it was Right to do so. What goes around comes around, that is the Karma. Now the Evil is controlling the liberal consisted of people of Colors. The Evil is using the crime of White race committed in the past to enrage the emotion of people of Colors to attack the White race. You see.. the problem is NOT about what race killing what race. The problem is human being of all RACES still possessing very LOW CONSCIOUSNESS LEVEL and fail to look at their own mirror to face themselves about their own wrong doing and short coming. The reality is that the White culture itself is systematic racist and there are people still supporting this system, and that is the truth. Look at how Hollywood portrays Asian male and female. Look at the comments from Blacks against Jeremy Lin when he was creating the Linsanity phenomenon. If people cannot resolve the problems and the emotional issues related to the past and history, all people will be remained triggered and controlled and pitched against each other. If the Whites still cannot admit their ancestor’s evil behavior and the People of Colors still remain complacent and lazy, this is the planet we will be consuming each other on and at the end there will be nothing left to consume except the Evil keep spreading itself throughout this universe.

    • calvin August 22, 2017 at 8:59 am #

      Chon, I have no problem admitting that the white race has made horrible mistakes, but many races have also committed grievous deeds in the past. I’m calling out all grievous behavior, period -past and present. The grievous behaviors committed in the past do not negate grievous behavior taking place in the present nor do the grievous behaviors in the present give any kind of reparations to the past. It is good vs. evil. I believe that a truly enlightened person will look beyond race, culture, social status, etc. and see that for themselves and behave accordingly. It isn’t right to raise your hand against your brother except in self-defense.

    • David Walker August 22, 2017 at 7:01 pm #

      Kind wants to be with kind … tribe with tribe. We function better and so do the “other” tribes / kinds” when “united.” United we stand divided we fall. “THEY” have divided us with 3rd world cheap labor. We need to UN divided ourselves and thus UNITE ourselves by dividing the country into 3 parts. My “main” concern is The Confederate States because that’s where “my” kind will be. When “whites” came here in 1607 most of the people on those 3 ships came to “preach the gospel to the heathen !” Heathen as in 3rd world not equal darky savages. A small % of whites over time did do evil to them but most did good. Also, many of the “savages,” did evil to each other. Whites gave them a LOT of good things and helped them step up in modern ways. They gave us a LOT of good things too … like natural cures to a lot of things … which big pharma then re combobulated, ( messed up, ) so they could patent them. Both peoples did good and evil.

      Whites don’t have a problem with Asians as far as I can tell. You’re clean, smart, non offensive … not marching in the streets with terrorist organizations like the Soros funded Antifa. You’re ok 🙂 I don’t understand the issue ?

    • David Walker August 23, 2017 at 12:27 am #

      New enlarged Confederate States Of America for white Christian patriots ONLY anyone ? 🙂

  5. Original Larry August 21, 2017 at 1:57 pm #

    Mr. Wells, I understand you need to get the word out about the program, but youtube is not the forum to do so. I suggest you post the Ark Midnight shows here on the website, and use Twitter or Fbook to put out the message. There is a site known as “Ourtube”, but I don’t know much about it, other than be careful how you type it in. If you don’t capitalize the “O” you will be taken to a disgusting porn site. Which should tell you something.

  6. Bomar August 21, 2017 at 7:41 am #

    Dudes and Dudettes,…

    The missing 911 – 28 pages…


    Actual Document…


    If you wanted to know…


  7. Original Larry August 20, 2017 at 6:54 pm #

    ROLAND EDGAR: You should write a book! Oh wait……… already have.
    Larry Nichols doesn’t have a website, he provides his e-mail address in the hopes that some of us will contribute to his monumental medical bills. He has stage 4 cancer.
    I agree we are being set up for a civil war. We won’t fall for the trick, but we DO have to defend ourselves. We will not win in the media no matter what really happens. Hopefully the first casualty of a civil war will be the MSM.
    that’s enough for now.
    Oh, thank you for the long program, Mr. Wells. I thought it was a good week of programming.

  8. barry diede August 20, 2017 at 6:40 pm #

    we must hold hands and stick together an fight back or we won’t recognize out country! Stand up and take action friends. And God will pick up were we can’t!

  9. Chris Wilson August 20, 2017 at 4:43 pm #

    John B! At 2:25:00 you said the Soros Left had not yet adopted a color for a Color Revolution. So wrong! Don’t you remember the day, soon after the election, when Hillary and Bill came out conspicuously wearing PURPLE? Yes, this is the Purple Regime Change Revolution. Go back, take a look!

  10. Lorraine E Blazich August 20, 2017 at 10:09 am #

    Our country desperately needs a new TV station dedicated to reporting the truth. Americans are not going to be told the Truth by any of the major TV and radio stations because they are all far left LIARS. Unfortunately even local and Christian radio and TV stations which report the “news” merely repeat the LIES and brain washing of the communist corporate media. If the people are told LIES often enough, they will believe the LIES. Read II Timothy 3.
    The corporate media and far left federal indoctrination centers (used to be schools) are, for the most part, hell bent on creating communists, marxists, and revolutionaries. The entire responsibility for educating students should be returned to the states immediately and they should not be given any federal funds which always have “strings” of control attached. The federal dept of indoctrination has intentionally dumbed down students and has been a complete failure.
    In Revelations 2 and 3 there are only two churches which found favor with God and they are Smyrna and Philadelphia because they recognized that there are people in the world who say that they are Jews and are of the synagogue of satan. satan’s workers of inequity oftentimes lie and say that they are Jews when they are in fact Kenites. You will know them by their works.
    Daniel 41-44 describes the last kingdom created by mankind which cannot stand because it will be made of legs and feet of “iron mixed with miry clay” which will not cleave one to another and break in pieces. Most likely Daniel wrote about the times we are now living in.
    In Matthew 4.8 satan took Jesus to a “high mountain and sheweth Him all of the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them” and told Jesus “all of those things I will give Thee if Thou wilt fall down and worship me.” Obviously the leaders of the one world government have been receiving their power from satan. You will know them by their works.
    The goal of the one world satanic shadow masters is to reduce the world’s population which is approaching eight billion to five hundred million. Read Jim Marrs’ book “Population Control” to learn how we are being “set up” for elimination. The five hundred million who will be allowed to survive are completely ignorant of the fact they will be slaves of the elite who will completely control what remains of our world.

  11. Don Hensley August 20, 2017 at 3:19 am #

    John B.

    It’s happened a few times in my life… As far as I know, nobody’s ever put up a post about this particular point anywhere and I’ve been around online since the DOS(Pre-WWW day. It’s always is a pleasant surprise to hear or read someone else that you respect both for their character and intellect expressing a thought that, up to that point, you felt as if you were the only one out there saying it.

    In my case, I learned early in life because I was drawn to music and virtually every situation I found myself in included at least one chip on somebody’s shoulder or somebody with control issues and an attitude.

    You hit the nail on the head and it’s been on of my truisms for years:
    Far too many have never taken the time to consider the differences between an “Acquaintance” and a “Friend.”

    I’ve probably told my wife at least 1,000 times that nothing could tempt me to be 21 again, not if it meant being 21 in 2017!

    I’ve begun to wonder if the men and women (Yeah, I’m too old and set in my ways to worry about being PC about that one) have had all the genuine ability to feel honest emotions “trained” out of them. Then, young families used to benefit from shared experiences as well as the social aspects of getting together with others who are your “peers”, for lack of a better word… (sorry, couldn’t think of the right word)

    It’s just sad… Even kids, these days, don’t seem to be having anything NEAR what school was like for us. From grades 1 – 8, we all knew at least a few of the others kids that went to the Catholic school just a short walk away and the ones that didn’t live in town lived in smaller towns not far away. Come freshman year, our class grew dramatically. In our case, it was a total of over 130.

    My point is, that by the time we graduated high school, many of my classmates felt like family.

    If the new is any indication, the modern experience is comparing apples an elephants.

    You can call a “Friend” that you haven’t seen in over 15 years at an unreasonable hour on a work day morning and, if it’s something you need a true friend to get you through, there’s no doubt that they’ll be there.

    Everybody else is an Acquaintance.

  12. David Howard August 19, 2017 at 9:38 pm #

    I do see the fractures in the population he’s talking about but it’s not along racial lines. The left is being identified and will wind up paying for this. I see white people like me who are a lot more pissed than me at being called white supremacists for disagreeing with other libtard white people.

  13. Barbara Nichter August 19, 2017 at 7:23 pm #

    Goodness…I agree with all that has been said with Larry Nichols but please, don’t leave God out of the equation! The tentacles of this evil is too deep for us but not for the God of Abraham Issac & Jacob. I do not believe that God is finished with America. It’s most likely going to get worse before it gets better but my trust is in Him. Not to sit by and do nothing, we all have a part to play, but He will ultimately be the Victor and He will get all the glory!

  14. Thomas Cool August 19, 2017 at 7:23 pm #

    I listened to Mr. Rhodes spew his uninformed, race-mixing views against Nazis, Facists and White Nationalists. He needs to understand that the only reason there are a few boogie men neo-Nazis or Facists in this country is because they see the future of White people in the US as doomed. Most of them have lived in neighborhoods where Whites were driven out and have had a taste of what the future of the White race is going to be. They have also seen the truth about the Holocaust and they want the truth to come out about that forbidden subject.
    Likewise, White Nationalists see no future unless they isolate themselves from the hordes of non-Whites. They realize that whenever 2 or more peoples have lived together in the past, for any length of time, they always mix together till there are no more original people. The original peoples have been totally destroyed by race-mixing. That is genocide.

    • David Walker August 21, 2017 at 4:13 am #

      Yes … Mr. Rhodes IS a multiculturalist 🙂 I’m glad he and his multi culti army’s out there. It’s better than nothing at this point. He also doesn’t let anyone mention God because it’s not a “religious group !” He’s trying in vain to save his misguided view of America … without God AND by being politically correct 🙂

      Regarding the Nazi goofballs … regardless of WHY they act like they do, they need to understand 1. Our MAIN goal is to please Jesus and enter Heaven. We’re not going to do that by emulating a murdering slaughterer. Hitler was not cool. Evil is not ok. ALL Jews are not bad. Sure, there are a lot … Zuckerberg, Spielberg, etc etc., but God chose Israel as the place He’d reveal His word and His Savior through SO .. they’re His chosen people. YES a bunch of them suck and should be kicked out of power BUT NOT SLAUGHTERED ! Seek ye first the kingdom of Heaven. ( Don’t piss God off !!! ) 2. To save what’s left of the real America we need to create an enlarged Confederate States Of America for white Christian patriots ONLY. To do this we need a LOT of America on our side. We will never get that with people hieling Hitler and yelling threats to all Jews lives ! PLEASE you young misguided neo guys … seek Jesus in prayer. He’s in warrior mode right now too, and understands your anger, and doesn’t expect us to let freaks take over the south. Join us … in a SANE way. If Hitler were running the show now, he’d kill all of you as soon as you served his purpose !!! Don’t idolize an evil dictator like that. Get right with God. Get your heads straight … then re approach this from a wise, smart, and not pissing God off angle. Don’t yell these Nazi things at protests anymore … because it hurts the cause you want to succeed. Remember, Hitler was VERY into the occult. He’s not in Heaven. We want YOU our brothers to be in Heaven … where we won’t even remember any of this baloney anyways 🙂

  15. Richard S August 19, 2017 at 5:39 pm #

    The United States of America is dead.

  16. Thomas Cool August 19, 2017 at 1:41 pm #

    When I say, “White race”, I mean Aryan or European race. All 3 words mean the same thing to me. I do not try to dive my people. Unfortunately, some White people are so cowed down that they are not allowed to say our true name. We are Aryans.
    During the Spanish Inquisition and during W W II we became the biggest threat to the Jews that they had ever known and those of us who have not yet become their slaves are still a threat to them today. Every rabbi knows this. That is why they are trying to wipe us out. They see us as a threat and fear our potential. If we were ever aligned and focused… If we ever had a breeding program that promoted our healthiest instead of our worst, The Jews would not be able to bring in the anti-Christ like they want. They would not be able to dominate the rest of the world and eat the fat of the land like they have planned. Stay united. Stay focussed.

  17. Mark Stern August 19, 2017 at 1:36 pm # is a email address, not a web site

    • Judy Ahlstrom August 20, 2017 at 7:03 pm #

      I think that is what he requested during his interview, that supporters could reach him for further details. I may be mistaken, but can’t relisten at this point.

  18. Judy Ahlstrom August 19, 2017 at 11:27 am #

    John and the rest of the Caravan Listeners,

    Sorry to hear about YouTube. We will tell everyone to be sure to join so we can continue our “online” education.

    Is there any recourse the American Taxpayers would have against those cities who chose NOT to protect those statues, that we have supported with our taxes with the purchase, upkeep and the building parks around them? The cities KNEW in advance of what was going to happen with an already permitted protest – and they were neglectful in allowing those Antifa idiots to come into the same area without permits. What happens, if anything, when a person is caught destroying public property and are arrested – do they pay restitution? Let’s pray that those funds aren’t used to build a statue of “those we cannot mention by name”.

    The standing down of our officers is so very sad. Too many good officers are being minimized due to politics. Keeping my prayers forthcoming.

    Keep up the great work.

  19. barry August 19, 2017 at 10:59 am #

    Hidy John & Crew Caravan,
    Outta the park show again y’all. I’m a patriotic, nationalistic veteran and I’m wondering why I haven’t heard a response from Oath keepers in the two years it’s been since I contacted them? I believe I have military skills (Medical laboratory Technology FSC# 3604 among others) that may be helpful in the near future and I would like to get off my semi-retired bravo uterus tango tango, ROFL! Get involved & answer my country’s call. God has seen fit to let this old dog hunt & learn new tricks …….quick. Please help me make contact with Oath keepers. Thank you all for your hard work.


    P.S. I believe Caravan to Midnight is an answer to my prayer, quote “God, please give us an alternative to Coast to Coast! I swear it’s true, that was my prayer.

    • David Westerhold August 20, 2017 at 1:14 pm #

      More power to you Barry! That was a good prayer.

  20. Jo August 19, 2017 at 10:51 am #

    Finally an intelligent, common sense, adult and rational conversation about whats really happening in the country. Very refreshing.

  21. Susan B Parvey August 19, 2017 at 10:05 am #

    PLEASE donate the Oathkeepers to the world while you’re able…

  22. Bomar August 19, 2017 at 9:25 am #

    Johnny B,…

    Remember You-Tube is a “Private Corporation”…

    “Private Corporations” are not subject to the First Amendment, Only Congress and Federal Departments are…

    You-Tube’s view of “Capitalistic Principles” are what your arguments should be against…

    Simple solution, make you own “Free Viewer Channel” or comply with “Their Rules”…

    Would you allow “someone” to stand on your lawn and say things you are against or would you ask the “someone” to leave your property?…


    • David Walker August 21, 2017 at 1:59 pm #

      Negative sir ! Youtube is a PUBLIC corporation … open to the public … THUS THEY CAN NOT DISCRIMINATE ! Look up the word Discrimination in a Blacks Law Dictionary. They can NOT discriminate any more than Disney or Dennys can. It’s ok though. When we create an enlarged Confederate States Of America for white Christian patriots only, we’ll be blocking about half the videos there ourselves 🙂 so have at it Snowflaketube.

  23. Graham Millar August 19, 2017 at 5:28 am #

    A simple way to understand the system of governance control (RULING) over the people.

    MAINSTREAM – LEFT = SOCIALISM = Approximately 33% of National population
    MAINSTREAM – RIGHT = CAPITALISM = Approximately 33% of National population


    ALT COMBINED = ALT – LEFT + ALT – RIGHT = Approximately 33% of National population



    Only thing that varies is the ratio of % within the each of the 4 groups of the 99%

    The puppet masters 1% are embedded at all levels of influence throughout society and they are made up of sworn brethren with allegiance to one another through cross membership into the many Societies /Groups /Orders/Cults/Religions and all other organisations.

    Once you grasp this basic understanding Governance of all the Countries of the world .The ability to see and understand the theatre of Dichotomy being played on the 99% by the 1%.

    The time is coming when the 1% will bring the 99 % together under 1 system of Governance with one vision . A leader will rise amongst the people paving the way for all this perceived utopia . Many will follow him blindly .

    From this point on it’s up to each individual, Whether they choose to be apart of it.

    • sharonoliveria August 23, 2017 at 12:35 am #

      Graham Millar, Or out of those group’s that have not totally sold out to Satan, can come to Knowledge of the Truth in Christ Jesus, many are blinded, deceived & lied to , some so badly hurt they have harden their hearts they think & connect themselves to what Wealth & fame will bring them, who will go when God says, who will go for me?

      Were called to be Soul gather’s for Jesus, the last of the last that will be brought to Jesus before the Trumpet sounds , Eternity awaits those that have repented & Accepted Jesus as Lord & Savior & walk in the light of God’s Word.

      Who is it that God has called you to minister Jesus to, that one that will only hear the message from you?

      It would be easy to say, I’ve done my work in the Kingdom , I am punching my time card out for the last time & will watch the show from afar. But there is much work to be done , God says He wants none to Perish but have ever lasting life, because He loves them all, just as He has loved you, some one prayed for you to come to Jesus, I bet your sure glad they didn’t punch their Time card Out before they spoke to you about Jesus.

      So much work to be done for the Kingdom of God, thou weary, so tired we press on to the High calling of Jesus Christ,

      Guys go get them for the Lord ! Blessing’s in Jesus !

  24. Ron Englert August 19, 2017 at 4:43 am #

    To corroborate what Larry talks about, I saw this on the net.
    Pray for Peace, Soros wants civil war, but “eyes up always”.

  25. Richard S August 19, 2017 at 2:10 am #

    Better get your own houses and lives into order. Is my suggestion now.. Have a “Super” great day.. 😂 Out

  26. Richard S August 19, 2017 at 2:05 am #


    As one of over 150 examples written in The KJV of The Holy Bible: Question? Where is The World Headquarters of the so called “United (lol) Nations” located in? What “Great” City? Have a Great day. By all means enjoy the up coming “Eclipse” who’s path cuts this Country more or less into two.. Once again, Enjoy 😂

  27. Richard S August 19, 2017 at 1:49 am #

    The United States of America is now dead. It has just not been officially declaired yet! What you see now, is the Maggots eating the un buried carcass! Many of those now turning into flies and spreading themselves. John said the other night and asking the question? “How is it that a Nation or people like Russia, or Germany (pick among many others?) could have allowed their Countries to fall like they did?” Now we know. Enjoy 😂

  28. David Baumann August 19, 2017 at 1:38 am #

    Dear John,

    Could you provide the information for Larry Nichols plan to swamp the congressional phone lines? I am interested in participating.


    • David Westerhold August 20, 2017 at 1:09 pm #

      I also.

    • Judy Ahlstrom August 20, 2017 at 6:57 pm #

      I think contact for Larry Nichols was at

  29. Lee August 18, 2017 at 10:15 pm #

    Good show but the reality is that the average person out hear in La La land don’t have a clue. And kudos John you said the magic forgotten word, Responsibility. WE all have the right to say and do as we please and along with that comes the responsibility to face the consequences of our action. And I think you and I and a few others know the only way this will end. What people fail to realize is the we are the only nation that I know of who’s fundamental foundation is based of the rights and freedoms of the individual. And maybe it me I’m just a grumpy old white guy who believes that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are the sacred documents of this nation.

    • David Westerhold August 20, 2017 at 1:07 pm #

      You are not the only “grumpy old white guy” who believes that.

  30. ROLAND EDGAR August 18, 2017 at 9:57 pm #


    Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Joining the growing list of people upset with US President Donald Trump’s “both sides” statement on the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, this week, Arnold Schwarzenegger published a new video Thursday to offer suggestions on how The Donald should have responded.

    “Growing up, I was surrounded by broken men, men who came home from a war filled with shrapnels and guilt, men who were misled into a losing ideology,” he recalled. “And I can tell you: these ghosts you idolize spent the rest of their lives living in shame and right now,” he paused before delivering the kicker: “they’re resting in hell.”

    Who is this guy Schwarzenegger:

    Let’s dig a little deeper here:

    Interrogatory in nature, this program highlights the Nazi family background and Nazi-like affectations of California Gubernatorial candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger. Beginning with discussion of a body building picture in which Schwarzenegger is giving the Nazi salute, the broadcast sets forth numerous accounts of Schwarzenegger’s manifestation of a Nazi/Aryan persona during his bodybuilding days.

    The discussion also examines Gustav Schwarzenegger’s Nazi background in the Austrian brown-shirts, and the Third Reich’s military police;the latter a key liaison element with the SS mobile killing squads on the Eastern Front. (Gustav–Arnold’s father–was with a unit that was involved in some of the most brutal fighting in Russia.)

    After examining the strong areas of overlap between the elder Schwarzenegger’s background and the areas projected as repositories of Third Reich postwar underground operatives, the broadcast examines the curiously large influence that Gustav was able to exert on behalf of Arnold?s military career.

    It appears that Gustav may well have been more than a mere small-town police chief. Arnold Schwarzenegger was a close political ally of and defender of Nazi Kurt Waldheim, later elected president of Austria. Schwarzenegger has never repudiated his support for Waldheim. Much of the program examines the networking of Bush family ally and investment adviser Allen Dulles and personalities (including Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, George H.W. Bush and William Casey) that were to become luminaries in the Republican hierarchy.

    All of these men were involved with the Crusade for Freedom, a CIA/State Department operation in which Nazis were brought into the US for political purposes. Many eventually coalesced into the Republic ethnic outreach organization.

    The key words and concepts to understand in the context of this broadcast are networking, oligarchy, hierarchy. Is Schwarzenegger associated with the Underground Reich? Was his ascension realized through the networking of elements of the American power elite with the Underground Reich?

    Program Highlights Include: The Dulles milieu?s vetting of Schwarzenegger?s Nazi pal Waldheim for service with the Austrian government; Austrian ambassador Helene Van Damm?s networking with SS operative Otto von Bolschwing and the Dulles milieu; the Third Reich?s projected use of disabled veterans, the police, women and young girls as postwar underground operatives; legislation that has already been introduced that would allow Schwarzenegger to run for President.

    1. Beginning with the first thing that put Arnold Schwarzenegger on Mr. Emory’s “radar screen”, the program highlights a picture from Sports Illustrated that shows “Der Terminator” giving the Nazi salute.

    The picture can be viewed by clicking on the link in this description. (Note that this is NOT a doctored picture. Skeptical listeners are emphatically encouraged to go to a library, secure the original article, and distribute it to media sources.) (“Pex Sell Tix” by Dan Geringer; Sports Illustrated; 12/7/1987; p. 80.)

    2. Apparently, this sort of behavior was not unusual for Schwarzenegger. In Arnold: “The Education of a Bodybuilder”, he wrote that he was overwhelmed by [Schwarzenegger mentor Reg] Park’s luxurious house, his pool, his antiques, and his servants and that he felt out of place.

    He did, however, apparently feel quite at home with the South African system of apartheid. According to Rick Wayne, who is black, when they discussed apartheid Arnold said he thought South Africa was right, saying things like “If you gave these blacks a country to run, they would run it down the tubes.”

    However, Rick was accustomed to Arnold’s reactionary views and quirky ways. He and Arnold had posed together in Munich. In his book, “Muscle Wars”, a study of bodybuilding politics, Rick recalled that after Arnold had struck a pose reminiscent of the Nazi salute, he received less applause from the German audience than he had expected.

    Arnold’s response was to comment to Rick, “These people are nothing without an Austrian to lead them”. (Arnold: “The Unauthorized Biography”; by Wendy Leigh; Copyright 1990 by Wendy Leigh; Congdon & Weed [HC]; ISBN 0-86553-216-8; pp. 68-69.)

    3. “A veneer of Nazism” was viewed by many Schwarzenegger associates as part of Schwarzenegger’s body building persona. On [Joe] Weider’s instructions, [Art] Zeller photographed Arnold constantly. Zeller remembers that from the start Arnold was ready to sacrifice everything to achieve his goals, getting enough sleep and training hard.

    Always prepared to admit to his deficiencies and to devote himself to eliminating them, Arnold immediately took posing lessons from Dick Tyler. Tyler, deciding that Arnold merited “heroic” music, picked for his posing routine Thus Spake Zarathustra.

    Years later Tyler commented that if Hitler had wanted to advertise the Aryan ideal, Arnold would have been its perfect representative. (Ibid.; p. 87.)

    4. Tyler’s remarks may sound a trifle barbed; however, since 1977 rumors have circulated in the bodybuilding world that during the filming of Pumping Iron, the pseudo-documentary film that transformed him into a legend, Arnold said he admired Hitler.

    When contacted for a newspaper article in 1988, George Butler, the producer and director of the film and still a close friend of Arnold’s today, admitted that during the filming of Pumping Iron Arnold definitely did say that he admired Hitler. Butler then conceded that the remark was cut from the final version of the film, adding that Arnold expressed his admiration of Hitler and Kennedy in almost the same breath as people who were leaders.?

    When asked why Arnold admired Hitler, Butler replied that the context in the film was that Arnold was saying he had ?always wanted to be remembered like the most famous people in history, like Jesus and so on . . .? (Ibid.; pp. 87-88.)

    5. Manfred Thellig, who worked with Arnold in Munich, offers a similar interpretation. According to Thellig, Arnold definitely admires the Teutonic period of the Third Reich. He just loved those leftover relics of the Third Reich in Munich?those Teutonic statues.?

    He added that Arnold would say, If I had lived at that time, I would have been one of those Teutonic breeders. Whenever he opened his mouth and it sounded like . Oh, there is a neo-Nazi,? This was just playing Tarzan. It wasn’t serious. . (Ibid.; pp. 88-89.)

    6. There are, nevertheless, witnesses over the years who have seen Arnold break into the “Sieg Heil” salute and play his records of Hitler’s speeches. Arnold responded to this issue during a 1989 Penthouse interview with journalist Sharon Churcher. According to Churcher, a former associate of Arnold/s during the seventies had heard from a mutual acquaintance that Arnold had Nazi paraphernalia in his apartment.

    According to the associate, Arnold’s reaction at that time was to claim through Pumping Iron producer George Butler, that his interest was only that of a student. Butler, professing to have forgotten the above exchange, says that he had never seen any Nazi paraphernalia at Arnold’s house.. (Ibid.; p. 89.)

    7. The article goes on to quote Arnold as saying, “I totally hate the Nazi period”. He adds, “When you come from a background like Germany or Austria, then you sometimes are joked about and people give you sometimes gifts that maybe had something to do with that [Nazi] time”. When asked if he kept any such presents, Arnold replied, “No. I am so much against that time period. I despise it.” (Idem.)

    8. There is yet another possibility. As one bodybuilder, who observed Arnold in America doing the “Sieg Heil” salute commented, “It was expected of him.” Arnold personified Aryan supremacy and Germanic strength of will. To top that, his father had been a member of the Nazi party. Both his heritage and his image were inescapable. Arnold, far from underplaying his roots, embraced and advertised them.. (Ibid.; pp. 89-90.)

    10. Contrasting with his later (cosmetic and politically-motivated) efforts on behalf of the Wiesenthal Institute and the Museum of Tolerance, Schwarzenegger’s views on ethnicity struck some as suggesting a different agenda. All through his grueling training, Arnold kept the image of [Schwarzenegger’s black Brazilian rival] Serge Oliva in front of him. Black bodybuilder Dave DuPre, who would appear with Arnold years later in Pumping Iron, says Arnold declared one time while working out at Gold’s.

    “Serge is your only black hope to beat me”. Black people are inferior. You are not capable of achieving the success of white people. Black people are stupid.”

    Black people weren’t the only target, for as usual he was completely democratic in his heckling. According to DuPre, He would make fun of Jews. If anybody looked Jewish, he would point it out and tell them that they were inferior. (Ibid.; p. 101.)

    11. After setting forth Schwarzengger’s “veneer of Nazism” during his body building days, the broadcast undertakes an examination of his father?s background. As will be seen, Gustav Schwarzenegger’s circumstances suggest at least the possibility that he may have served as an operative of the Underground Reich in Austria during the postwar period.

    Later in the program, we will look at the degree of overlap between Schwarzenegger’s situation and some of the groups selected for postwar underground work. Documents lodged in the Austrian State Archives in Vienna, only now available as 30 years have elapsed since Gustav’s death, give the most detailed account yet of that role.

    They show that not only did he join the Nazi party but was also a member of the SA (Sturmabteilung or stormtroopers), the brown-shirted Nazi paramilitary wing made up of the most enthusiastic of Hitler’s followers. (“Terminator” by Wendy Leigh; Mid Day; 3/9/2003; pp. 1-2)

    12. After enlisting in the Wehrmacht in November 1939, he served as a sergeant major in the Feldgendarmerie: the German military police. His unit was attached to a Panzer group and took part in the invasion of Russia, where he would have witnessed some of the fighting of the war . . .(Ibid.; p. 2.)

    13. By the end of the “30”s, Europe was changing. Hitler had been in power in Germany since 1933 and was determined to bring Austria (his country of birth) within the German Reich and there were many there who supported him. Schwarzenegger was certainly one of them. He joined the Nazi Party when it was still illegal on March 1, 1938, days before Hitler’s annexation of Austria. In August, as Europe stood on the brink of war, he joined Feldgendarmerie Unit 521, formed in Vienna with the help of the Ordnungspolizei (the German Order Police). (Idem.)

    14. His 110-man unit was first attached to the 14th Army during the invasion of Poland and then Hitler’s Panzer Gruppe 4, part of the Army group North, in the attack on Russia. It was when Unit 521 was ordered to join up with General Eric Hoepner’s Panzer Gruppe 4 for the attack on Russia in may 1941, that Schwarzenegger became involved in the fighting of the Second World War. (Idem.)

    15. It is important to note that the elder Schwarzenegger’s wartime role entailed liaising with the SS-controlled Einsatzgruppen on the Eastern Front. As will be seen later, the Einsatzgruppen and related elements formed a key element of the Underground Reich forces recruited into US intelligence and (later) the Republican Party.

    16. Wounded and plagued by malaria, Schwarzenegger’s combat role ended in August of 1942. Later in the broadcast, we will examine the role of disabled veterans in the Third Reich?s plans for underground postwar work. Schwarzenegger?s involvement in the war ended in August 22, 1942, when he was wounded. Initially, he was treated in the military hospital in Lodz, but according to the records he also suffered recurring bouts of malaria, which led to his discharge in February, 1944, when he was allowed to return to Graz. (Ibid.; p. 3.)

    17. Schwarzenegger’s mother also had strong feelings for Hitler. (Women were also viewed as essential for postwar underground work by the Nazis.) The next record in the archives comes on October 20, 1945, when he married Aurelia Jadrny, a widow, in Murzsteg. During the war, Aurelia worked in a government office, dispensing food stamps. Many years later, Arnold confided to a girlfriend that when Hitler marched into Austria, Aurelia was in the crowds and almost swooned.? (Idem.)

    18. Although the elder Schwarzenegger was officially cleared of direct participation in war crimes, it should be noted that (as we will see shortly) those Nazis selected for underground work were given falsified records that facilitated their eventual sheep-dipping.

    During the de-Nazification of Austria after the war, when Nazi sympathizers were investigated and assigned a category from one to five with one representing those believed to have committed war crimes and five for those deemed innocent?

    Schwarzenegger was classified as Category 3, meaning he was incriminated by his wartime activities though not guilty of major atrocities. He was banned from resuming his job in the police department. What happened next is not on record, nor is the process by which he was able to resume work, but by 1948, Schwarzenegger had become police chief of Thal. (Idem.)

    19. Turning to examination of the Third Reich’s plans for the postwar Nazi underground within the “Fatherland” itself (of which Austria was part), the program examines a vitally important book from 1944 that set forth the plans for the Underground Reich.

    But what has not yet become known is that all this also applies to a much greater number of anonymous persons all over Germany, those on the second and third levels of the Nazi strata. These unknown personalities may be used later by the underground.

    Party functionaries who may be known locally, but certainly not nationally, can easily be transferred to another city or town, where they will suddenly appear as anti-Nazis. (The Nazis Go Underground; by Curt Riess; Copyright 1944 by Curt Riess; Doubleday, Doran and Co., Inc. [HC]; p. 97.)

    20. The party helps in their masquerades. These men get new documents which “prove” that they have always been anti-Nazi. Notes are inserted in their personal files saying they must be watched on account of their anti-Hitler attitudes and “unworthy” behavior.

    Some of them will undoubtedly be sent to concentration camps for crimes which they have never committed, but which will make them look dependable in the eyes of the Allies; some have perhaps already succeeded in joining anti-Nazi circles and are pretending to conspire against Hitler. Later on they will be able to use such activities as alibis. (Idem.)

    21. Note that the civil infrastructure was viewed as an essential repository for the forthcoming Nazi underground. Areas of employment that would prove absolutely necessary for the AMG (Allied Military Government) to ensure the smooth functioning of postwar Germany were selected as primary repositories for trusted Nazi operatives.

    And though they [the AMG] will not want to co-operate with those they know as Nazis in Germany, they may be forced by necessity to co-operate with those Nazis they don?t recognize as such. For they will not be able to administer the country, even for a week, without using the already existing machines and apparatuses of administration.

    These machines are full of Nazis, unknown, anonymous. If they should all be removed, everything would break down: supply, transport, the mails, electricity, gas, water. The heads of departments, the prominent Nazis, will either disappear of their own free will or be fired by the occupation authorities. But that is the only radical change that the latter can make. Any more would bring indescribable confusion and general disorder. (Ibid.; pp. 82-83.)

    22. There are a great number of irreplaceable bureaus and organizations which no AMG will want to touch. For example, the numerous health departments, every organization which helps protect public health, will have to go on functioning. If there is any interference with them, the whole country, and this includes invading troops, might be swept epidemic. (Ibid.; p. 83.)

    23. ?Naturally it is in all the existing organizations that Nazis will first try to hibernate at the end of the war, when they must play dead. They will be in fire departments and in utilities; they will sit in tax collectors? offices?an important strategic position, because it is these offices that will furnish the lists from which the Allies will determine reparations payments; and they will fill the offices of food-distributing agencies whose task it will be to avert famine after the war [Schwarzenegger?s mother worked in such a capacity].? (Idem.)

    24. Of primary significance for our purposes is the fact that Schwarzenegger’s father served as a policeman. As discussed above, the circumstances surrounding his postwar appointment are unclear.

    The police were an area of civil infrastructure viewed as one of the most important areas for secreting trusted operatives for postwar work. It is also interesting (though not necessarily significant) that the Ordnungspolizei were one of the projected repositories for postwar Nazis.

    The Ordnungspolizei were instrumental in the formation of the Feldgendarmerie, in which Gustav Schwarzenegger served.

    Another ideal place will be the police. Herr Himmler has been quoted as saying that no AMG could possibly dissolve the entire German police without throwing Germany, and thus Europe, into complete chaos.

    He is probably right . . . Such groups will be the Criminal Police, the Ordungspolizei (the regular uniformed police) the Landjaeger (gendarmes in the open country), and the Feurschutzpolizei (Fire Police).? (Ibid.; p. 86.)

    25. Gustave became the chief of police in a small, country village called Thal. In light of that fact, reflect on what follows: ?About nine months ago Himmler reorganized the gendarmes into a new organization called Landwacht (County Guards) whose supposed duty it is to prevent disorders in villages and towns.

    It is made up of the natives of each particular district and is supposed to be a non-political organization. Anybody who volunteers is accepted. Himmler?s idea in forming the Landwacht was to have ready a group of law-enforcing officers who were apparently completely non-political and who could be used by the AMG. It is into this Landwacht that Himmler has been sending men of his Elite Guard.? (Ibid.; pp. 86-87.)

    26. Himmler also believes that the Criminal Police and the regular uniformed police will not be dissolved, since these departments have never been completely identified with the party. It is difficult indeed to run a country or even a city without the help of a long-established criminal police or regular police force.

    The smooth working of a criminal police depends on personal contacts developed over a long period of time, on an army of tipsters and stool pigeons, on the intimate knowledge of the habits and hideouts of the criminals. Only in extreme cases will occupying authorities fail to use old hands in police matters. (Ibid.; p. 87.)

    27. As noted above, disabled vets were one of the areas projected as an area for postwar Underground Reich operatives. As discussed in the Wendy Leigh article about Gustav Schwarzenegger?s wartime career, he was officially disabled for much of the conflict. ?At present there is in existence an organization comprising all German war cripples. Its head is Hanns Oberlindober, who was the head of a similar organization called the War Veterans? Aid Society, after World War I. In the thirties Oberlindober gained international importance as the leader of the War Veterans? Associations. Oberlindober himself made extensive travels to France and other neighboring countries, posing as a pacifist and staging touching scenes of international fraternization. Too late it became known to the French secret service that he used his organizations as an apparatus for espionage.? (Ibid.; p. 84.)

    28. It can be assumed that Oberlindober himself will disappear after the defeat. He has become much too notorious. It may also be assumed that his organizations will not be allowed to continue in their present form. However, whatever administrative apparatus may be set up to take care of German war cripples after the war, the need for so-called experts will be great and thus opportunity will be offered for a number of “neutral” Oberlindober men to be slipped into the new setup.

    In this connection it is interesting to note that quite a few new men have been reported to have entered the Oberlindober organization lately, the arrangements with the War Ministry having been made, so it is said, by Oberlindober himself. (Ibid.; pp. 84-85.)

    29. It is also interesting to note that women were projected for postwar work. Schwarzenegger?s mother had distributed food stamps during the war and she was apparently quite taken with Hitler. (Remember, again, that such civil service positions were a repository for Underground Reich operatives.) Is it possible that she and Gustav were selected as an ?Underground Couple?? A young Austrian woman?Helene Van Damm?appears to have played an essential part in the Underground Reich?s efforts in the United States. Van Damm is discussed below. ?Whichever of the organizations discussed here will be left intact?whether it be the welfare organizations or the hospitals, the Criminal Police or the machinery of Speer, the railroads or the utilities that will be most active in the coming Nazi underground?one thing is certain: the women will have to play a large part in its activities. Since it is practically certain that the Allies will not sentence any women as war criminals except in proved cases of capital crimes, there will be little reason for the leading personalities of the women?s organizations to disappear and be replaced by unknown personalities, although the organizations themselves will, of course, undergo a change.? (Ibid.; p. 92.)

    30. ?Among the tasks of women in the coming Nazi underground on which Frau Scholtz-Klink has to concentrate must be: . . . Special training of stenographers, typists, filing clerks, et cetera?in short, of all female personnel likely to be used either by the occupying powers (AMG) or by a future German government.? (Ibid.; p. 93.)

    31. After having married a member of the military intelligence unit in which former Reagan national security adviser Richard Clarke had served, Van Damm came to the United States and divorced her husband shortly afterward.

    Note that the selection of young girls [women] for projected relationships with Allied troops was envisaged by the Third Reich.[A key area will be] the training of young girls, or rather their preparation for the time when Germany is occupied by hundreds of thousands of foreign soldiers.

    After the last war, during the occupation of the Rhineland, if a German girl had anything to do with an American or English soldier, not to speak of intimate relations, it was considered by the family and the entire community as outrageous behavior incompatible with “German Honor”.

    This time such “outrageous behavior” will not only be encouraged, but practically demanded, by the Nazis, no matter what the official stand on this particular problem is. The reason is that young German girls entering into intimate relations with foreign soldiers may well convince these soldiers that the Germans are by no means the bad people they are pictured; that the Nazis, too, had their good points. In short, these German girls are being trained as disseminators of Nazi propaganda.? (Ibid.; pp. 93-94.)

    32. Van Damm later became a protege of Otto Von Bolschwing, and worked for him in a business capacity. The passage that follows could be seen as foreshadowing her role with Von Bolschwing?s business interests.

    The training of women who will be logical contacts between the underground movement or certain cells of the underground party and circles of influence, such as big business, industries, cartels, foreign politicians, et cetera. (Ibid.; p. 94.)

    33. Before turning to some disturbing indications that Schwarzenegger’s father was far more than a mere small-town police chief, we note that the town of Graz (of which Thal is a suburb) was viewed as special by Hitler.

    In fact, Hitler was so gratified by the Grazers’ enthusiasm that he awarded the city an honorary title: die Stadt der Erhebung?the town of the elevation.

    Austrians, even now, remember Hitler’s triumphant entry into Graz, how the crowds mobbed the street, climbing lampposts for a glimpse of der Fuhrer, shouting “Sieg Heil” with strident fervor. (Arnold: The Unauthorized Biography; p. 8.)

    34. A seemingly insignificant detail about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s service in the Austrian army, the fact that his father (ostensibly nothing but a small town police chief) was able to pull strings in a number of ways is noteworthy. Anyone even remotely familiar with military protocol would understand that Schwarzenegger’s father under normal circumstances would never have been able to prevail on the Austrian army to change its regulations in such dramatic fashion just for his son.

    Besides, according to Arnold, Gustav had smoothed the path for his younger son by using his influence to have him stationed at a camp near Graz. He had also pulled strings so that Arnold, characteristically impressed by the size and power of tanks, could be a tank driver.

    Arnold claims that, thanks to Gustav’s influence, the Austrian Army made an exception to the required tank driver’s minimum age, lowering it from twenty-one to eighteen, thus enabling him to fulfill his ambition. (Arnold: The Unauthorized Biography; p. 34.)

    36. Reminiscent of George W. Bush’s AWOL stint from the Texas Air National Guard (performed with impunity due to his father?s status), Schwarzenegger, too, was able to skip out from the Austrian army in order to compete in a contest.

    He knew exactly what he wanted. And he had taken great risks to obtain it. For despite being the product of Gustav/s school of obedience and discipline, Arnold, as he would many times in his career, had gambled. To compete in Stuttgart he had gone AWOL. (Ibid.; p. 35.)

    37. A political act that suggests his later activities on behalf of the Museum of Tolerance and the Wiesenthal Center may well have been cosmetic in nature is Schwarzenegger’s endorsement of, and support for, Kurt Waldheim, a Nazi war criminal and later president of Austria.

    For there was one flaw in the otherwise perfect Shriver/Schwarzenegger nuptials, one false note that threatened to cloud the brightness of the day. Amid all the good wishes and hopes for future happiness, the love and the kindness, a dark shadow was cast by a gift from someone whom many people had identified as evil.

    The gift was two life-size, papier-mache dolls fabricated by artist Christa Muller, replicas of Arnold, dressed in lederhosen, carrying Maria, dressed in a dirndl. They were sent from Arnold’s Austrian homeland by Kurt Waldheim.? (Ibid.; pp. 245-246.)

    39. In a gesture that perhaps was a defiant declaration of independence and that, according to one guest, caused Jackie Kennedy Onassis to pale Arnold spoke the following words, later recorded by wedding guest Andy Warhol in his diaries:

    “My friends don’t want me to mention Kurt’s name because of all the recent Nazi stuff and the U.N. controversy, but I love him and Maria does too and so thank you, Kurt” CBS’s Terry Smith, also a wedding guest, confirms that Warhol’s recorded comments encapsulate the gist of Arnold’s remarks.

    Later, in what was described as an awkward moment, Arnold praised Kurt Waldheim, adding that he was a victim of bad press. According to another guest, Arnold’s friend Richard Burkholder, he [Arnold] wished Kurt Waldheim was at the wedding. He also assured everyone that Waldheim hadn’t done what he had been accused of . (Ibid.; pp. 246-247.)

    40. If, indeed, he did believe that he had boobed in defending Kurt Waldheim, Arnold took no steps to remedy the situation. The usually self-protective Arnold seemed to have placed Waldheim’s interests ahead of his own. Far from retracting his remarks championing Waldheim, Arnold went on to lend his name to posters that trumpeted his support of Waldheim in the Austrian presidential campaign.

    The posters were displayed all over Austria, but, luckily for Arnold, escaped the attention of the American press. He has never retraced his defense of Waldheim. Nor has he since withdrawn his support from him. (Ibid.; pp. 247-248.)

    41.Yet, despite the mounting evidence as to Waldheim’s alleged past, in August 1986 Arnold visited the Austrian president in his summer home on Lake Attersee, outside of Salzburg. The visit, reported extensively in both the Austrian and the German press, was notable, for Waldheim, then banned from entering the United States (a ban that has never been lifted), rarely received important visitors, having been ostracized by the rest of the world . (Ibid.; p. 248.)

    42. In the fall of 1988, when asked by journalist Sharon Churcher about his allegiance to Waldheim, Arnold refused to characterize his meeting with Waldheim as bad judgement. Arnold is not and has never been responsible for his father’s political affiliations. However, one can’t help wondering why Arnold, rather than repudiating Waldheim for his duplicity in concealing his Nazi past, rose up so publicly in defense of him. (Ibid.; pp. 248-249.)

    43. There is already a bill on the floor of Congress (introduced by Schwarzenegger’s friend and fellow Republican Orrin Hatch) that would permit Der Terminator to run for President.

    His name has never appeared on a ballot only a movie marque but already, people are whispering about President Arnold Schwarzenegger. Oh, no, you’re saying..that can’t be. For starters, he hasn’t even run for California governor yet. First things first.

    And then there’s the little matter of the Constitution, which prohibits any but native-born Americans to run for President or Vice-President. Not to worry or do worry, depending on your politics. Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch has introduced a constitutional amendment to allow the foreign-born who have been naturalized citizens for at least 20 years to run for the big job.

    Arnold’s shown up at some fund-raisers for his pal Orrin, but no, no, no, that’s not what this is about. The Deseret Morning News in Utah quoted a Hatch spokeswoman as saying that the Equal Opportunity to Govern Amendment which is what hatch is calling it is a policy judgment not associated with any one individual. (“Arnold for President” At Least One Hurdle May Fall? by Pat Morrison; The Los Angeles Times; 7/21/2003; p. B2.)

    44. To have an undistinguished movie actor become Governor of California and then President would not be unprecedented. As noted among other programs Ronald Reagan served as the front man for a domestic intelligence operation known as the Crusade for Freedom.

    Hatched by Allen Dulles (who invested Bush family money in the Third Reich and later became director of the CIA), this operation was overseen by Richard Nixon. William Casey (Nixon’s director of the SEC and manager of the Reagan-Bush campaign in 1980) oversaw the State Department machinations that brought these Nazi and fascist elements into the United States.

    Casey later became director of the CIA. The Republican ethnic branch (which grew out of this Nazi “migr” community) later became a repository for Islamofascist elements associated with Al Taqwa and Al Qaeda.

    As a young movie actor in the early 1950s, Reagan was employed as the public spokesperson for an OPC front named the Crusade for Freedom. Reagan may not have known it, but 99 percent for the Crusade’s funds came from clandestine accounts, which were then laundered through the Crusade to various organizations such as Radio Liberty, which employed Dulles’s Fascists.

    Bill Casey, who later became CIA director under Ronald Reagan, also worked in Germany after World War II on Dulles’ Nazi “freedom fighters” program. When he returned to New York, Casey headed up another OPC front, the International Rescue Committee, which sponsored the immigration of these Fascists to the United States.

    Casey’s committee replaced the International Red Cross as the sponsor for Dulles’s recruits. Confidential interviews, former members, OPC; former members, British foreign and Commonwealth Office. (The Secret War Against the Jews; by John Loftus and Mark Aarons; Copyright 1994 by Mark Aarons; St. Martin?s Press; [SC] ISBN 0-312-15648-0; p. 605.)

    45. Among the most outstanding elements of the Crusade for Freedom was the recruitment of an entire SS intelligence unit, later resettled in the U.S.

    This unit the “VorKommando Moskau”–was deeply involved with the SS Einsatzgruppen. Schwarzenegger’s father was also heavily involved with the coordination of the Einsatzgruppen.

    Is it possible that we are looking at “deep-networking”? Under what circumstances did Schwarzenegger’s father come to be a police chief? Was he more than just a police chief? Is Arnold Schwarzenegger a 2nd generation “Underground Reich?

    VorKommando Moskau was an elite forward unit of SS intelligence on the Soviet front. Its primary mission was anti-Communist intelligence collection, but it also was responsible for security screening of the occupied populations in a broad sector of the Eastern Front.

    Precisely this security and intelligence experience made the men of the unit so attractive to Western intelligence after the war and led them to their journey to the United States and membership in Nixon’s Republican ethnic groups. (Ibid.; p. 496.)

    47. While serving as chairman of the Republican National Committee, the elder George Bush shepherded the Nazi community into position as a permanent branch of the Republican Party. It was Bush who fulfilled Nixon?s promise to make the ethnic emigres a permanent part of Republican politics.

    In 1972, Nixon’s State Department spokesman confirmed to his Australian counterpart that the ethnic groups were very useful to get out the vote in several key states. Bush’s tenure as head of the Republican National Committee exactly coincided with Laszlo Pasztor’s 1972 drive to transform the Heritage Groups Council into the party’s official ethnic arm. The groups Pasztor chose as Bush’s campaign allies were the “migr” Fascists whom Dulles had brought to the United States.? (Ibid.; pp. 369-370.)

    48. Nearly twenty years later, and after exposes in several respectable newspapers, Bush continued to recruit most of the same ethnic Fascists, including Pasztor, for his own 1988 ethnic outreach program when he first ran for president.? (Ibid.; pp. 370-371.)

    49. Of interest in this context is the fact that it was the Dulles milieu that vetted Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Nazi friend Kurt Waldheim for his first job in the Austrian government.

    The background check on Waldheim was performed by Dulles’ son-in-law Fritz Molden. Both [Karl] Gruber and [Fritz] Molden had strong ties to U.S. intelligence.

    Molden actually wound up marrying the daughter of OSS (later CIA) chief Allen Dulles, for whom he had worked during the war . . . Gruber turned the background investigation over to Molden. In turn, Molden asked his friends in American intelligence to check Waldheim out. This was, of course, redundant. Eventually, Molden reported to Gruber that his contacts had ?investigated [Waldheim] and found no material on him, nothing, nothing.? (Waldheim: The Missing Years; by Robert Edwin Hertzstein; Copyright 1988 by Robert Edwin Herzstein; Arbor House/William Morrow [HC]; ISBN 0-87795-959-5; pp. 168-169.)

    50. Among the Nazis brought into the country by Dulles & co. was Otto von Bolschwing.

    Von Bolschwing’s protgr Helene Van Damm selected all of the personnel from which Ronald Reagan made his appointments when he was Governor of California. She performed the same function when he became President.

    Note in this context the above discussion about the Third Reich?s plans to have young girls establish sexual liaisons with Allied troops. ?Eichmann was replaced on the Middle Eastern scene by a far more skilled intelligence officer, Otto von Bolschwing. Before World War II, von Bolschwing set up an import-export business in Palestine as a cover for his espionage activities. He was an educated man from a good family and an enthusiastic supporter of Hitler. After the war, von Bolschwing became one of Allen Dulles?s senior agents in the CIA.? (Ibid.; p. 46.)

    51. Eventually, Van Damm became U.S. ambassador to Austria. (She married a hotelier and divorced him. He later committed suicide. Her second husband was Christian Van Damm. He became head of the Bank of America’s La Paz, Bolivia Branch at the time that Klaus Barbie’s “cocafascisti” were holding forth in that country.

    Dulles helped von Bolschwing emigrate to California, where he established a business association with Helen van Damm, later Ronald Reagan’s ambassador to Austria. In later years, his business went bankrupt and he was forced to surrender his American citizenship on the grounds that he was a Nazi war criminal. (Idem.)

    52. Van Damm and Schwarzenegger are not strangers. Arnold’s business partner and mentor, Jim Lorimer, whether by accident or design, was in Vienna, and, cautious for a moment, Arnold left Brigitte [Nielsen] behind at the Hilton while he and Jim had Sunday brunch with the American ambassador to Austria, Helene Van Damm.? (Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder; p. 216.)