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24 Responses to Episode 812 – Dane Wigington

  1. 344thBrother September 28, 2017 at 3:54 pm #

    I live in the Wilderness of Northern California. The population in a 50 mile radius is less than 100,000 people and they’re mostly at the extreme end of that radius. About 15 years ago I started noticing how quiet the woods were becomming. Woodpeckers, Squirrels, song birds of all types, insects of all types were disappearing fast.

    Driving a short distance in any direction, you USED to see lots of dead squirrels on the road, dead deer, buzzards circling, etc. . hit by cars… deer were a major hazard to motorcyclists there were so many. NOW, this year, I’ve seen a couple dead deer and ONE dead squirrel on the road. I drove my car for 3 years and never once scraped the bugs off the windshield, because there WERE NONE. When I would point this out to people, they just looked blank.

    I can literally keep my windows and doors wide open, day and night with lights burning and see ZERO moths for the entire year. ZERO. Moths used to SWARM windows when there was a light burning and you’d have to zip out the door and still a dozen would make it inside. Now. None. Butterflies? Almost none except a few small groups in the higher mountains. Some bees, wasps, flies, pillbugs, but that’s about it and same thing, doors and windows wide open and I MIGHT get a fly inside in a busy day.

    California USED to be BUG HELL. Mosquitoes would eat you alive (I’ve had a couple bites in a few years). There were dozens of different types of ants. so many ants that you had to be careful where you sat on the ground so you didn’t sit on a nest.

    The forest used to be LOUD in the mornings with songbirds of all types. There are still a few, but during the day, the forests are SILENT and even the foresters don’t seem to realize it. I’ve pointed it out to a few and they just look at me like… “Huh?” “Hm…” and walk on.


    Dane is exactly right, we are in the midst of a MASSIVE extinction event on the West Coast and have been for over a decade, even pre Fukushima. Post Fukushima now we have to add all the sea creatures that have disappeared or are turning up with mutations and running sores and hair loss and starvation. The sardines are extinct. The Krill are all radioactive. Shore tide pool life are melted or missing. Marine mammals are starving. The Salmon are almost gone.

    It’s horrifying. Truly horrifying. I grieve for the young.

  2. Kerry September 27, 2017 at 11:58 pm #

    Howdy:)I keep hearing that we are always being purposfully divided ,We need to unite-form posses so to speak /groups to peacefully march /demostrate on all International sources of this wrong doing :march on where the chemicals come from -source. March on theemployees of these corporations that are doing this,did we say Rathion was involved -etc. What are theseperpetrators names and where they can be found and peacefully marched upon to point out thier wrong doings. //Funding for suchUNITED Global effort would have to come from ountries that cared about thier grand children and creator and our globe. The Lord could answere prayers through our minds and bodies/hands-amen. We could call it the Billionmarch for the planet. Thanks John b and Dane W and Ken and Crew

  3. Richard S September 27, 2017 at 7:34 pm #

    I must add, I must! Europe on the other hand is a “basket case” but will continue. For so too it is written. With possibly Mr. Obama as its head? Again; Only GOD knows for sure. At this point..

  4. Richard S September 27, 2017 at 7:24 pm #

    Kudos to Dane Wigington again and Mr. Wells for giving us another important guest on such an important subject and one which effects tge WHOLE World! To ne it tells us time is very short, or shorter for some if there is War? As it looks so? Only God knows, of course, but Dane shows us time is quickly running out. This tells me we do not have years before the Lord returns; Because if He does not act (and of course He shall, because He says so) we have very little time left. Or He would find NOBODY left alive, as Dane has pointed out. Babylon goes first. For so too it is written. Keep looking up 😃 There is hope in none other.

  5. Richard S September 27, 2017 at 7:11 pm #

    Be safe everyone. God be with us. Out

  6. Richard S September 27, 2017 at 7:08 pm #

    Would love to see, hear, feel? As well concerning these important issues and times. No doubt they are!! I will just add; Babylon = Confusion. I see alot of that also.. Thanks, J.B.

  7. Richard S September 27, 2017 at 6:57 pm #

    Before tonights Episode begins: (813) I must add what I see but have been reluctant to say. That is; And as John has been trying to warn us about; Referring to what has happened to South Africa (Primarilly, as he has had such a close relationship with) and warnings to America. I see it as so. Only with Anerica the Racial demographics are reversed, and oor Black Brothers and Sisters only comprise roughly 13% of tge population, and mostly in cities. What I see (and this is NOT what I Will or want, but only what I see coming) This violence against “Whites” must stop! Cooler and more sensible heads must take charge and prevail? They simply must, or I see A sort of “Reverse” “Pol Pot” situation taken place in all out revolt against these sick individuals, gangs, etc.. being totally and utterly destroyed. Along with College professors, Some in media, and even in Government, as Peoples suddenly loose it. (For lack of better term). It will be mostly against Black gangs and organizations calling for death to all Whites, etc.. Latinos, for the most part, will be spared. But Mulim hoardes will not. We already have Sharia law. It is called, “Sheriffa Law. Ir duly elected Sheriffs of the Counties and Districts, they serve. Sharia Law is illegal. Period. and I see Mayors, and even some Governors being geld accoutable along with even Court Officials who support and enable some of the things going outside of the Laws of tge land that everone (the vast majority) know is wrong! Call it “Payback” call it what you will. All efforts thus far (Things with the NFL and now even West Point Cadets) Who vetted this Dishonorable SOB anyway?) I grew up around there. Near West Point. Used to go to the games, and have fully walked tge Campus numerous times. Beautiful area. The West Point Cadets Will not Cheat. Will not Steal, and Will not lie! Used to be the motto. I actually knew a Cadet (former) in Montana who was thrown out for cheating, and was disgraced, and ashamed. So how is it a guy like this Enemy of The State could not have been vetted or found to be what he is while attending? I digress. I do not, as I say wish or pray that tge lash back I see coming from the vast majority of Whites and other Patriotic Americans of ALl races. Expunging and removing the miscraeants that have brought us to this. That is what I see, and unfortunately innocents will be hurt as well.

    • ROLAND EDGAR September 28, 2017 at 7:14 am #


      PRESENTATION by Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk at the Christian Future of Europe Conference 22 September 2017, London

      Your Eminences and Your Excellencies, dear Mr. Ambassador, conference organizers and participants,

      I cordially greet all of those gathered today at the Russian Embassy in London to partake in this conference dedicated to the question of the future of Christianity in Europe. This topic is not only not losing any of its relevance, but is resounding ever anew. Experts believe that today Christianity remains not only the most persecuted religious community on the planet, but is also encountering fresh challenges which touch upon the moral foundations of peoples’ lives, their faith and their values.

      Recent decades have seen a transformation in the religious and ethnic landscape of Europe. Among the reasons for this is the greatest migration crisis on the continent since the end of the Second World War, caused by armed conflicts and economic problems in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa. According to figures by the European Union agency Frontex, more than 1.8 million migrants entered the EU in 2015 alone. Figures from the UN International Migration Report show that the number of migrants in Europe has increased from 49.3 million people in 2000 to 76.1 million people in 2015. According to research by the UN International Organization for Migration, throughout the world about 1.3 percent of the adult population, which comprises some 66 million people, in the forthcoming year intend to leave for another country in order to live permanently there. Approximately a third of this group of people – 23 million – are already making plans to move. 16.5 percent of potential migrants who were questioned responded that the countries at the top of their list are Great Britain, Germany and France.

      The other reason for the transformation of the religious map of Europe is the secularization of European society. Figures in a British opinion poll indicate that more than half of the country’s inhabitants – for the first time in history – do not affiliate themselves to any particular religion. 2942 people took part in an opinion poll conducted in 2016 by Britain’s National Centre for Social Research: 53 percent of those who responded to the question on religious allegiance said that they do not belong to any religious confession. Among those aged from eighteen to twenty-five, the number of non-religious is higher – 71 percent. When similar research was carried out in 1983, only 31 percent of those questioned stated that they did not belong to any confession.

      We can see an opposite trend in the Eastern European countries, in particular in Russia. A July opinion poll conducted in Russia by the Levada-Center showed a sharp decline in the number of atheists and non-believers from 26 percent in December 2015 to 13 percent in July 2017. This, of course, does not mean that all the remaining 83 percent are practicing believers. Many defined themselves as “religious to some degree” or “not too religious”, but nevertheless affiliated themselves with one of the traditional religions. However, the number of people who define themselves as being “very religious” is growing steadily.

      The contemporary state of religious life in Russian society is directly linked to the tragic events of one hundred years ago. The historical catastrophe of 1917 embroiled Russia in a fratricidal civil war, terror, exile of the nation’s best representatives beyond the confines of their homeland, and the deliberate annihilation of whole layers of society – the nobility, the Cossacks, the clergy and affluent peasants. They were declared to be “enemies of the people,” and their relatives were subjected to discrimination and became the “disenfranchised,” which forced them to the edge of survival. All of this terror took place under the banner of a communist ideology that fought ferociously against religion. Millions of believers were subjected to the cruelest of persecution, harassment, discrimination and repression – from mockery and dismissal in the workplace to imprisonment and execution by firing squad. The Church in those years produced a great multitude of martyrs and confessors for the faith who, as St. Paul said, “were tortured, not accepting deliverance; that they might obtain a better resurrection: and others had trial of cruel mockings and scourgings, yea, moreover of bonds and imprisonment” (Heb 11.35-36).

      Discussion on the future of Christianity in Europe is impossible without understanding the prospects for the survival of religiosity among its inhabitants. Research carried out by the Center for the Study of Global Christianity at Gordon-Cornwell Theological College, USA, indicates that the number of Christians in Europe will be consistently falling: from 560 million people in 2015 to 501 million by 2050. The calculations of the Pew Research Center are more pessimistic and foretell a reduction in Christians in Europe from 553 million people in 2015 to 454 million people by 2050.

      These are alarming prognoses, but they reflect the current trends in the transformation of the religious picture of Europe, and they cannot be ignored. Some are suggesting that, unless special force is applied, Europe cannot simply cease to be Christian on the grounds that Europe has for many centuries been Christian. I would like to remind you all that in Russia before 1917 nobody ever proposed that the collapse of a centuries-old Christian empire would happen and that it would be replaced by an atheistic totalitarian regime. And even when that did happen, few believed that it was serious and for long.

      The modern-day decline of Christianity in the western world may be compared to the situation in the Russian Empire before 1917. The revolution and the dramatic events which followed it have deep spiritual, as well as social and political, reasons. Over many years the aristocracy and intelligentsia had abandoned the faith, and were then followed by common people. His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia spoke of this in January 2017: “The fundamental rupture in the traditional way of life – and I am now speaking… of the spiritual and cultural self-consciousness of the people – was possible only for the reason that something very important had disappeared from peoples’ lives, in the first instance those people who belonged to the elite. In spite of an outward prosperity and appearance, the scientific and cultural achievements, less and less place was left in peoples’ lives for a living and sincere belief in God, an understanding of the exceptional importance of values belonging to a spiritual and moral tradition.”

      In the immediate post-war years Christianity played a huge role in the process of European integration, which was viewed in the context of the Cold War as one of the means of containing the expansion of atheist propaganda and communist ideology. The Vatican relied in its anti-communist propaganda upon European unity, upon the Christian democratic parties of Western Europe. The latter firmly believed that Western civilization is closely tied to Christian values, and had to be defended from the communist threat. Pope Pius XII supported the creation of a European community as “Christian Europe’s historical mission.”

      The first president of the Federal Republic of Germany Theodor Heuss said that Europe was built on three hills: the Acropolis, which gave her the values of freedom, philosophy and democracy; the Capitol, which represented Roman legal concepts and social order; and Golgotha, i.e. Christianity. It must be noted too that the founding fathers of the European Union were deeply religious men – for example, the French foreign minister Robert Schuman, the chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Konrad Adenauer and the Italian foreign minister Alcide De Gasperi.

      And when half a century after the creation of the European Union its constitution was being written, it would have been natural for the Christian Churches to expect that the role of Christianity as one of the European values to have been included in this document, without encroaching upon the secular nature of the authorities in a unified Europe. But, as we know, this did not happen. The European Union, when writing its constitution, declined to mention its Christian heritage even in the preamble of the document.

      I firmly believe that a Europe which has renounced Christ will not be able to preserve its cultural and spiritual identity. For many centuries Europe was the home where various religious traditions lived side by side, but at the same time in which Christianity played a dominant role. This role is reflected, particularly, in the architecture of European cities which are hard to imagine without their magnificent cathedrals and numerous, though more modest in size, churches.

      A monopoly of the secular idea has taken hold in Europe. Its manifestation is the expulsion of the religious worldview from the public expanse. Article 4 of the UN Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Intolerance and Discrimination based on Religion and Belief, adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1981, affirms that “All States shall take effective measures to prevent and eliminate discrimination on the grounds of religion or belief in the recognition, exercise and enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms in all fields of civil, economic, political, social and cultural life.”

      The architects of the secular society have seen to the legal aspect of the issue: formally one can confess any religion, but if one attempts to motivate one’s actions through religious belief and freedom of conscience and encourage others to act in accordance with their faith, then at best one will be subjected to censure, or at worst to criminal prosecution.

      For example, if one is a doctor and refuses to perform an abortion, or euthanasia, by referring to one’s religious principles, then one is breaking the law. If you are a Protestant pastor and live in a country in which same sex unions are legal, then you have little chance of refusing this couple the right to a church wedding while remaining unpunished by the state. Thus, for example, the Swedish prime minister Stefan Löfven recently stated that all pastors of the Church of Sweden ought to be obliged to perform church weddings for same-sex couples, adding that “I see parallels to the midwife who refuses to perform abortions. If you work as a midwife you must be able to perform abortions, otherwise you have to do something else… It is the same for priests.”

      Such political figures are the complete opposite to those who were at the foundations of the European Union, and this type of rhetoric, in my view, is suicidal for the continent of Europe. The legalization of abortion, the encouragement of sexual promiscuity, and the systematic attempts to undermine family values have led to a profound demographic crisis in many European countries. This crisis, accompanied by an identity crisis, will lead to a situation whereby in time other peoples will inhabit Europe with a different religion, a different culture and different paradigms of values.

      Often the language of hatred in relation to Christians is used when Christians insist on their right to participate in public affairs. They enjoy the same right as much as it is enjoyed by adherents of any other religion or by atheists. However, in practice it is not like this: dozens of instances of discrimination against Christians on the grounds of their beliefs are registered every year. These instances are highlighted by the media and become a topic for public discussion, but the situation as a whole does not change as a result.

      In modern-day Europe militant secularism has been transformed into an autonomous power that does not tolerate dissent. It allows well-organized minority groups to successfully impose their will on the majority under the pretext of observing human rights. Today human rights have in essence been transformed into an instrument for manipulating the majority, and the struggle for human rights into the dictatorship of the minority in relation to the majority.

      Unfortunately, we should note that these are not isolated incidents, but an already formed system of values supported by the state and supra-national institutions of the EU.

      In a situation where we have aggressive pressure of the groups which propagate ideas unacceptable from the perspective of traditional Christian morality, it is essential to unite the Churches’ efforts in opposing these processes, to act jointly in the media, in the sphere of legal support, as well as in propagating common Christian values at all possible levels. It is important that the Churches share their experience in this sphere, and develop cooperation between church human rights organizations and monitoring centers.

      I believe it important that Christians of Europe should stand shoulder to shoulder to defend those values upon which the life of the continent has been built for centuries, and that they should view the afflictions and dismay of Christians throughout the world as their own.

  8. Jonathan Barfield September 27, 2017 at 4:13 pm #

    I have seen this Brown condition on both sides of us19 from Thomasville GA to Albany GA. Are they spraying this by side the road?I seen then spraying something could they be spraying to kill weeds?

  9. tgspanne September 27, 2017 at 12:08 pm #

    I grew up in N. Cal. We have had die offs of shrubs for my entire 65 years. The collapsing thunderstorms are classic in the foothills. Snow is rare at 2000 feet. The heavy forests in the Sierra’s begin around 4000 ft.
    Something I would be interested in is the damage from FUCHUSHIMA. That is a story that is completely ignored. I’m sure chemtrails are a contributing factor in Geoengineering but the intense radioactivity of the Pacific Ocean and the highly radioactive rainfall are the most urgent situations we face.
    You can demonstrate the damaging effects of aluminum and barium in the atmosphere but they pale in comparison to the daughter isotopes from the triple meltdown such as Plutonium, Uranium, Americium and the hundreds of other radio emitters with half lives of millions of years. The future consequences of Fuchishima are staggering. It is a planetary die off of Biblical Proportions. The nightmare has just begun.

  10. Original Larry September 27, 2017 at 12:03 pm #

    John, did YOUR computer blow up too? Josh Reeves claimed he woke up yesterday to find his computer with a cracked screen, and a chunk of the box missing. Nobody in the house, no reason for it. He said “it looked like somebody took a hammer to it”
    I know you never talk about the stuff that goes on, and Josh doesn’t either usually, but this was so insane, he had to talk about it.
    Obviously you had a problem, I really do hope all is well.
    best wishes,

    • 344thBrother September 28, 2017 at 4:08 pm #

      I agree that Fukushima is our greatest long term problem that cannot be solved. Even if they stopped spraying, Fukushima will continue to burn and pollute quadrillions of isotopes per day… I’d like to hear if Dane or someone else has information on interaction between radioactive isotopes and the spraying. Do Isotopes “Glom on” to aersolized Aluminum, Barium, Strontium etc? Do they interact and form other isotopes or radioactive compounds that then wash out over land?

      In the end, unless we suddenly snap out of it and find some way to mitigate the burning nuclear fuel under the Pacific, and in the used fuel rod pools of Fukushima, the Pacific is dead soon to be followed by the rest of the oceans, yet we snooze on.

      In regards to the “Spent fuel rods” I heard Dr. Helen Caldicott ask Arnie Gunderson from “fair winds” (An expert who has designed nuclear reactors) “How radioactive are spent fuel bundles”?

      Arnie said “If you took a bundle in the open air and drove by it on a motorcycle at 60 MPH a foot away, it would knock you off your motorcycle and kill you instantly”. that’s what we’re dealing with at every reactor in the world. There are thousands of tons of spent fuel rods that require constant cooling water, constantly running over them. Anything that interrupts the cooling systems for a week or 2 is going to cause those fuel rods to catch fire in a massive way and we’ll all be benefiting from the burning of countless radioactive ionic clouds. yum yum. Reality sucks.

      I hate being so negative, but what is the alternative? The NFL?

  11. ROLAND EDGAR September 27, 2017 at 11:51 am #

    Sent: 9/27/2017 5:46:18 P.M. GMT Daylight Time

    Subj: An excellent speech by Hannes


    Comment: This is one of the best of The European Union initiatives.

    If the Anglophones would leave us alone we can solve all of Europe’s problems.

    We do not need the war mongering sexual depravity brought by the West.

    If Germany, France, UK, the USA and Canada seeks war with Russia let them proceed.

    They will not last very long and the rest of us will be left to clean up the aftermath.

    The people do not want military solutions, anywhere.

    Faithfully Roland Edgar Dent GBR DL13 3PR

  12. Robert September 27, 2017 at 10:00 am #

    You gotta love it! There should be signs at the border crossings in AZ and NV stating: Caution! Entering California can be hazardous to your health. Pregnant women, or those trying to get pregnant, children and men should stay home.

  13. Richard S September 27, 2017 at 6:13 am #

    California is CANCER! Not the People. Just the government, and Jesus ssys, Woe unto you Lawyers. Pharisee’s, Scribes (false media) Hypocrites. Better for YOU in the Day of Judgement that You had never been born! Repent while Repentance is still possible and The DOOR is still open.. I pray you do..

  14. Richard S September 27, 2017 at 5:56 am #

    Finally Caravaners; You have to say to Yourselves (Or If it be only You?) “I care not what the World says or does; But as for ME and My House, We will Serve The Lord.”

  15. Richard S September 27, 2017 at 5:39 am #

    By seeking to kill us, they are killing themselves. When We are gone, they (The Enemies of Christ and His Anointed) They will be soon to follow! This I know. Just to a different place..

  16. Richard S September 27, 2017 at 5:32 am #

    Prayer changes things. If we truly seek Him with pure hearts, He hears us. He says so. I am convinced in my heart of hearts that God would have destroyed this Nation utterly years ago for the unspeakable sins of this Nation and many of its people; But for His Saints. Hopefully; That includes myself as many of you. Our now corrupted military might along with all other corruptons? Government and otherwise, but mostly individuals. That it is He is still allowing us to prevail where otherwise, we would not because of us. I am convinced of this. God is keeping things going perhaps until the last person He wants to be saved, is saved? Who can ever hooe to fully know the mind of God; But what He choses to reveal to us by The Holy Spirit and by what He teaches us in Scripture? Not possible, otherwise. So; Prayer changes things, and by us being here and Occupying, is The Whole World Blessed 😃 Whether they know it, or accept it or not? I do not hardly care any more. We, as Saints of The Most High God must “Cling” to one anothrr in these LAST of Latter Days. Enjoy

  17. Richard S September 27, 2017 at 5:05 am #

    It is being eaten up and destroyed by those who are in current Power in that State as well as many others. I just echo what John and so many others like Dane have been trying to tell us but can do nothing about. Or so it seems? God is in Control however and is aware of every bit of what we see going on and so much more. So take heart 🙂 God IS in Control. Never forget that. His Will Shall be done both here now as it tis in Heaven, Shall be done. He says so. Therefore; It is true. Be Faithful to know this. Do what YOU can and what you honestly cannot? Have The Faith and Trust to know that He WILL bring all of this to pass. In His time. Not our own. He aches with us. He knows we are tribulated. Greatly Tribulated even. So again; Saints; Caravaners and ALL who seek God and His Righteousness; He is in Control. He will not fail. Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem. It Greatly pleases God and should bring Joy to you, also as we all wait and Occupy. It helps fellow Travelers and Saints. I hope this helps some little bit? It is so easy to become overwhelmed today with all that is going on including the real (now) possibility of War with North Korea and who knows? What else? Does not matter! Stand firm in Our Faith in Him and His promises with hope in our hearts for a soon coming better day promised. Sin not. Therein lies your strength. We ALL fall short. Just move on. Stand for Righteousness and Truth. Rebuke tge devil and his minions. He is dead, and so are his followers. Dead for Eternity. Lest they Repent. These are just things I sense from some of you, and those around me. All are troubled or Tribulated. Again; God is in Control. Full Control of all of these things. He is God and there is only He, and none other. He says this and so much more. Pray for the Faith to believe Him and what He is saying to ALL of us. To ALL Mankind. Take out Your KJV of the Bible (Holy Scriptures) and start to read it. LOL. True Joy is sure to come 😂

  18. Dennis Troy September 27, 2017 at 4:05 am #

    1 JOHN 1:17 And the world passeth away ,and the lust thereof : BUT HE THAT DOETH THE WILL OF GOD ABIDETH “””””””’ FOREVER “””””””””””””” 🙂

  19. Richard S September 27, 2017 at 3:48 am #

    California IS CANCER.

  20. Reginald DeCambre September 27, 2017 at 3:37 am #

    Hi John B, I can’t seem to access Ep. 812. I get a drop down message……VIDEO EMBED LINK HERE… But no dice . just an FYI. I will listen to the MP3 Files. it’s all good. Reggie , a Caravaner Forever!!!!!!!!!

  21. Dennis Troy September 27, 2017 at 3:00 am #


  22. David Walker September 27, 2017 at 12:52 am #

    Chem trails ARE real. It’s part of the depopulation agenda. There’s even stories of UFO’s ( fallen angels in flying craft, ) squirting stuff into the trails sometimes !?

    Ted Broer did a good interview on todays Hagmann show regarding chem trails ( and vaccines. )

    You know what we have to do to stop this 🙂

    It will take a state, ( a country, ) with their authority, influence, resources and if necessary MILITARY, to stop chem trails and weaponized weather. Everyone involved including the chem trail pilots need to be arrested and face military tribunals.