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First Time Ever: The Bundy Women Speak Out


John B Wells Interviews all of the Bundy men wives in this episode of Caravan to Midnight. In the first part of the episode, “the wives of the incarcerated Bundy men come aboard with a message of motivation and hope.” The Bundy militias were not rebels but they were American citizens who were defending their God-given rights from the tyranny feds. Carol Bundy hopes that the American people will one day wake up and stand with them.

Her message to the American is “Our message is to wake up, freedom is God-given right to everyone, everywhere in this world. They [Feds] can prosecute us, they can lock us up, they can even take our lives, but the fact remains they cannot take away our freedom.” And the second part John Wells welcomes, the senator of the Texas Republic Robert Wilson for words about the separation of Fed and State..

Full Story and Video

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