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Germany’s Anti-Muslim Movement Spawns Anti-American Offshoot (Barbadillo, Italy)


Members of Germany’s anti-Islamization movement Pigeda have just launched a new one: European Patriots Against the Americanization of the West, aka/Pegada. The group, which is growing fast and held it’s first demonstration last month, calls the United States a ‘terrorist power,’ demands an end to U.S. spying and opposes the ‘colonialist’ Trans-Pacific Trade and Investment Partnership being negotiated by the Merkel government.

For Italy’s Barbadillo, columnist Cristiano Puglis reports on how the new movement came about and what its philosophy is:

There are many facts worth noting that occur beyond our borders and are often ignored by Italian media. Among then we can certainly include the birth of the German movement Pegada. The acronym in German stands for “European Patriots Against the Americanization of the West.”

Born out of a group of local Pegida [Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West] supporters, the movement began with a large demonstration of about 1,000 people in the town square at Erfurt on January 24 and within a few days had already collected over 20,000 Facebook likes. At the center of the protests is the “Americanization” of Germany, not only culturally and linguistically, but socially and economically, with slogans directed against a Merkel government judged guilty for going ahead with negotiations to sign the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA): legislation that provides for mass privatization and great legal advantages for Stars and Stripes multinationals settled on the old continent.

And this is what’s novel: an all-encompassing criticism of the “colonial” imposition of a culture – the Anglo-American – judged incompatible with that of Europeans. It is a culture from overseas, characterized socio-culturally by multiculturalism and an accentuated liberalism, seasoned economically by massive trade liberalization. These tensions are a poor match for a European tradition that tends to be characterized by a strong identity built up over centuries and a social market economic model in which solidarity, a legacy of Christian tradition, had great influence in determining the structure of welfare.

So then, because it has emerged in Germany – land where the affirmation of identity always suffers a sort of “original sin” syndrome, as if identity is a sin to be a priori expiated – a movement like Pegada is significant especially in light of the changed geopolitical context.

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