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How a Drone Can Infiltrate Your Network by Hovering Outside the Building



Imagine you are sitting in your office and working on something confidential. Once you are done, you send a command to print that document.

But, What if…

…the whole confidential document send to a hacker attacking from the air?

Sounds pity but may be your Boss fires you immediately if that confidential data is leaked or misused.

This is no more an imagination now, as a group of researchers has done exactly the same.

Researchers from Singapore have devised a unique set up consisting of a Drone that carries a smartphone running two custom apps that are capable of intercepting wireless printer transmissions, even from outside an office building.

In short, hackers can gain access to your corporate network by using a smartphone-equipped drone to hack your printer.

The project was developed by the researchers at iTrust, a research center at the Singapore University of Technology and Design.

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