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Islamist terror group Al Shabaab named as prime suspects in ‘bomb’ blast that tore hole in Somali plane


Investigators believe Islamist militant group Al Shabaab was behind the suspected bomb blast that tore open a plane and sucked a passenger to his death over Somalia.

The Airbus A321 was forced into an emergency landing in the Somali capital of Mogadishu on Tuesday when an explosion ripped a hole in the fuselage.

One U.S. government source said investigators have pointed the finger at Al Shabaab, an Islamist group that has waged an insurgency against the Western-backed Somalia government.

However, officials said that there had been no claim of responsibility and there was no immediate comment from the terror group.

Investigators are increasingly convinced that some kind of bomb did explode on the plane.

Two other U.S. government sources said yesterday that initial forensic testing had detected possible traces of the explosive TNT on the aircraft.

But one source cautioned that such tests have a high false-positive rate and further tests are under way.

Yesterday, a Somali computer programmer told how the blast shook Daallo Airlines Flight D3159 five minutes after take off, tearing a hole in the jet’s fuselage and sucking an elderly passenger to his death at 14,000 feet.

Hassan Mohamed Nur said the cabin went black and filled with thick smoke as passengers screamed in terror.

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