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Islam’s goal is to conquer Europe by faith and ‘birth rate’


The leader of Maronite Catholics in Lebanon has said if the multiple wars in the Middle East do not stop, the region will be emptied of its Christians and Europe will eventually fall to Islam.

Cardinal Bechara Boutros Rai, who leads the eastern Catholics still aligned with Rome, said in a recent interview with an Italian Catholic news magazine, Famiglia Christiana or Christian Family, the recent waves of immigration into Europe are only the beginning of Islam’s expansion into the continent.

Islam will eventually win the territory, he said, for two reasons.

“I have heard many times from Muslims that their goal is to conquer Europe with two weapons: faith and the birth rate,” Rai told the magazine.

Christians, he said, are not as committed to their faith as Muslims who are taught every word of Koran and who place great emphasis on the practice of it.

“For them the practice of the faith is essential and fundamental. In Saudi Arabia on Friday, they go to prayer even if they have to use a walking stick. They know the Koran by heart and recite it often. The same is not true for Christians who do not look to the Bible or the teachings of the church.”

Second, he said, is that Muslims believe in procreation as a means of expanding the faith – unlike “Christian Europe” and other Christian communities where birthrates have been in decline for decades.

“They [Muslims] believe it is God’s will to procreate and that marriage is aimed at this…..

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Cardinal Bechara Boutros Rai of Lebanon (R) receives guests at the Vatican November 24, 2012. He was one of six new cardinals installed by Pope Benedict XVI. Now, he warns that Islam is planning to conquer Europe by devotion and procreation.

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