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James M McCanney

41--Yx9rxoLAtlantis to Tesla: The Kolbrin Connection

The Science of Atlantis and Tesla are rediscovered, giving a unique untold view of life on the lost continent, ancient space craft design, unlimited electrical power and the secret societies. There are many tests, treatises and legends referring to the Lost Continent of Atlantis and to the modern electrical marvels of the man Nickola Tesla. None however have given the fascinated public what they have always really wanted. That is the true scientific explanation of what Atlantis was all about and the Physics explaining the fundamental nature of Tesla’s inventions. At long last, due to the ongoing researches and discoveries of Plasma Physicist James M. McCanney, the explanations of the ancient sciences have been re-discovered and are presented in this book. There is further connection that has always been missing that is presented her…the historical connection of long lost Secret Societies that link Tesla to the ancient past, and explains where this single man gained his introduction to the scientific principles that he developed into devices so powerful that they have been confiscated by the world’s power elite from use by the masses. It also shows that the Secret Societies have existed throughout the ages and have in fact lost use of the ancient technologies, and are at present scouring the world for archaeological treasure in hopes of regaining the lost science. Many of the world’s most reassured archaeological artifacts are in private hands. This book will reveal that the Lost Continent was rediscovered by the US Navy in the last 1990’s. They have since been excavating these sites by private societies.

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