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James M McCanney

51o0JDjKlQLPlanet-X, Comets and Earth Changes

A scientific treatise on the effect of a new large planet or comet arriving in our solar system and expected earth weather and earth changes. Whether Today we are finding the remnants of ancient societies the world over, whith some thousands of feet under the ocean’s surface. Huge cities existed in South America long before the so-called Ice Age or the alleged crossing of the Bering Strait by hearly hunting tribes. Recently, a mastodon that it was still standing on all fours with undigested tropical plants in its throat. Under two miles of Antacrctic Ice Cap lies the unfrozen Lake Vostok. What we are learning is that…the history that is being taught as some sectors of modern society to keep the truth of our real past from being told. Whether this is your first introduction or you are a veteran to this field this book contains one of the most compelex and far-reaching topics that you will ever encounter. Thousands of extremely talented scholars have spent thier entire careers researching in and around the subjects that are affect by the topics covered in this book. It affects every aspect of every discipline from astronomy and planetary geology to palentology and biological evolution, from the history of man and politics to the origins of religion. The key that this book offers is a time tested scientific framework that gives a firm direciton to understand our past, present and future. It is backed by a person who “has been there” and can stand up to the onslaughts of a room full of angry resentful astronauts and pompous NASA space scientists.

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