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Joe Bastardi

Formerly the Chief Long Range Forecaster at Accuweather, Joe Bastardi is an institution in the
science of weather prediction. Many companies across a multitude of industries, from energy to
retail, have profited from his forecasts. His exceptional skills are rooted in a comprehensive
understanding of global oscillations and in-depth analysis of historical weather patterns.

Mr. Bastardi’s analog approach, which finds similarities between current and historical weather
patterns, allows him to make an accurate forecast, sometimes in defiance of computer model
consensus. During his 32 year tenure at Accuweather, Mr. Bastardi built a large private client
services business.

Mr. Bastardi is also well known for his blog featuring the popular videos “The Atmospheric
Avenger” and “The Raging WeatherBull”. His reputation for making bold and accurate forecasts
has landed him on major television programs including Fox News Live, ABC World News, The
O’Reilly Factor, The Colbert Report, CBS’ The Early Show, Imus in the Morning, and several
others. Mr. Bastardi graduated from Pennsylvania State University and holds a Bachelor’s Degree
in Meteorology.



Books Authored/Article, Etc. Written:

I have written over 10 million words over the past 10 years on weather and climate on till 2011, then since then. Blogs specifically on Climate here on the patriot post.. over 150 of them I am working on a book: Against the wind, the Journey of a Mad Meteorologiist.