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Margaret Koerner

I am from a rural family of 11 children who did my share of grunt work. I have 6 sisters and 4 brothers and my one of my aunts ironically had 7 boys and 4 girls. I milked cows by hand, and also raised chickens and pigs. My sister and I did the family chores after my older brothers had left and my life is like out of time warp from the late 1800’s. We were poor and it was not a barrel of laughs growing up, but I managed to muddle through it.

My Father was a good family provider despite the fact that he never had gotten past the 8th grade. He and my mother were married for over 67 years and remain married ‘til death did they part. Growing up in our rural community, despite our numbers, taught us to be self-sufficient. We had no phone and we were never on welfare. My parents taught us a solid work ethic, which has been the stalwart of my ability to survive what many have described as a “hard-scrabble” life.

The only acceptable way in my family, as a female, to really leave the home was by marriage. Hence, I was a teenager when I had gotten married and started my family.

I am a mother of 4 grown children and grandmother of 3, although I insist on being called Auntie “m” for the simple reason that I became a grandmother at the age of 36. Simply put, I never got to be young and you could say, now, I am in the midst of a life “do-over”. No, granny pants for me.

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