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NASA finds supermassive black hole that ‘burps’ gas


A supermassive black hole in a nearby galaxy has been spotted “burping” gas and star-forming dust, NASA says. Scientists now think black holes could be “star factories” – not just star-eaters.

In making this new discovery, NASA looked into the Chandra X-ray Observatory’s new data from a nearby galaxy NGC 5195, which is now merging with its companion galaxy NGC 5194, also known as “The Whirlpool.”

In the heart of NGC 5195, there is a black hole which, NASA says, produced two enormous blasts. Chandra’s pictures now have evidence of those “violent outbursts.”

“This is one of the nearest supermassive black holes to Earth that is currently undergoing such violent outbursts,” NASA said in a press release.

It could be that the outbursts of the black hole in NGC 5195 were triggered by its interaction with its larger companion, making gas funnel in towards the black hole.

While it is not so rare that black holes spew gas, it is quite uncommon to witness it so closely, scientists say. This time, their eyes caught arcs of X-ray emissions near the center of the dwarf galaxy, the leftovers of two huge blasts.

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