Now What?: So You Think You Want to Retire

by Robert Couch

Rob Couch uses the analogy of one of life’s final road trips to explore his goals for what (he hopes) is the last third of his life–and how to best increase the odds of reaching them. Couch eschews the usual topic of financial independence and instead focuses on well-being, mental fitness, resilience, spirituality, and laughter as the keys to a well-spent retirement. After confessing a lack of professional training in any of these topics, he reviews current academic research from a layman’s perspective, ultimately developing his own matrix for assessing the endless possibilities for an engaged retirement. Part II of his book describes the application of the matrix to five disparate activities, ranging from Sacred Harp singing to stand-up comedy. Along the way, he has a good deal of fun and learns some surprising lessons about his own personality. Whether you are approaching retirement age, have already pulled the trigger, or know a loved one who is facing this stage of life, “Now What?” is an enjoyable and lighthearted way to examine the topic.

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