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America’s Financial Reckoning Day


Includes a 2-hour DVD and special report

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Since 2008, we have gone from a financial crisis to an economic crisis and now a monetary crisis – a crisis of confidence in US fiscal policy, central planning and forward guidance. The US has an institutionalized Warfare and Welfare State that is unsustainable, with structural demographics that are leading to a financial reckoning day. With the largest debt pyramid in the world, China and other nations are calling for a de-Americanized, or de-dollarized, world as they import massive amounts of gold from the West to the East. It is a general theme in my book that the US will lose its reserve currency status based on Triffins’ Dilemma, and a monetary reset will include a new SDR settlement currency being proposed by the IMF. Structurally the US is in worse shape than the EU/Eurozone and this fits into a prophetic matrix that envisions the rise of Europe as mentioned in ancient Biblical texts. We are at a tipping point in the social order as America’s militarized survelliance state is preparing for civil unrest (as noted by John Whitehead), and a major crisis will likely be exploited by powerful forces at the highest level to restructure our country into a new regional trading bloc. People should be prepared with some sensible contingency planning that I will share along with a message of hope and inspiration from a Christian worldview. We are in a battle between good and evil, but the darkest hour is before the dawn; and this is also why we pray Thy kingdom come. Good will triumph over evil.


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