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The Happy Day Cult, China + The Death Mask War, North Korea


Both books are in pdf format and will become available for download after purchase.

Purchase both The Happy Day Cult, China, and the Back to the Jerusalem Movement and The Death Mask War, North Korea, The Hermit Kingdom, and the Fall of the Cult of Kim for $15

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The title “The Happy Day Cult” is a pun to illustrate how the Maoist Chinese state views Christians as cultists. The “Happy Day” is a reference to the old Gospel song, but in the context of alluding to a future time when Chinese Christians and underground house churches can worship Jesus Christ freely and share the Gospel openly with their fellow countrymen.
The “People’s Republic of China” has transitioned from an anti-Christian Maoist state to a communist co-op with religion

The title, “The Death Mask War” illustrates what diabolical evils are beneath the Hermit Kingdom known simply as North Korea. It details a war, an unfinished war that resumes among different nations than the ones originally responsible for the first “police action.”
The so-called “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” is a tyrannical totalitarian state that operates much like a super maximum prison for its people. Josef Stalin and the Soviet Union were primarily responsible for founding the state in the late 1940s


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