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Soladey ion5 Brush Heads (4 pack)


All Soladey brush heads use Dupont Tynex brand bristles – the international standard. The cut of a bristle strand is of critical importance in preventing lacerations on gums, and Tynex employ the latest technology to assure the tufts or clusters are neither uneven nor sharp.

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Product Description

The toothbrush heads will be arriving approximately the first week of January and all orders will be processed upon arrival,  Thank you for your patience!







Our most recommended head (worldwide, most dentists recommend soft bristles). If the user follows our recommendations to brush softly, this bristle can last many months.







This type of bristle can encourage the user to back off brushing too vigorously as with the harder ‘feel’ the user will feel greater contact with the gum or tooth surface. Generally the medium strands will last longer than soft ones.