Written Material

Book(s) written:

Conquering Life’s Course: Common Sense in Chaotic Times: 2019

Unwelcome Opportunity: Overcoming Life’s Greatest Challenges: 2018

The Master’s Sales Secrets: 44 Strategies for Sensational Sales Success: 2018

The Four Letter Word That Builds Character: 2005

Surviving Grief by God’s Grace: published 2002

The Volunteer Handbook: How to Organize and Manage a Successful Organization: 1999


Articles written:

Richard Battle


Richard V. Battle is a veteran business analyst/consultant, speaker, media commentator, and author of six books, including his latest “Conquering Life’s Course.”  He has appeared on or in multiple media outlets, including Fox TV, The New Rationalist, The Washington Times, WMT News Radio, Salem Broadcasting, Wake Up Tucson, KMOX St. Louis, and many more. Visit him online at

 His experiences include surviving an apartment fire that his neighbor died in less than 30 feet away from him, experiencing financial ruin with the Texas real estate collapse in the 1980s, a divorce, experiencing two major heart procedures, surviving cancer and his most significant loss of all, the death of his only son.

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