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Robert Wilcox


Robert Wilcox

Target Patton: The Plot to Assassinate General George Patton
Regnery 2008
Reissue (paperback) 2010
Conservative Book Club selection
First Blue: Butch Voris and the Blue Angels
St. Martins Press (Thomas Dunne Books) 2004
Black Aces High:A Fighter Squadron at War
St. Martin’s Press (Thomas Dunne Books) -(hard) 2002, (soft) 2004
Wings of Fury: From Vietnam to the Gulf War
Pocket Books (hard) 1997 (soft) 1998
-Main Selection Aviation Book Club
-Conservative Book Club Selection
-Reisssue, Pocket Books, 2004
Scream of Eagles: The True Story of Top Gun
John Wiley & Sons 1990 (hard) Pocket Books (soft) 1992/1995
-Military Book Club Main Selection
-Reissue, Pocket Books, 2005; Reissue Cassell classic, 2012
Japan’s Secret War
William Morrow & Co. 1985
Marlowe & Co. (soft) 1995
Published/translated France, China, and Arab states.
Fatal Glimpse (Novel)
Leisure Books (Tower) 1981
Dorchester Publishing Co. 1984
Macmillan, Inc. 1977
Bantam Books 1978
-Published/translated in 7 countries

The Mysterious Deaths at Ann Arbor
Popular Library (Fawcette Books) 1977
Publications include: New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Sunday Times (London), Miami Herald, Men’s Journal, Los Angeles Daily News, Miami News, Gainseville Sun, The Voice, Family Weekly, National Geographic, Geo Mundo, Probe The Unknown, California Today, Tropic, The Floridian, The Grove Gazette, United Feature Syndicate, North American Newspaper Alliance Syndicate, Twin Circle, The Catholic Digest, National Catholic News Service, Collier’s Encyclopedia.
Breitbart, American Thinker, Townhall, Newsmax, Netwritedaily, Conservative Truth

War Stories with Oliver North (“The life and Mysterious Death of Gen. Patton”)
Consultant and on-air expert 2006
“Japan’s Atomic Bomb”
History Channel
Consultant and on-air expert 2003
Mike Hammer (“Body Odor”)
Franklin-Waterman Worldwide 1997. (Writer)
Legend (“The President’s Coach is Missing”)
Paramount Pictures TV 1994/1995. (Writer)
The New WKRP in Cincinnati (Staff Story Editor)
MTM Productions 1990/1993