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Singapore Resident Claims Third “Mothman” Sighting This Week



A woman claims she saw a creature that looked like a “tall man with wings” at an abandoned house in Singapore.

54-year-old avid birdwatcher Alice Yimdale said she was looking for birds near Dempsey Hill when she spotted the being inside the abandoned building last Sunday.

“It was 2:30 p.m. when my husband and I went to the forest looking for birds, I do love a good bird watching session,” she told Cryptozoology News. “This is why My husband and I live in Singapore, a hub of beautiful birds. We like this place because, unlike our house, it is quiet and tranquil.”

Yimdale reports that as they came near an empty building, she heard a “loud fluttering noise”.

“I was confused, so I decided to investigate… this is when I came across the thing.”

The woman said the being looked like a tall man with an “enormous” wingspan.

“I’d say around 9 to 10 feet. My husband says it was longer,” she explains. “It had a very thin body.”

Reportedly, the creature appeared to be barely moving and could have been a male or a female.

The couple maintained they had never seen anything like it before and that the 3-minute-long sighting was a “big scary but exciting”.

Cryptozoology News asked the birdwatchers regarding the lack of photographic evidence of the alleged incident but there was not an immediate response.

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