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Stan Deyo : The Vindicator Scrolls Vol. 1

51TQ8JTGDBLThe Vindicator Scrolls Vol. 1

“In 1989, I wrote a second book entitled, The Vindicator Scrolls, as a sequel to The Cosmic Conspiracy. In this book I discussed some extraordinary discoveries in archaeology and in physics. I told how, through a very long chain of unusual events, I was led to discover the actual site of the ancient Garden of Eden. My findings have since been ratified by the Jerusalem Temple Foundation in Israel. I was helped by my long-time friend and research associate, Ed Scott, in solving this mystery in a most plausible and factual manner. We used digital terrain models for North Africa and the entire Middle East to re-create the ancient pre-flood world in coloured 3D. From this model and from many other clues found in old maps and in the original Hebrew Torah, we were able to conclusively place the Garden of Eden today. Although it has been covered by over-burden and mineral deposits, the site is in existence today in a most surprising place – not in Israel, not in Iraq, Turkey or Iran…. in fact, a long way from there… In the second part of this book, there is yet another fantastic find. Quite unexpectedly, I was led to discover the location of the mythical, “Atlantis.” In spite of the fact that some 2,000 other books and papers have been lodged over the last century claiming to have located “Atlantis”, I submit my proofs to you in a most convincing manner…” -Stan Deyo

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