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California Democrats Legalize Child Prostitution

Source: 369 News By Gary Lite A couple of days ago we highlighted some of the ridiculous new state laws that will go into effect across the country starting today (see “Here Are Some Of The Ridiculous New State Laws That Will Take Effect January 1st – Happy New Year!“).  And while there was plenty […]

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Large Wave of Energy from Unknown Source Hitting Earth Now

Source : 369 News By Gary Lite A large wave of energy impacting the entire planet has UNINTENTIONALLY been detected by the MIMIC TPW microwave background imagery. Currently ONGOING as of 12/19/2016 at 1:20am US central time) link to see the event here:…… This is not a glitch, computer error, or fake — […]

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Hillary Reemerges, Slams “Dangerous Epidemic” Of Fake News

By 369 News By Gary Lite Hillary Reemerges, Slams “Dangerous Epidemic” Of Fake News Having disappeared from the public scene for almost a month (with the occasional backwood spotting thrown in for dramatic effect), today Hillary Clinton reemerged from a self-imposed social quarantine, and in a exquisitely choreographed Podesta special, addressed the nation from Capitol […]

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