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Episode 716 – David Meade

Friday March 31st 2017 In this edition we speak with David Meade about several topics including Planet X, JFK’s Assassination, the Manchurian Candidate, control of American Presidents throughout history and much more! Guest Media David Meade Tracks Banshee – Kendra Morris Related Links: Planet X – The 2017 Arrival

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Dr. Duke Pesta

Dr. Duke Pesta is Academic Director of FreedomProject Academy, a Live Online School that is Faithfully Educating America. FPA is Common Core Free, offering individual classes and complete curricula for students in Kindergarten through High School. Dr. Pesta is also a tenured university professor and author. He received his Masters degree in Renaissance literature from […]

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Episode 607 – David Frank & Dr. Duke Pesta

Wednesday September 14th 2016 In this edition we welcome David Frank to discuss the current governmental system, modern voting, telecommunications, and ideas for new ways for the American people to be represented by government. Then Dr. Duke Pesta joins us to discuss the parallels of America to Ancient Rome, Federal Government, Education, Founding Fathers, and […]

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Editorial Says Govt. Would Defeat Armed Rebellion by Making Major Cities Disappear

By “The idea of ‘armed rebellion’ in the U.S. is ludicrous,” opinion column writer Gregg Littell declares in The Union. His stated intent is to debunk Ben Carson’s claim that “America will never suffer under tyranny because the people are armed.” The reason, according to “gun owner and target shooter” Littell, is because unlike […]

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Just how badly could China hurt America in battle?

By Last month’s confrontation at sea between the People’s Republic of China and the United States made one fact all too clear: The two countries have very, very different national interests in key strategic areas. The United States, the dominant power in Asia and the Pacific, would rather retain the status quo while the […]

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Blame America? No, Blame Neocons!

By: Is the current refugee crisis gripping the European Union “all America’s fault”? That is how my critique of US foreign policy was characterized in a recent interview on the Fox Business Channel. I do not blame the host for making this claim, but I think it is important to clarify the point. It […]

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America and Russia Test New Tactical Nuclear Missiles

By: Both Russia and the United States are scheduled to test new tactical nuclear missiles this month. According to the Russian state-owned Tass, Moscow is currently preparing to test its Iskander tactical missile systems. “Servicemen of a missile unit of the Southern Military District deployed in the Krasnodar Territory began preparations for drills and […]

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Let’s Face It, America — We’re Addicted to War

By: War on drugs. War on poverty. War in Afghanistan. War in Iraq. War on terror. The biggest mistake in American policy, foreign and domestic, is looking at everything as war. When a war mentality takes over, it chooses the weapons and tactics for you. It limits the terms of debate before you even […]

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America, The Unserious Super-Power

By: The United States is no longer a serious country. Now, by this I do not mean that America is no longer a super-power. By any gross indicator of strength, the United States is as powerful as it’s ever been, perhaps more powerful than at any time in its history. It has a massive, […]

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Paper Moons

By: Swindle and Fraud, the vaudeville team of nouns headlining this issue of Lapham’s Quarterly, are old dogs always keen to learn new tricks, and their spirited performance during the Great Recession showcased the attention paid to their studies since the Great Houdini, on the evening of January 7, 1918, vanished a five-ton elephant […]

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A World Governed by Satanists

By: Lee Duigon of Does it bother any of you that America is about to do away with religious liberty? Gee, it’s only one of the core principles that brought this country into being. That whole “America” idea grew out of freedom of religion. And remember when laws told you what you couldn’t do–and […]

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The Ugliest Sign in America

By: Dan Koeppel of I’m just going to come out and say it: This is the most ubiquitous ugly object in America. Sure, our nation is obsessed with miltary-sized automobiles for personal use, backyard Bigfoot statues, and chicken nuggets— and all those things are grotesque and common. But this 20-inch placard, with a pair […]

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Halloween: Strange Tales and Spooky Traditions

By: With Halloween just days away, it’s time once again for Americans to dig out their costumes and party – and Brits to turn off the lights, draw the curtains and pretend they’re not at home. But even the grumpiest of Halloween cynics would have to concede that the festival has a fascinating history. […]

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In Cold War, U.S. Spy Agencies Used 1,000 Nazis

By: Eric Litchbau of via n the decades after World War II, the C.I.A. and other United States agencies employed at least a thousand Nazis as Cold War spies and informants and, as recently as the 1990s, concealed the government’s ties to some still living in America, newly disclosed records and interviews show. […]

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REPORT: President skips nearly 60% of daily intelligence briefings

REPORT: President skips nearly 60% of daily intelligence briefings Via Breitbart by WYNTON HALL 29 Sep 2014 A new Government Accountability Institute (GAI) report reveals that President Barack Obama has attended only 42.1% of his daily intelligence briefings (known officially as the Presidential Daily Brief, or PDB) in the 2,079 days of his presidency through […]

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    EBOLA HITS THE U.S. STRIKING IN DALLAS CDC Confirms Patient In Dallas Has The Ebola Virus Updated: September 30, 2014 6:36 PM Via CBS DALLAS DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Officials with the Centers for Disease Control have confirmed that a person in Dallas definitely has the Ebola virus. Tuesday’s official determination makes the patient […]

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  Sep 29, 3:02 PM EDT Via AP FRANKFORD, Del. (AP) — American schools are scrambling to provide services to the large number of children and teenagers who crossed the border alone in recent months. Unaccompanied minors who made up the summer spike at the border have moved to communities of all sizes, in nearly […]

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