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Archaeologists Unearth Lion’s Head, Tablet with Nymphs in Hisarya

By: Archaeologists from Bulgaria’s Hisarya Archaeological Museum unearthed a lion’s head, a consecrated tablet with nymphs and a part of a life size statue, reports According to the director of the town museum, Mitko Madzharov, the artifacts were dated end of II and beginning of III c. AD and prove that the settlement existed […]

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The Ancients and Child Sacrifice

Canaanite Cult Site Offers Up Its Treasures After 3,300 Years By: Ilan Ben Zion via The first rain of the season lashed Tel Burna Sunday, drenching what archaeologists say could be a 3,300-year-old shrine to the storm god Ba’al, whose offerings poured down on the Judean foothills. Researchers excavating the ancient Canaanite town recently unearthed evidence of ritual practice they […]

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Lost Planes of the Last World War

U.S. WWII Bomber Hoisted from Baltic Seabed By: PAP/Dziennik Baltycki/IAR via The Douglas A-20 Havoc plane was first spotted a year ago during routine checks 4 km out to sea off Cape Rozewie. However, retrieving the wreck was a formidable task, as the area is particularly susceptible to strong winds, coupled with severe waves. […]

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Honoring the Men of the 1492 Voyage

The Lost Fort of Columbus | Location of Columbus’ Point of Departure Found in Spain By: Frances Maclean via | Note: Christopher Columbus was a hard man. An accomplished man. And a man that few share immortality with. For the anti-European subversive movement ravaging the United States – know this. Without the decedents […]

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