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The Ancients and Child Sacrifice

Canaanite Cult Site Offers Up Its Treasures After 3,300 Years By: Ilan Ben Zion via The first rain of the season lashed Tel Burna Sunday, drenching what archaeologists say could be a 3,300-year-old shrine to the storm god Ba’al, whose offerings poured down on the Judean foothills. Researchers excavating the ancient Canaanite town recently unearthed evidence of ritual practice they […]

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Lost Planes of the Last World War

U.S. WWII Bomber Hoisted from Baltic Seabed By: PAP/Dziennik Baltycki/IAR via The Douglas A-20 Havoc plane was first spotted a year ago during routine checks 4 km out to sea off Cape Rozewie. However, retrieving the wreck was a formidable task, as the area is particularly susceptible to strong winds, coupled with severe waves. […]

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Honoring the Men of the 1492 Voyage

The Lost Fort of Columbus | Location of Columbus’ Point of Departure Found in Spain By: Frances Maclean via | Note: Christopher Columbus was a hard man. An accomplished man. And a man that few share immortality with. For the anti-European subversive movement ravaging the United States – know this. Without the decedents […]

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