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Mad as Hell and Can’t Take It Anymore: Apollo Astronauts Call Foul on “Global Warming” Alarmist Agenda

Astronauts Who Helped Kickstart Environmental Movement Say Climate Change ‘Bogus’ By: Mark Piggott via Their stunning images of a fragile Earth seen from space helped start the global environmental movement, but, speaking at the Starmus science festival in Tenerife, astronauts Charlie Duke and Walter Cunningham declared that research into climate change is “bogus” and claim […]

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Australian Senate Passes New “Law” that Will Criminalize the Free Press

Senate Passes New Counter-Terrorism Laws Giving Stronger Powers to Intelligence Agency ASIO By: Naomi Woodley via The first in a series of bills to significantly expand Australia’s national security laws has passed the Senate, despite repeated attempts by the Greens and some crossbenchers to water down proposed new penalties for disclosing secret information. The […]

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As the West Worries About Islamic Actions Abroad, Australian Sailor Attacked in Sydney

Uniformed Australian Defence Force Member Allegedly Attacked by Men of Middle Eastern Appearance in Western Sydney Matthew Benns By: Matthew Benns vua A MEMBER of the Australian defence forces has been assaulted and threatened by two men of Middle Eastern appearance in Bella Vista in north-western Sydney. The attack follows the knife attack on two […]

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Neo-Stasi Proposals Gain Traction Down Under with Internet Ease Dropping Warrant

Proposed Terror Law Would Allow Australia’s Entire Internet to be Monitored with Just One Warrant By: Glyn Moody via Recently, Techdirt has been following the Australian government’s moves to bring in intrusive new surveillance powers. The “justification” for all this is, of course, “terrorism”, which has become the lazy politician’s excuse for everything, and […]

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