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Episode 808 – Dr. Paul Levine, Dr. David Haines, Dr. Hikmet Jamil & Alicia Powe

Tuesday September 19th 2017 In this edition we introduce Alicia Powe from World Net Daily for the first time, bringing additional daily news updates on hot button topics. Following the news segment we welcome Dr. Paul Levine, Dr. David Haines and Dr. Hikmet Jamil for a multiple perspective round-table discussion about vaccines. Guest Media Dr. […]

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Ark Midnight Live With John B Wells – Sat March 18 – Guest: John McAfee

Don’t miss “Ark Midnight” Saturday evening LIVE on KLIF570 – Episode 41 @ 10pm to Midnight (Central Time) Our guest today – John McAfee Show Topic – Mass Surveillance & Vault7 Lines will be open if you would like to join our conversation. See you there! – Studio line – 888-787 5543 Join our […]

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Ark Midnight – With John B Wells – Sat March 04 – Guest: Anthony Patch

Don’t miss “Ark Midnight” Saturday evening on KLIF570 – Episode 39 @ 10pm to Midnight (Central Time) Our guest today – Anthony Patch Show Topic – 1. Latest news and timeline of events on CERN’s calendar. 2. CERN, Necromancy and the Resurrection of the Dead. 3. Latest on D-Wave’s quantum computers and Temporal […]

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The Truth about Media Bias at CNN and the Times

The mainstream media should hit the pause button on its self-adulation The mainstream media suffered a further erosion of its authority during the 2016 campaign. It copiously displayed its disdain of Donald Trump, not least in assuming that his election to the presidency was not simply unlikely, but next to impossible. Then came the evening […]

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Trump (Things You Might Not Know About Him)

NOT EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE HEARING IN THE PRESS. Peggy Noonan wrote about Trump this weekend in her Wall Street Journal – Trump (Things You Might Not Know About Him) Trump, hopefully, is waking some of the RINOs up. The criticisms of Trump are amazingly missing something. They are lacking in negative stories from those […]

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First Time Ever: The Bundy Women Speak Out

By John B Wells Interviews all of the Bundy men wives in this episode of Caravan to Midnight. In the first part of the episode, “the wives of the incarcerated Bundy men come aboard with a message of motivation and hope.” The Bundy militias were not rebels but they were American citizens who were […]

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Caught on camera: MSNBC journalist feeds Clinton adviser questions before interview begins… it’s all theatrics

In what appears to be the latest reason as to why tens of millions of Americans no longer watch or rely on mainstream news, MSNBC demonstrated clearly how it became the least-watched of the mainstream cable news channels. As reported by Breitbart News, on a recent Sunday evening following the most recent Democratic presidential debate […]

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Is Religion of Germanwings Mass Murderer Truly ‘Irrelevant’? (PI-News, Express Tribune, Juan Cole, Times of Malta)

Over the past few days a debate has broken out over whether Andreas Lubitz, the Germanwings pilot who crashed his own plane into the ground killing all aboard, a) should be called a terrorist, and b) was a Muslim convert who committed mass murder out of religious conviction. So is the mainstream media avoiding the […]

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Monopolistic Internet Giants Threaten the Middle Class (Le Monde, France)

This column examines the elephant in the room that the masters of industry and data have been reticent to discuss: what happens when automation and artificial intelligence make human labor obsolete? Deprived of a middle class, how will today’s data-driven, surveillance dependent economic system survive? For Le Monde, French Canadian philosopher Pierre Desjardins offers a […]

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Chemical Weapons

In January 2015, researchers at the University of Nebraska Medical Center received a $1.9 million grant to develop a new therapy to protect military members from nerve agent exposure. It would pleasure me to have that therapy goodie in my supply kit. More good news. Last week AP’s Dan Elliott reported that “…The Pueblo Chemical […]

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Germany’s Anti-Muslim Movement Spawns Anti-American Offshoot (Barbadillo, Italy)

Members of Germany’s anti-Islamization movement Pigeda have just launched a new one: European Patriots Against the Americanization of the West, aka/Pegada. The group, which is growing fast and held it’s first demonstration last month, calls the United States a ‘terrorist power,’ demands an end to U.S. spying and opposes the ‘colonialist’ Trans-Pacific Trade and Investment […]

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Fireflies and Crocus-Hope

Mother Nature isn’t naughty or nice, in fact she simply goes about the business of earth irrespective of local impacts. Her changes always bring a new equilibrium to bear, although it might take an eon or two. So far she hasn’t shaken mankind off like she shed the dinosaurs, but who knows. In the span […]

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Subterfuge, Spooks, Liars, Surveillance and Kissinger Blast for Feb. 2 (Germany, Poland, U.K., Canada, Israel, U.S.)

Hello fellow Caravan to Midnighters. It is time for the latest Subterfuge, Spooks, Liars and Surveillance blast from around the world. Great thanks to the Webmaster at for contributing to this post. We have a lot of catching up to do since yours truly was kidnapped by the flu monster – so let’s get […]

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