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Coming to a Boston Subway Near You: Made-in-China Trains Boston transport authorities awarded China CNR Corp. (6199) a $567 million contract to supply trains for the city’s subway system, the first deal of its kind for a Chinese company in the U.S. The deal would put CNR’s products in all of the world’s six continents, the company said in a statement today. The […]

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The Mighty Dragon Flies to the Moon

China’s Secret Moon Mission By: Morris Jones via Soon, a rocket will launch a Chinese spacecraft to the Moon and back. It’s the first time that China has attempted this long and perilous journey. It should be a great achievement for the nation, worthy of extensive publicity. Ironically, this mission has been shrouded in […]

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Chicom Phones Threaten Indian Defense

Chinese Smartphones a Security Threat, says IAF By: Pradip R. Sagar via China-based leading smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi, which recently marked a successful entry into the Indian market, is allegedly a security threat. It has been accused by the Indian Air Force (IAF) of sending user data to remote servers located in China. Simply put, […]

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Dollar Fiat Reign of Fraud Almost Over

South Korea, China Agree to Extend Swap Facility to 2017 By: Reuters  via South Korea and China agreed to extend an existing swap agreement worth 64 trillion Korean won or 360 billion yuan by three more years, the Bank of Korea said in a statement on Saturday. The decision to extend the bilateral agreement […]

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Chicoms Have Fully Compromised Taiwan’s Defense Structure

Chinese Espionage Now Rampant in Taiwan By: Wendell Minnick via As relations improve between Beijing and Taipei, military morale still continues to fall as fewer Taiwan military officers see a future in an ever-shrinking armed forces. Many are beginning to cash in on their intimate knowledge of military secrets, including classified information on US […]

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The Dangers of Globalism

Thousands to Get Damages in Chinese Drywall Suit, Louisiana Judge Says By: Janet McConnaughey via A federal judge in Louisiana has ruled that nearly 4,000 homeowners who say Chinese drywall ruined their homes are eligible to share any further damages he may award in lawsuits against Taishan Gypsum Co. Ltd., a government-owned manufacturer that […]

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Chicoms Buy Another American Landmark

Another Chinese Buy as Insurer Nabs Waldorf-Astoria for $1.9B By: Hilton Worldwide Holdings sold the Waldorf Astoria to Anbang Insurance Group for $1.95 billion. Hilton reached an agreement with the Chinese carrier under which it will continue to operate the famed hotel for the next 100 years. The building will be renovated to “restore the property to its […]

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China Colonizes the U.S. with Swarm of Students Being Allowed to Enroll in Schools Around America

U.S. Private High Schools Accommodate Influx of Chinese Students By: Caroline Winter via Heads turned when a limo pulled up to Hartsbrook School on the first day of orientation this August. The Waldorf school in rural Hadley, Mass., is known for its alternative curriculum, based on the teachings of Austrian mystic Rudolf Steiner—not for […]

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Hong Kong Protests Standing Close to the Edge

Hong Kong Protests: Government Offices Surrounded By: BBC Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong have surrounded two key government buildings in the territory. They have massed outside the office of Chief Executive CY Leung, demanding that he resign by midnight, and the Central Government Complex. Police have warned protesters not to try to breach the police […]

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All About the Oil: China Sends Military Forces to South Sudan

China to Send 700 Troops to South Sudan to Assist U.N. Mission By: Reuters – AlertNet via China said on Thursday it will send 700 troops to join a U.N. peacekeeping mission in South Sudan, where fighting has threatened Beijing’s oil investments. The troops will assist the U.N. with protecting citizens and humanitarian workers […]

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Assault on Internet Freedom Escalates with Search Engine Being Banned in China

China Blocks Privacy-Focused Search Engine DuckDuckGo By: Staff The privacy-centric search engine DuckDuckGo is unable to be used in China. Selling itself as a service which does not collect personal information about its users, DuckDuckGo has been inaccessible in the country since earlier this month, and though there is no official explanation from any […]

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