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‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Was Filled with CIA Lies

By: In the days leading up to the nationwide release of Zero Dark Thirty, the 2012 blockbuster movie about the U.S. raid that killed Osama bin Laden, Senator Dianne Feinstein was given an advanced screening. How did the then-chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, whose investigators were working on their own story about the […]

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“CIA Agent” Who Survived the Evin Prison Tortures and Lived to Tell the Tale

By: Maziar Bahari never forgets what drove his interrogators crazy. His polite manner. His reporter’s instinct to explain why the street protests that followed the re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad interested his editors at Newsweek. His taste for Leonard Cohen and Anton Chekhov. His bafflement when asked what he knew of sexual delights in […]

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New Push to Give Pentagon the Lead on Drone Strikes

By: The deaths of an Italian and an American in a covert CIA drone strike in Pakistan — and the rhetorical contortions required of the president when he informed the world — have breathed new urgency into a long-stalled plan to give the Pentagon primacy over targeted killing of terrorists overseas. President Barack Obama […]

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CIA’s Ex-No. 2 says ISIS “Learned from Snowden”

By: The former deputy director of the CIA says in a new book that the NSA contractor’s disclosures allowed the forerunners of the terrorist group to evade electronic surveillance. Edward Snowden’s leaks about U.S. intelligence operations “played a role in the rise of ISIS.” That’s the explosive new allegation from the former deputy director […]

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The Great CIA Molehunt

By:‘ KGB Lt. Gen. Vitaly Grigorevich Pavlov (1914-2005), a senior veteran of the First Chief Directorate (Foreign Intelligence), gives his view on the “revelations” of Soviet defectors, particularly Anatoly Golitsyn, and the subsequent molehunt that paralyzed the CIA in the 1960s. The requirements of tradecraft are necessary to carry out not only during specific […]

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The CIA Battled the Kremlin with Books and Movies

By: During the Cold War, Moscow’s Ministry of Culture was a master of censorship. The Kremlin’s cultural bulwark screened non-Russian films, suppressed literature and shaped the lives of Soviet artists. The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency also dabbled in the dark arts of cultural influence. Except it preferred the carrot to the stick. Words matter. […]

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Emails Reveal Close Relationship Between Psychology Group and CIA

By: Newly released emails show a close relationship between the American Psychological Association and the psychologists who helped create the architecture of the CIA’s torture program. One email between CIA psychologist Kirk Hubbard and an executive from the American Psychology Association, or APA, makes a thinly cloaked reference to the role in interrogations of […]

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The Murky Australian Origins of a U.S. Terror Alert

By: Intelligence that originated in Australia about a terrorist threat, and eventually ended up as a classified alert in the United States, is now raising questions among U.S. officials. On Saturday, The Intercept reported that the Transportation Security Administration had issued a classified alert warning, described by a source as “ISIS plans an attack […]

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Government’s Own Witness Debunks Government’s “Overwrought Hyperbole” in Sterling Case

By: Jeffrey Sterling’s lawyers submitted their sentencing memo in anticipation of his sentencing May 11. Not only do they remind Judge Leonie Brinkema of the punishments of people recently sentenced for what started as Espionage charges — roughly 3 years in John Kiriakou and Stephen Jin-Woo Kim’s cases, and (of course) probation in David […]

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2015 Cyber Security Strategy of the United States of America (U.S. Department of Defense)

The Pentagon has released it latest, and first publicly-released, Cyber Security Strategy, and as government documents go, it’s a pretty interesting read. Of course it says very little about how the intentional undermining of encryption and the adoption of strategies and tactics that are diametrically opposed to the NSA’s founding principles have created many of […]

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Back Bone of Terrorists

By: Jalil Afridi of The Interior Minister, Chaudry Nisar Ali Khan in his meeting with Director General Anti-Narcotics Force, Major General Khawar Hanif has said that drug money has remained the back bone for terrorists activities in the country and all efforts should be made to cut the financial backbone of the terrorists. There […]

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Flashback: CIA Secret Experiments

By: [youtube] This National Geographic documentary looks into the CIA’s secret experiments conducted during the Cold War. It mainly focuses on mind control and the brainwashing techniques attached to it : Hypnosis, electroshock therapy and drugs. CIA Secret Experiments explores a page of the book History that is often heavily redacted or completely […]

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CIA Veteran Sees Big Hole in Sterling Espionage Conviction

By: Bill Conroy of A former CIA spy manager is raising a serious question about the way the intelligence agency handled the national-security risk raised in the case of Jeffrey Sterling, a former CIA officer who was recently convicted on espionage charges for leaking classified information to New York Times reporter James Risen. Leutrell […]

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Britain Should Turn to Middle-Aged Mums to be Spies of the Future: report

By: Britain’s security agencies should look to recruit more middle-aged women and mothers to be new spies and should target websites popular with parents to find them, an influential committee of lawmakers said on Thursday. The Intelligence and Security Committee, which oversees the work of Britain’s three spy agencies, said it was crucial there […]

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