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All War IS Deception

ISIS : A CIA Creation to Justify War Abroad and Repression at Home By: Through terrifying headlines and shocking videos, ISIS is being used as a tool to justify war in the Middle East and to cause fear and panic worldwide. No, this is not a “crazy conspiracy theory”, it is simply the oldest […]

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Men in Black Symbology in Plain Sight

The Kryptos Sculpture & CIA/NSA Documents on Deciphering It By: Kryptos is an encrypted sculpture by American artist Jim Sanborn located on the grounds of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Langley, Virginia. Since its dedication on November 3, 1990, there has been much speculation about the meaning of the encrypted messages it bears. Of […]

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There’s a Reason Why the People of Nations that Are Bombed by the U.S. Believe D.C. Controls the Terrorists

Are U.S. Spy Agencies Sharing Weapons, Intelligence with Hezbollah? By: Joseph Fitsanakis via In its effort to amass regional support for its war against the Islamic State, the United States is reaching out to militant Shiites in Lebanon, including Hezbollah, according to some sources. In a report for New York-based magazine Newsweek, veteran intelligence correspondent […]

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Privacy advocates blast AT&T’s alleged sale of info to CIA

Privacy advocates blast AT&T’s alleged sale of info to CIA Advocacy groups ask the FCC to declare the carrier in violation of federal privacy rules. by Steven Musil  December 11, 2013 9:50 PM PST Consumer advocates have asked federal regulators to declare phone companies to be in violation of federal privacy rules when they sell […]

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