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China’s secret plan to crush SpaceX and the US space program

Source: CNBC By Clay Dillow China‘s breakneck economic expansion may be flagging, but the country’s ambitions in space show no signs of slowing down. Alongside ongoing efforts to rival NASA by placing robotic landers, and eventually astronauts, on the moon and Mars, China’s government is increasingly looking to its burgeoning space sector to rival U.S. […]

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Sabotage speculation gathers around SpaceX explosion

By CNBC By Robert Ferris Rumors of potential sabotage are gathering around the investigation of the explosion during a recent SpaceX launch test. SpaceX has been investigating the early September failure of a Falcon 9 rocket that caught fire and exploded on a Cape Canaveral launch pad just days before it was scheduled to launch. […]

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George Soros to invest $500 million in help for refugees

By CNBC By Nyshka Chandran Billionaire investor George Soros pledged on Tuesday to invest up to $500 million in programs and companies benefiting migrants and refugees fleeing life-threatening situations. Announced against the backdrop of an ongoing United Nations (U.N.) summit in New York, Soros explained that he wished to harness the power of the private […]

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