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Pentagon Shows Intent to Start War with Computer Systems

Offensive Cyber Operations in U.S. Military Doctrine By: A newly disclosed Department of Defense doctrinal publication acknowledges the reality of offensive cyberspace operations, and provides a military perspective on their utility and their hazards. More News at FSD –

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Watch Your Software for It’s Watching You

Adobe Spying on Users, Collecting Data on Their eBook Libraries By: Nate Hoffelder via Adobe has just given us a graphic demonstration of how not to handle security and privacy issues. A hacker acquaintance of mine has tipped me to a huge security and privacy violation on the part of Adobe. That anonymous acquaintance was examining […]

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Humanity = Stupid, Computers = Your New Master

Berners-Lee: ‘Computers Are Getting Smarter. We’re Not’ By: Matt Warman via “Companies,” says web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee, “are increasingly going to be run by computers. And computers are getting smarter and we are not.” The only solution, he argues, is for people to embrace new technology, and accept that some jobs will simply […]

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