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The Uprising Against Assad Was Engineered in Washington

By A terrific news report by Jonathan Marshall at Consortium News provides the first-ever presentation in the West of the event that sparked the demonstrations that sparked the Syrian civil war, and of the entire origin of that war. Unlike so many online ‘news’ reports that are merely authoritarian trash because they don’t link […]

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Mainstream media now openly admitting that gun control advocates want mass gun confiscation by force

By In the last month numerous liberal news outlets and mainstream media commentators have either directly admitted that they want mass gun confiscation in America or implied it by promoting Australia’s response to a mass shooting in the 1990’s. In true Orwellian doublespeak, these same news outlets also routinely ridicule the pro gun side for even insinuating […]

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George Soros openly admits plan to destroy national borders, flood Europe with refugees

By For years many in the alternative media, as well as those in more conspiracy oriented right-wing circles, have attempted to expose the fact that liberal billionaire George Soros has and is funding a vast network of left-wing media outlets, activists, and social justice organizations. From providing early funding to hard left news outlets […]

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Detective to Testify in Case of Defendant Claiming Feds Framed Him Over UFO Research

By: Criminal allegations against Loveland Police Detective Brian Koopman cannot be used during his testimony in a separate case, a district court judge ruled Monday morning. Stanley Romanek, a 52-year-old Loveland man charged with distribution and possession of child pornography, appeared in court on bond Monday morning as his defense attorneys argued for access […]

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Judge Dismisses Claims from 9/11 Families Against Saudi Arabia

By: A US judge has dismissed claims from the families of 9/11 victims that Saudi Arabia provided material support to al Qaeda. US District judge George Daniels ruled that Saudi Arabia had sovereign immunity from damage claims by the families of the nearly 3,000 victims of the attacks. The ruling also extends to claims […]

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Jeremy Corbyn: 9/11 Was “Manipulated”

By: Jeremy Corbyn has claimed that 9/11 was “manipulated” to make it look like Osama Bin Laden was responsible to allow the West to go to war in Afghanistan. In comments that will raise questions about his suitability to lead the Labour Party, Mr Corbyn appeared to blame George Bush and Tony Blair for […]

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Deep-State Actors in Diamonds Are Forever

By: [youtube] We’ve analyzed 007 in the past, as well as Howard Hughes in light of Scorcese’s The Aviator, but could there be a connection between the two? What if Ian Fleming was encoding an explosive, real-world conspiracy involving Howard Hughes, JFK, Aristotle Onassis and a legendary kidnapping? Not only is there evidence […]

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Mass Shootings: Did We Miss the Punchline?

By: [youtube] Mainstream Media Hoax laugh compilation. A common thread throughout these major mass media events involving brutal murder and multiple victims is the fact that survivors and bystanders often times find the circumstances quite amusing, even at times breaking out into fits of hysterical laughter. I’ve provided a few examples here. “I […]

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Benghazi Witness: U.S. Provided Arms to Jihadists Who Killed Americans in 9/11 Attack

By: More Obama. The only thing more monstrous is the media’s complicity in these treasonous acts — covering up for Obama (thankyouverymuch, Candy Crowley) and insuring his re-election not two months after his betrayal of America in Benghazi. The Obama administration may have provided the weapons used by some Islamist extremists to kill four […]

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CIA Director John Brennan Is a Muslim Convert?

By: Before John Owen Brennan became Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) on March 8, 2013, he had spent 25 years with the CIA in a succession of positions, including as a Near East and South Asia analyst, station chief in Saudi Arabia, chief of staff to CIA director George Tenet, and director […]

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Images Show that Parts of U.S. Army 160th SOAR MH-60M that Crash Landed Off Okinawa Were Covered to Hide Some Details

By: Seven military were injured after an MH-60M Black Hawk helicopter belonging to the U.S. Army’s 160th SOAR (Special Operations Aviation Regiment) performed a “hard-deck landing” on the USNS Red Cloud, 20 miles off Okinawa, Japan. Aerial footage broadcast by several media outlets showed the helicopter (coded “63”) with part of its tail broken […]

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By: The story presented needs a premise: There is little information on the network and there is only a documentary broadcast exclusively by the US television network Sci-Fi i in 1998, called “The Secret KGB Abduction Files” (The secrets. abdubción files of the KGB) is really difficult to find objective evidence that could confirm […]

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Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping

By: The kidnapping and ransom negotiations At about 9:00 pm on March 1, 1932, the kidnapper or kidnappers climbed by ladder into the second-story nursery of the Lindbergh home near Hopewell, N.J., abducted the child, and left a ransom note demanding $50,000. The Lindbergh baby, dubbed “the Eaglet” by the press, was discovered missing […]

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