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Targeted for Liquidation: Tito

By: Soviet intelligence experts Aleksandr Kolpakidi and Dmitry Prokhorov tell of the Soviet-Yugoslav split in 1948 and its fallout – Stalin’s plans to assassinate Yugoslavia’s Communist leader, Josip Broz Tito. The establishment of Soviet control over the countries of Eastern Europe in the postwar years took place in a very tense environment. But if […]

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BBC Presenter Caught with Child Abuse Films and Photos

By: A former Radio 1 DJ who worked alongside Jimmy Savile sobbed today as he admitted hoarding ­sickening child porn. Michael Willis, 69, shot to fame on pirate station Radio Caroline and worked at the BBC under the name of Stevie Merike in the 1970s – when disgraced Savile was also a presenter. He […]

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Chelsea Writes on 5 Years in Confinement in New Guardian Op-Ed

By: “The years since I was jailed for releasing the ‘war diaries’ have been a rollercoaster.” It can be difficult, sometimes, to make sense of all the things that have happened to me in the last five years. Today marks five years since I was ordered into military confinement while deployed to Iraq in […]

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Three Women Name Former Liberal Democrat MP as Paedophile

By: Three women have come forward to allege that the same former Liberal Democrat MP carried out sex attacks on them as girls, Exaro can reveal. They include Esther Baker, who waived her right to anonymity and went on Sky News last week to talk about how she was sexually abused by a politician, […]

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Silk Road Creator Ulbricht Sentenced to Life in Prison

By: Silk Road creator Ross Ulbricht, 31, was sentenced Friday to life in prison in connection with his operation of the black market website. In February, Ulbricht was found guilty on all seven counts against him, including charges of drug trafficking and money laundering, among others. Drugs, fake IDs and other illegal goods could […]

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World War II: “Operation Unthinkable”, Churchill’s Planned Invasion of the Soviet Union, July 1945

By: In late May 1945 Josef Stalin ordered Marshall Georgy Zhukov to leave Germany and come to Moscow. He was concerned over the actions of British allies. Stalin said the Soviet forces disarmed Germans and sent them to prisoners’ camps while British did not. Instead they cooperated with Germans troops and let them maintain […]

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The Murky Australian Origins of a U.S. Terror Alert

By: Intelligence that originated in Australia about a terrorist threat, and eventually ended up as a classified alert in the United States, is now raising questions among U.S. officials. On Saturday, The Intercept reported that the Transportation Security Administration had issued a classified alert warning, described by a source as “ISIS plans an attack […]

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Government’s Own Witness Debunks Government’s “Overwrought Hyperbole” in Sterling Case

By: Jeffrey Sterling’s lawyers submitted their sentencing memo in anticipation of his sentencing May 11. Not only do they remind Judge Leonie Brinkema of the punishments of people recently sentenced for what started as Espionage charges — roughly 3 years in John Kiriakou and Stephen Jin-Woo Kim’s cases, and (of course) probation in David […]

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The Devil’s Bargain: Wahhabism, Foreigners, & Power

By: by Major Chad M. Pillai. He is a Strategist in the U.S. Army who received his Masters in International Public Policy from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). The House of Saud and the state of Saudi Arabia maintain a complex relationship with two forces that tug at the heart […]

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Vicious Attack on Dr. Oz Actually Waged by Biotech Mafia

By: Dr. Oz should be given a Congressional medal of some kind for his willingness to expose the truth about glyphosate on national television. In a recent episode that went viral, Dr. Oz discussed the toxicity of the biotech industry’s favorite pesticide “glyphosate” — a dangerous chemical that even the World Health Organization now […]

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United Airlines Stops Researcher Who Tweeted About Airplane Network Security from Boarding Flight to Security Conferences

By: Andrew Crocker of Our client, Chris Roberts, a founder of the security intelligence firm One World Labs, found himself detained by the FBI earlier this week after tweeting about airplane network security during a United Airlines flight. When Roberts landed in Syracuse, he was questioned by the FBI, which ultimately seized a number […]

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