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Andrew Hoffman

Episode 626 – Andrew Hoffman & Donna Fiducia

Tuesday October 18th 2016 In this edition we welcome Andy Hoffman of to discuss Economics, the Dollar, the Election, Deutsche Bank, the EU, and more! Then, Donna Fiducia joins us from Cowboy Logic Radio to discuss the upcoming Election, Corruption, Old and New Media, Current Events, and much more! Guest Media Andy Hoffman Donna […]

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Caught on camera: MSNBC journalist feeds Clinton adviser questions before interview begins… it’s all theatrics

In what appears to be the latest reason as to why tens of millions of Americans no longer watch or rely on mainstream news, MSNBC demonstrated clearly how it became the least-watched of the mainstream cable news channels. As reported by Breitbart News, on a recent Sunday evening following the most recent Democratic presidential debate […]

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As Obama Weakens America, The Russians And Chinese Prepare

By We have seen some very heinous events over the past years of the Obama administration’s rule.  We have seen the hollowing out of our military command structure (everyone is familiar with the list of field-grade and general staff-level commanders purged by Obama).  We witnessed the “mothballing” of TARS (the balloon system complementing NORAD).  […]

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Editorial Says Govt. Would Defeat Armed Rebellion by Making Major Cities Disappear

By “The idea of ‘armed rebellion’ in the U.S. is ludicrous,” opinion column writer Gregg Littell declares in The Union. His stated intent is to debunk Ben Carson’s claim that “America will never suffer under tyranny because the people are armed.” The reason, according to “gun owner and target shooter” Littell, is because unlike […]

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George Soros openly admits plan to destroy national borders, flood Europe with refugees

By For years many in the alternative media, as well as those in more conspiracy oriented right-wing circles, have attempted to expose the fact that liberal billionaire George Soros has and is funding a vast network of left-wing media outlets, activists, and social justice organizations. From providing early funding to hard left news outlets […]

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Boxed Up, Barely Used and 4 Years Late: Watchkeeper, the Army’s “Affordable” £1.2bn Drone Program

By: A landmark Ministry of Defence order for 54 battlefield drones that was hailed by ministers a decade ago as an “affordable solution” will be four years late and cost £1.2bn – some £400m more than the public was first told. The order for the Watchkeeper drones was announced by former Defence Secretary John […]

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The Next Librarian of Congress Should Be an Actual Librarian

By: Most Americans probably weren’t aware that James H. Billington, who had served as Librarian of Congress for the past 28 years, resigned his position at the venerable institution on September 30. A Reagan appointee, Billington came into office before the advent of the World Wide Web and the sweeping changes of the information […]

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Met Investigates Panorama Source Over Leak of CSA Survivor’s ID

By: Police are investigating a senior detective who is a confidential source for BBC1’s Panorama over the leaking of secret identities of complainants in abuse cases. Communications seen by Exaro reveal that the Metropolitan Police Service’s directorate of professional standards launched the investigation into the officer last month. He is suspected of improperly disclosing […]

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The Untold Story of the Texas Biker Gang Shoot-Out

By: The Twin Peaks chain is the most successful of America’s post-Hooters wave of so-called breastaurants. (“Hooters,” the co-founder of Twin Peaks has said, “wasn’t racy enough.”) Flirty waitresses wear skimpy mountaineering outfits: tiny khaki shorts, midriff-baring plaid shirts, climbing boots. A sign outside promises EATS • DRINKS • SCENIC VIEWS. Though it had […]

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Texas: ATS Returns to Court to Block Anti-Camera Vote

By: Traffic camera company tells Texas Court of Appeals that Cleveland residents must not be allowed to vote on red light cameras. Andy TaylorAmerican Traffic Solutions (ATS) was back in court Thursday to persuade a Texas Court of Appeals panel that the public should not be allowed to decide whether their community uses red […]

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Judge Dismisses Claims from 9/11 Families Against Saudi Arabia

By: A US judge has dismissed claims from the families of 9/11 victims that Saudi Arabia provided material support to al Qaeda. US District judge George Daniels ruled that Saudi Arabia had sovereign immunity from damage claims by the families of the nearly 3,000 victims of the attacks. The ruling also extends to claims […]

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Green Beret DischCharged for Body-Slamming Alleged Child Rapist Breaks Silence, Provides New — and Graphic — Details on Why He Felt Compelled to Act

By: The Green Beret who is set to be involuntarily discharged in early November has finally spoken out about the situation that caused his punishment in the first place: his intervening on behalf of an Afghan boy who was being repeatedly raped. “Kicking me out of the Army is morally wrong and the entire […]

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U.S. Judge says Deported Mentally Disabled Immigrants May Return

By: After more than five years, a civil rights group’s battle to ensure mentally disabled immigrants the right to legal representation is over. Now, hundreds of those immigrants who were previously ordered deported will have the chance to return to the United States to contest their expulsion, US District Judge Dolly M. Gee ruled […]

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20 Years Later Majority of Black and White Americans Agree O.J. Simpson Guilty of Double Murder

By: A majority of both Black and White Americans now describe O.J. Simpson as either “definitely guilty” or “probably” guilty” of the brutal stabbing murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. The merging of opinions between blacks and whites have never been closer in agreement, reported the Washington Post. […]

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