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Internet Voting Hack Alters PDF Ballots in Transmission

By:  Michael Mimoso of Threats to the integrity of Internet voting have been a major factor in keeping the practice to a bare minimum in the United States. On the heels of the recent midterm elections, researchers at Galois, a computer science research and development firm in Portland, Ore., sent another reminder to decision […]

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Ferguson No-Fly Zone Was to Keep Media from Covering Protests

By: AP via The U.S. government agreed to a police request to restrict more than 37 square miles of airspace surrounding Ferguson, Mo., for 12 days in August for safety, but audio recordings show that local authorities privately acknowledged the purpose was to keep away news helicopters during violent street protests. More News and […]

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Police Kill More People in Largest Brazilian State

By: Police in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo killed more people between January and September than they did during the same period for the past 10 years — and twice as many as the same period a year ago, according to law enforcement officials. More News and this story continued at –

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BP Slams McGladrey’s Tab for Gulf Oil Spill Audit

By: Steven R. Strahler via Oil giant BP is complaining about the expense of an audit Chicago-based McGladrey LLP is conducting of a compensation program for victims of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill. With audit costs allegedly running nearly tenfold over budget and no audit in sight, BP last week asked a federal […]

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Hungarians Revolt Against Internet Tax

By: Furious with the government plan to impose tax on Internet data traffic, thousands of Hungarians rallied in front of the Economy Ministry in Budapest to protect the freedom of the internet from the ‘anti-democratic’ measure. More News and this story continued at –

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Polygraph Tampering Exposed

Federal Polygraph School Gave Countermeasure Information to Polygraph Company By: Coming on the heels of an accusation that a senior official at the National Center for Credibility Assessment (NCCA) facilitated the transfer of classified information to the government of Singapore via the Lafayette Instrument Company, has received information that NCCA has provided polygraph […]

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D.C. ‘National Security’ Hack Starts a New Insurance Company to Make Money from NKVD Gang Holding the Late Great U.S.A. Hostage

National Security Entrepreneurs Create Cyber Insurance By: Bea Edwards via At the Government Accountability Project (GAP), we began working with whistleblowers in the wake of Washington’s Watergate scandal, an episode that showed what our public officials were capable of when left to their own devices. In the years since then, as the U.S. adopted […]

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Nero/Caligula/Commodus 21st Century D.C. Regime Crushes the 1st Amendment Rights of Another Movie Maker

Producer of Anti-Obamacare Movie ‘Sick and Sicker’ Hit with IRS Audit By: Jessica Chasmar via The producer of a new movie that criticizes Obamacare has reportedly become the latest prominent conservative slapped with an IRS audit. Logan Clements, producer of “Sick and Sicker: ObamaCare Canadian Style,” announced via press release Tuesday that he is […]

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Still Not Enough: VA Continues to Kill Vets and Destroy Lives

VA Fires 4 Senior Executives in Response to Scandal By: AP via The Veterans Affairs Department said it is firing four senior executives as officials move to crack down on wrongdoing following a nationwide scandal over long wait times for veterans seeking medical care, and falsified records covering up the delays. Continue reading – […]

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Beware the Military-Industrial-Complex

Contractor Sold Faulty Navigation Units to Armed Forces, Lawsuit Claims By: Tom Harvey via A Utah employee of giant defense contractor Northrop Grumman Corp. alleges in a lawsuit that the company has been faking tests of its navigation system and then selling faulty units to the armed forces where it is used in manned […]

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The Money Changers Admit to Fleecing Libya Before NATO War Crime Against Gadaffi

Goldman Sachs ‘Charmed Gadaffi-era Sovereign Wealth Fund Employees with Girls and Alcohol’ in Trip to Morocco By: Jim Armitage via Goldman Sachs took naive employees of the Gadaffi-era Libyan sovereign wealth fund on an all-expenses paid visit to Morocco where lavish entertainment included “heavy drinking and girls”, an independent lawyer testified in court today. […]

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More U.S. Vets Have Disabilities Claims Tampered With by Corrupt Veteran’s Administration

Houston VA Worker Accused of Falsifying Claims By: John Barned-Smith via A Houston Veterans Affairs employee falsified documents involving claims from more than 100 veterans, authorities with the agency said, adding that none of the claims were negatively impacted. An employee working in Houston’s regional Veterans Benefits Administration in July warned officials in the […]

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Hong Kong Protests Standing Close to the Edge

Hong Kong Protests: Government Offices Surrounded By: BBC Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong have surrounded two key government buildings in the territory. They have massed outside the office of Chief Executive CY Leung, demanding that he resign by midnight, and the Central Government Complex. Police have warned protesters not to try to breach the police […]

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