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Texas Cops Arrest Man for Saying “Fuck You” Despite It Being Protected Speech

By: [youtube] A Texas police officer warned a man that if he used one more curse word, he would be arrested. “Fuck you,” responded Stephen Benavides. Not even giving it a second to think about it. The Madisonville police officer, joined by his partner, wasted no time in grabbing him and taking him […]

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Remember Solyndra? U.S. Invests $100 Million in Solar Power Research

By: Researchers developing new solar power technology are getting more than $100 million in grants from the federal government as a way to reduce the cost of solar power and expand access to low-carbon energy. As part of the Obama administration’s Climate Action Plan, the U.S. Department of Energy on Wednesday announced $52 million […]

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Hostile BBC Interview of a Saudi Loyalist Shows Prime Journalistic Duty: Scrutiny of One’s Own Side

By: The ongoing atrocities by Saudi Arabia and its “coalition partners” in Yemen reflect powerfully — and horribly — on both the U.S. and U.K. That’s true not only because those two countries in general are among the closest allies of the Saudi regime, but also because they are specifically lavishing Saudi despots with […]

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Already 23 Papers Supporting Sun as Major Climate Factor in 2015… Burgeoning Evidence No Longer Dismissible!

By: More than three years ago (February 2012) our book Die kalte Sonne made its debut. In it we described a vast variety of scientific results underpinning the significant impacts of solar activity fluctuations on climate. Leading climate scientists suddenly saw their CO2-dominant view threatened and so they launched an all out onslaught against […]

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Homeschool Parents Sue New Jersey, Allege “Unlawful, Unconstitutional Home Intrusion”

By: Nothing really changed after a New Jersey state social worker banged on Christopher and Nicole Zimmer’s front door, and yet everything was different. Over the next two hours, the social worker quizzed their 15-year-old son, Chris, including questions on whether his parents fought or did drugs. She wanted to see his homeschool curriculum. […]

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Shrill Alarmism Backfires… Squandered Credibility, Potsdam Institute Scientist Wonders Why No One Heeds Daily Climate Alarms

By: When facts and arguments stop convincing, then the only thing left to do is to argue at an emotional level. Climate activists have produced a website where IPCC-cozy scientists expressed their concerns in hand-written letters. One of the writers was Stefan Rahmstorf of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK). He wrote […]

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Shepard Smith Calls Christians “Haters”

By: “Haters are going to hate” is how Shepard Smith of Fox News referred to supporters of Christian clerk Kim Davis on his Tuesday afternoon show. It was another example of the anti-Christian bias that has been rearing its ugly head on a channel that many conservatives had looked to for “fair and balanced” […]

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In 12 Oklahoma Counties, Millions Seized from Property Owners Who Were Never Charged with Crimes

By: In Oklahoma, law enforcement agencies across 12 counties took $6 million in cash over a five-year span. Less than half of the money came from property owners who were charged with a crime. The American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma analyzed records regarding cash seizures that took place in a dozen counties along […]

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“The Senator Be Embezzling”

By: The first correctional officer I saw had two teeth. I came in with a young black guy who mumbled and a 40-ish Chinese man who spoke broken English, but at least I could decipher their words. The correctional officer, or CO, was impossible to understand. Manchester Federal Correctional Institution is tucked in adesolate […]

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Will Uncle Sam Confiscate Gold Again?

By: There are growing concerns internationally that in the event of another Wall Street or global stock market crash and a new systemic crisis – a Eurozone debt crisis or another Lehman Brothers collapse – there could be enforced bank closures or extended bank holidays in the EU and U.S. as seen in Greece […]

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Wikipedia’s Biggest Scandal: Industrial-Scale Blackmail

By: No media mogul in history has ever matched the power of Wikipedia, which is capable of damaging reputations on an industrial scale. But with no checks in place to identify contributors, it was only a matter of time before fraudsters and blackmailers took advantage of Wikipedia to use it systematically, for profit. The […]

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Nuclear Cleanup Project Haunted by Legacy of Design Failures and Whistleblower Retaliation

By: The largest and most costly U.S. environmental cleanup project has been dogged for years by worries about an accidental nuclear reaction or a spill of toxic materials that could endanger residents nearby, as well as a history of contractor retaliation against workers who voice worries about persistent safety risks. But it hasn’t fully […]

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ATF’s Operation Gunwalker — Where Are They Now?

By: Often tagged with “Fast and Furious,” the ATF’s multiple efforts to walk guns to Mexican drug trafficking organizations during the 2000s, notably to the Sinaloa Cartel favored by both the Bush and Obama Administrations over the rival Zetas or the Mexican government, was a multi-operation hydra involving tens of ATF field offices, hundreds […]

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Nick Clegg Full of “Inbred Arrogance” and William Hague “Disingenuous” – Emails to Hilary Clinton Claim

By: Nick Clegg was full of “inbred arrogance” while William Hague was “disingenuous”, emails sent to Hillary Clinton have revealed. The then Lib Dem leader was blasted in dispatches to the then Secretary of State from one of her key confidants. Writing in the aftermath of the 2010 election, her unofficial adviser Sidney Blumenthal […]

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New Report: Solyndra Executives Lied to DOE Officials to Get Loans

By: In a few short years, Solyndra went from a promising US-based manufacturer of high-tech solar panels to a bankrupt political football. The company received substantial loans from the Department of Energy during the financial stimulus that followed Obama’s election. But shortly afterwards, the company went bankrupt amidst allegations that political pressure had played […]

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