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Why Asia and the Misguided West Desperately Need the AIIB (News, Switzerland)

Is the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank a threat to the U.S.-led global financial system, as Western policymakers and commentators have so vociferously been insisting? Under the contrary writes columnist Peter Achten of Switzerland’s News. In fact, Achten outines why the AIIB is not only complimentary to the World Back, Asia Development Bank and other […]

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Hillary Run Reinforces ‘Quasi-Feudal System’ in America (Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland)

Is it time for Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush to stand down and let people from other families run the country? For Gazeta Wyborcza, columnist Mariusz Zawadzki writes that Hillary Clinton’s campaign launch yesterday, contrary to America’s oft-repeated mythology, shows that the ‘everyday Americans’ Hillary Clinton says she wants to help have little or no […]

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Trial of Knox and Sollecito: Another Black Eye for Italian Justice (Italia Chiama Italia, Italy)

What kind of a country convicts people accused of murder, then acquits them, convicts them and acquits them again, while imprisoning them for years along the way? For Italia Chiama Italia, columnist Leonardo Cecca rips his nation’s justice system as an embarrassment to civilization: To be fair, this appeared to be just another boorish and […]

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Is Religion of Germanwings Mass Murderer Truly ‘Irrelevant’? (PI-News, Express Tribune, Juan Cole, Times of Malta)

Over the past few days a debate has broken out over whether Andreas Lubitz, the Germanwings pilot who crashed his own plane into the ground killing all aboard, a) should be called a terrorist, and b) was a Muslim convert who committed mass murder out of religious conviction. So is the mainstream media avoiding the […]

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Austrian Lawmakers ‘Terminate Silence’ Over NSA Spying (Der Standard, Austria)

Frustrated by news emerging from hearings of the Bundestag’s NSA Committee of Inquiry about NSA spying on Austrians, fed up with the Austrian federal government’s failure to act against foreign intelligence services operating on Austrian soil and suspicious that the NSA circumvents local laws on data collection by getting the data from partners in other […]

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Berlin Must Reveal U.S. ‘Blackmail’ Over Snowden Asylum (La Jornada, Mexico)

Over the weekend it was reported that German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, when pressed by journalist Glenn Greenwald as to why Germany didn’t offer Edward Snowden political asylum, replied that Washington, ‘told us they would stop notifying us of plots and other intelligence matters.’ This editorial from Mexico’s La Jornada implores Germany to live up […]

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Christians, Muslims and the Destruction of Ancient Sites (Le Monde, France)

Like the fundamentalists of Islamic State, Christians, too, had a period in which ancient sites were destroyed as a form of idolatry. However, according to Gérard Leclerc, a journalist and philosopher with France Catholique, a cultural chasm separates the two: unlike the radicals of Islamic State, ‘Christianity was from the start a scholarly religion that […]

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Alarming Number of Muslims in Europe Back Extremism (Elsevier, The Netherlands)

Given the burgeoning problem of Islamic extremism in Europe, should the E.U. immediately halt the flow of immigrants from Muslim countries? For Elsevier of the Netherlands, columnist Afshin Ellian provides the startling results of a recent survey of Muslims in six European countries and advises readers to look at the ‘inconvenient truth’: For Elsevier , […]

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