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Patrick Sensburg

Mystery Again Surrounds Bundestag’s NSA Committee of Inquiry (Die Welt, Germany)

Chairman of the Bundestag’s NSA Committee of Inquiry Patrick Sensburg has led Berlin’s almost two-year long probe into the scandal exposed by Edward Snowden surrounding NSA mass surveillance. Last year Sensburg reportedly ordered music to be played at committee meetings ‘just in case’ and at least two moles were discovered passing information from the Committee […]

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Seoul in Damage Control After on U.S. Envoy Suffers Bloody Attack (The Korea Times, South Korea)

Based on South Korean news reports on the unprecedented slashing attack against U.S. Ambassador Mark Lippert, quite a few questions should be raised. The assault on the ambassador comes amid annual U.S.-South Korea military exercises called Key Resolve/Foal Eagle, which, as always, North Korea is calling a provocation to nuclear war. Furthermore, the attack comes […]

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Monopolistic Internet Giants Threaten the Middle Class (Le Monde, France)

This column examines the elephant in the room that the masters of industry and data have been reticent to discuss: what happens when automation and artificial intelligence make human labor obsolete? Deprived of a middle class, how will today’s data-driven, surveillance dependent economic system survive? For Le Monde, French Canadian philosopher Pierre Desjardins offers a […]

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Netanyahu has More ‘Right to Speak’ than Obama Ever Will (de Volskrant, The Netherlands)

Was President Obama wrongheaded to oppose today’s speech to Congress by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu? For de Volkskrant of the Netherlands, historian Dirk-Jan van Baar goes one step further, arguing that given Obama’s Middle East track record, he should speak less and let Netanyahu speak more. The mudslinging casts a dark shadow over what’s […]

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Yes Indeed: Venezuela Coup Attempts are Aided by Washington (La Jornada, Mexico)

Since Hugo Chavez was first elected president of Venezuela in 1999, the country’s leaders have charged the United States with overtly and covertly working to undermine its government, which Washington regards as hostile to its interests. Never mind that according to former President Jimmy Carter, Venezuela has ‘the best electoral system in the world.’ For […]

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Shuttering Department of Homeland Security would be a ‘Good Idea’ (Guardian Unlimited, U.K.)

Whoever decided to use the fascist-sounding term ‘homeland’ in the first place should be exiled. Ask yourself how a Republican ‘small government’ president oversaw the creation of a monstrous, wasteful, ineffective state bureaucracy to protect the nation and ‘end stove piping’ in the wake of 9-11. The people who govern this country, in both political […]

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President Al Sisi, Good Muslims, and Their Apostates

In the wake of the Paris shootings, the horrors visited by ISIS upon Syria and Iraq and the genocide being perpetrated by Boko Haram in North Africa, finally there seems to be an awakening even among the western mainstream media and the politically correct that there could be something endemic to Islam itself that accounts […]

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We Have A Dream

By Eric Jewell and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I am happy to join with you today, regarding what will very likely go down in history as the greatest death blow to our personal freedoms in the history of our once great nation. Nearly 12 score years ago, Great Americans, in whose symbolic shadow we […]

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Chemical Weapons

In January 2015, researchers at the University of Nebraska Medical Center received a $1.9 million grant to develop a new therapy to protect military members from nerve agent exposure. It would pleasure me to have that therapy goodie in my supply kit. More good news. Last week AP’s Dan Elliott reported that “…The Pueblo Chemical […]

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Munich Security Conference: U.S. and Germany Clash Over Salmon Canapés (Die Welt, Germany)

U.S. and German leaders may pretend that disagreements over arming Ukraine have done nothing to shake relations between them, but reporting on the behind the scenes maneuvering at the ‘gastronomic highlight’ of the Munich Security Conference, Die Welt special correspondent Anna von Bayern informs that an icy atmosphere between U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry […]

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Germany’s Anti-Muslim Movement Spawns Anti-American Offshoot (Barbadillo, Italy)

Members of Germany’s anti-Islamization movement Pigeda have just launched a new one: European Patriots Against the Americanization of the West, aka/Pegada. The group, which is growing fast and held it’s first demonstration last month, calls the United States a ‘terrorist power,’ demands an end to U.S. spying and opposes the ‘colonialist’ Trans-Pacific Trade and Investment […]

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Fireflies and Crocus-Hope

Mother Nature isn’t naughty or nice, in fact she simply goes about the business of earth irrespective of local impacts. Her changes always bring a new equilibrium to bear, although it might take an eon or two. So far she hasn’t shaken mankind off like she shed the dinosaurs, but who knows. In the span […]

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Bears In The Air

By: B.F. Johnson The Russian TU-95H ‘Bear’ long range bomber is testing air space limits and poking sticks in the eyes of various governments in the Western World. U.K. airspace is the most recent of the ‘almost violations’ and made the Foreign Office mad enough to call the Russian Ambassador to task.   According to CNN, […]

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Subterfuge, Spooks, Liars, Surveillance and Kissinger Blast for Feb. 2 (Germany, Poland, U.K., Canada, Israel, U.S.)

Hello fellow Caravan to Midnighters. It is time for the latest Subterfuge, Spooks, Liars and Surveillance blast from around the world. Great thanks to the Webmaster at for contributing to this post. We have a lot of catching up to do since yours truly was kidnapped by the flu monster – so let’s get […]

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By: B.F. Johnson Montana’s mountains, Wyoming’s Kortes Dam, and the North Shore of Lake Superior provided the backdrops of a childhood that instilled a belief that I could be anything I wanted to be if I just worked hard enough and paid my dues. Running wild and free through these landscapes I believed the truisms […]

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reichstag 911

​Neocons Nazis And 9/11/01

By Eric Jewell  Many Americans have heard the term “Neoconservative” but most still remain almost completely in the dark as to it’s meaning or what they stand for even though every administration since the assassination  of Kennedy has followed the Neoconservative agenda, with the possible exception of the Carter Administration.  What IS a Neoconservative and […]

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