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Dubai deploys drone fleet to catch people littering

By Dubai has gained a reputation as both a center for wealth and excess as well as a city where even relatively minor illegal acts can have major consequences. Now one component of the city’s enforcement efforts will be backed by the latest technology in remote-controlled technology: drones. The Dubai Municipality’s Waste Management Department […]

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US ‘Gremlin’ drones designed to cause missile defense mayhem

By Nicknamed the ‘Gremlins’ program, an audacious US government-backed plan to use swarms of drones to disrupt enemy missile defense systems is under development. Four firms, including fighter jet manufacturer Lockheed Martin, have been brought on board by Pentagon security agency DARPA to turn the idea of low-cost reusable decoys, capable of jamming enemy […]

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Pentagon flew drones over US to aid first responders

By The Pentagon was pushing back Wednesday afternoon on a USA Today report about the government’s domestic drone program, with defense officials asserting the few non-military missions flown over U.S. territory were done to aid first responders. A defense official, who had knowledge of drone use inside the U.S. and spoke to Fox News, […]

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Texas police use drone to catch armed suspects near school

By It appears that the Corpus Christi Police Department has a new tool in its fight against criminals in that area. On Friday the department released video footage of a drone assisting officers in smoking out a pair of suspects that were reported to be carrying firearms near Sam Houston Elementary in Corpus Christi. […]

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Boxed Up, Barely Used and 4 Years Late: Watchkeeper, the Army’s “Affordable” £1.2bn Drone Program

By: A landmark Ministry of Defence order for 54 battlefield drones that was hailed by ministers a decade ago as an “affordable solution” will be four years late and cost £1.2bn – some £400m more than the public was first told. The order for the Watchkeeper drones was announced by former Defence Secretary John […]

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Japan to Introduce New UAV Regulations

By: The Japanese government is to begin enforcing new regulations surrounding the use of unmanned air vehicles in national airspace in December, with its action having been prompted by a threat to its prime minister last April. A DJI Phantom UAV carrying radiation landed on the rooftop of Shinzo Abe’s residence, triggering the Japan […]

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What is the Statute of Limitations on Unauthorized Drone Flights?

By: On Tuesday, the FAA announced the proposal of a $1.9 million fine against SkyPan International for allegedly unauthorized drone flights dating back several years. The FAA claims SkyPan International, an aerial photography company based in Chicago, flew 65 unauthorized flights between March 21, 2012 and December 15, 2014 over some of the most […]

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Our Robot Sky

By: We think it is possible to build safe cargo drone routes connected by cheap droneports across much of the planet. Quiet, beautiful, goose-like craft will lift off from the droneports carrying precious cargo along fixed routes in the lower sky, saving lives and creating jobs at massive scale. Here is the first concept […]

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How a Drone Can Infiltrate Your Network by Hovering Outside the Building

By: [youtube] Imagine you are sitting in your office and working on something confidential. Once you are done, you send a command to print that document. But, What if… …the whole confidential document send to a hacker attacking from the air? Sounds pity but may be your Boss fires you immediately if that […]

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This Drone Is One of the Most Secretive Weapons in the World

By: The drone above, called the Taranis, is one of the most cutting-edge drones in production. Capable of reaching speeds of more than 700 mph, it could come and go without anyone on the ground noticing it, but for the sound of its sonic boom. It’s “virtually invisible to radar,” David Coates, a spokesperson […]

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Welcome to the Drone Age

By: The scale and scope of the revolution in the use of small, civilian drones has caught many by surprise. In 2010 America’s Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) estimated that there would, by 2020, be perhaps 15,000 such drones in the country. More than that number are now sold there every month. And it is […]

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Watch These Drones Build a Rope Bridge—and Intrepid Researchers Walk Over It

By: [youtube] Earlier this year, we wrote about a project to 3D print a bridge in Amsterdam. Said printer will move along a set of (self-printed) tracks, leaving a fully formed bridge in its wake. Now, machine bridge making is taking to the air—and swapping drones for 3D printers. Dubbed the Aerial Construction […]

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How a U.N. Drone Crashed in Congo and Was Promptly Forgotten

By: On a cloudy October morning last year, an unarmed United Nations drone on a surveillance mission over eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo crashed and burned in farmland just north of the city of Goma. Local residents quickly gathered at the crash site, where U.N. officials later retrieved some of the drone’s pieces, […]

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Will Subdrones Cause World War III?

By: Do a Google image search for “armed drone” and you’ll see General Atomics Reapers outfitted with Hellfire missiles, perhaps soaring over the sandy plains of Iraq, Syria, or somewhere in Africa. In the future, the phrase may come to mean something very different. The next frontier for drone technology—and particularly autonomy—is on and […]

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5 Tips on Finding a Good Drone Attorney

By: In response to the rapidly growing drone industry, there are now many attorneys and law firms that are seeing an opportunity to make money and are offering drone legal services as a part of their regular practice areas. Although many of these attorneys and/or firms may have experience in their regular and specific […]

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How to Shoot Down a Drone

By: You’re hanging out in your backyard when suddenly a drone approaches, a friendly little recreational quadcopter. It zooms over your house before it doubles back and sits there in the sky, hovering over you and staring you down. It doesn’t look so friendly anymore. It looks like a spy. In the past few […]

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Insect-Inspired Artificial Eyes Could Help Drones See

By: n a move to make autonomous flying robots more practical, researchers have developed tiny artificial eyes, inspired by the way insects view the world, to help drones avoid collisions and better navigate confined or cluttered spaces. These tiny eyes—which are being tested on tiny drones—weigh just 2 milligrams, which is 1/1,000th the weight […]

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