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Volcano Secrets Unlocked with Robots and Drones

By: Exactly 200 years after the biggest recorded volcanic eruption in history, scientists are using robots and UAVs to unlock the secrets of today’s volcanoes. Two hundred years ago this year, Mount Tambora erupted on Sumbawa, a remote island in the south of Indonesia. The eruption began on 5 April 1815 and reached its […]

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Lufthansa Flight Has Near-Miss with Drone Near Warsaw

By: A Lufthansa plane with 108 passengers on board nearly collided with a drone as it approached Warsaw’s main airport on Monday afternoon, the airline said on Tuesday. The drone came within 100 metres (330 feet) of the Embraer plane when the Munich to Warsaw flight was at a height of about 760 metres, […]

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Pratap Chatterjee, No Lone Rangers in Drone Warfare

By: Since November 2002, when a CIA drone strike destroyed the SUV of “al-Qaeda’s chief operative in Yemen,” Qaed Salim Sinan al-Harethi (“U.S. kills al-Qaeda suspects in Yemen”), it’s been almost 13 years of unending repeat headlines. Here are a few recent ones: “U.S. drone strike kills a senior Islamic State militant in Syria,” […]

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Drones of Drones / Drones by Drones

By: [youtube] We already have our jetpacks. We just happen to call them drones. Sure, these drones don’t carry us into the sky the way we were promised in our childhoods, but they carry with them our eyes, our imaginations, and our ambitions. Now that we live so much of our lives online, […]

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Open Secrets from X-37B

By: Weeks into its fourth flight, the X-37B robot spaceplane is finally yielding some more data on its generally secret mission. The entire X-37B program has amazed and confounded space boffins with its mix of cutting-edge technology and deep secrecy. Roughly the size of a car, the spacecraft looks like a shrunken, stubby version […]

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‘Top Gun 2’ to Feature Maverick, Drone Warfare

By: Do you feel the need? The need for a “Top Gun” sequel? Rumors of “Top Gun 2″ have swirled since the original touched down in 1986. Skydance CEO David Ellison confirmed that the project is in development and revealed its plot details at a “Terminator Genisys” press junket in Berlin, Collider reports. “Justin […]

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Anti-Drone Technology Emerges to Thwart Potential Threats

By: For every bright spot in technological development there is a dark side. The drone industry is no exception. Incidents of drones as security risks have started to emerge: a drone crashes on to the White House lawn, another carrying radioactive sand lands on the roof of the Japanese prime minister’s office and last […]

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Defeating Drones: How to Build a Thermal Evasion Suit [Video]

By: [youtube] Asymmetric tactics rely on the idea of fighting smarter, rather than fighting directly, against a larger or more technologically advanced aggressor. It means turning your opponent’s strengths into weaknesses. For instance, if your opponent relies on the superiority of his tanks and armor, make him fight in the mountains where his […]

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Drones Seek Out Tax Cheats in Indonesia’s Palm Oil Plantations

By: Above the vast forests of oil-palm and rubber trees in Sumatra and the scattered tin mines on islands to its east, the Indonesian government is flying unmanned aircraft to catch cheats who under report the size of their plantations or the extent of their mineral extraction. “Mines and plantations make good profits just […]

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NATO to Deploy Drones Over Baltic

By: NATO’s Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS) system drones will be used in the Baltic airspace from 2017. Estonia is also one of the financial contributors to the program. NATO will use drones for reconnaissance and collection of information about the enemy and possible targets. NATO’s AGS system, operated and maintained on behalf of all […]

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Justice Department Releases Guidelines on Domestic Drone Use

By: After years of operating in a legal gray area, domestic drone use is starting to amass a number of official rules and guidelines. The US Justice Department is the latest to provide policy guidelines on the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). On Friday it published its guidelines laying out how federal law […]

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Drone Captures Tesla’s New Gigafactory in Stunning HD Video

By: [youtube] Behold the Gigafactory. Tesla is building the biggest battery factory in the world, in the desert near Reno, Nevada. Actually, at 10 million square feet, it won’t just be the biggest battery factory in the world—it will be one of the biggest factories in the world, period. Telsa declined requests for […]

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Reforestation Drones Could Plant One Billion Trees a Year

By: [youtube] Industrial scale deforestation destroys 26 billion trees each year, and while there are a number of initiatives — such as Supply Change and The Rainforest Connection — aiming to lessen this number, startup BioCarbon Engineering is concentrating its efforts on damage control by pioneering drone reforestation. The world currently replants approximately […]

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What You Get When You Blend a Drone and a Gecko

By: [youtube] There is a wide array of obstacles facing the drone deliveries proposed by Amazon and Google. If the deliveries do happen, however, researchers from the mechanical engineering lab at Stanford University believe they have made a technological leap in the science of the drone’s landing. Working with researchers at the University […]

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New Push to Give Pentagon the Lead on Drone Strikes

By: The deaths of an Italian and an American in a covert CIA drone strike in Pakistan — and the rhetorical contortions required of the president when he informed the world — have breathed new urgency into a long-stalled plan to give the Pentagon primacy over targeted killing of terrorists overseas. President Barack Obama […]

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