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Episode 788 – Harry Dent

Tuesday August 8th 2017 In this edition we welcome Harry Dent, as he tells John why he believes that the markets will crash in late October, and what you need to be prepared for it; continuing about the economy with what triggers crashes and market rebounds. Guest Media Harry Dent Tracks Let’s Be Natural – […]

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Harley Schlanger

Harley Schlanger

I have been the spokesman for LaRouche since 1999. I have written extensively on financial fraud, going back to the mid-1980s S&L crisis and Michael Milken and junk bonds; also covered the effects of banking deregulation, and the shift of the U.S. from a productive manufacturing economy to a speculative casino economy. I am often […]

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Joseph Meyer

Sir Joseph Meyer

Joseph E. Meyer – President of Meyer and Associates In today’s volatile investment community, we all need to be confident of obtaining the most accurate information possible in order to make some very critical financial decisions. We find this valuable information by locating the most experienced individuals in their particular fields of expertise. In the […]

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Joseph Meyer

Episode 604 – Joseph Meyer & Scott Hensler

Thursday September 8th 2016 In this edition In this episode we welcome Joseph Meyer to discuss the state of the economy, Russia, China, India, Oil, and more. Then, Scott Hensler speaks with us for the first time about demonic possession, the effect of demons on relationships, the President’s hidden agenda, Psychotronics, Targeted Individuals, and much […]

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Venezuela Is Out of Food: Here’s What an Economic Collapse Really Looks Like

By Venezuela is out of food. After several years of long lines, rationing, and shortages, the socialist country does not have enough food to feed its population, and the opposition government has declared a “nutritional emergency.” This is just the most recent nail in the beleaguered country’s slow, painful economic collapse. Many people expect an […]

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The new American economy: Online BEGGING

By The Obama economy continues to “fundamentally transform” the concept of employment. Seven years into his disastrous presidency, the “economy” is defined as one of government dependency and non-participation, with a record 46.7 million Americans living in poverty (9.4 million more than before the 2007–2008 financial crisis), and with a record 94.6 million out […]

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By There were a few different stories coming out over the last few days that reveal the true nature of government and the apparatchiks who use disinformation, devious machinations, fraudulent accounting, and taxpayer money to cover up their criminality, lies, and the true state of the American economy. The use of government accounting tricks […]

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Here’s Why Nobody’s Talking About Nanotech Anymore

By: It used to be the hottest sector around Of all the investment fads and manias over the past few decades, none have been as big of a fizzle as the craze for nanotech stocks. Ten years ago, venture capitalists were scrambling for investments, startups with “nano” in their names flourished and even a […]

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Sky-High Price of New Stem Cell Therapies Is a Growing Concern

By: The public uproar about high drug prices has focused on outlandish cases such as single pills jacked up in price by 5,000%, miracle cures marketed for tens of thousands of dollars per treatment. But how will people feel when they’re confronted with treatments that are even more astronomically expensive? That’s certain to become […]

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Recap: The Spy Who Fired Me: The Human Cost of Workplace Monitoring

By: With the advent of wireless connectivity, along with a steep drop in the price of computer processors, electronic sensors, GPS devices, and radio-frequency identification tags, monitoring has become commonplace. Cornerstone OnDemand is used by companies as a platform which can quickly and easily assess an employee’s performance by analyzing his or her online […]

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How Do the Yellow Pages Still Make Money?

By: Disruption can move fast. When Chris Silver Smith joined one of the largest publishers of yellow pages in 1997, he became part of an extremely profitable enterprise. While newspapers and television stations create expensive content like articles and sitcoms—and pay the bills by placing ads next to articles and playing them during commercial […]

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Drunk History: The Rise, Fall, and Revival of All-American Whiskey

By: At a time when obscure new whiskeys are appearing on cocktail menus from Savannah to Seattle, it’s hard to imagine the American whiskey industry was ever under threat. For starters, the grain-based spirit is as American as apple pie, or at least George Washington—in fact, the first president’s Mount Vernon estate was once […]

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Is Media Consumption Zero Sum?

By: I’ve seen the point made across a variety of articles that media companies see media consumption as being zero sum – there’s only a fixed amount of consumption that people have and they’re allocating it between a variety of options. The typical example is people abandoning legacy television for YouTube. Thus, the rationale […]

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Satellite Internet Gets a Fresh Look, Cash Infusion

By: The race for Internet service from space is on, again. After a series of failed satellite Internet projects over the past two decades, fresh investment is coming into the sector, and at least three high-profile projects are moving forward. OneWeb, a London-based consortium backed by tycoon Richard Branson, announced in June it had […]

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The Secret Developers of the Video Game Industry

By: In July 2015, developer Comcept launched a Kickstarter campaign for its game Red Ash. It didn’t go well. Despite raising over $500,000 in pledges, the campaign missed its target and critics pummeled its approach — pointing to Comcept launching the campaign before seeing through a previous one, announcing a console port without identifying […]

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The Rise and Fall of the Plane “Anyone Could Fly”

By: In October 1945, the future of travel sat in a glistening showroom in a Manhattan Macy’s. Alongside the department store staples of household appliances, gentlemen’s socks and ladies’ girdles was a small, all-metal, two-seater airplane. This was the Ercoupe, “the airplane that anyone could fly.” Built by the Engineering and Researching Corporation (ERCO), […]

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Naked Cities

By: Cities can’t win. When they do well, people resent them as citadels of inequality; when they do badly, they are cesspools of hopelessness. In the seventies and eighties, the seemingly permanent urban crisis became the verdict that American civilization had passed on itself. Forty years later, cities mostly thrive, crime has been in […]

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