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Dollar Fiat Reign of Fraud Almost Over

South Korea, China Agree to Extend Swap Facility to 2017 By: Reuters  via South Korea and China agreed to extend an existing swap agreement worth 64 trillion Korean won or 360 billion yuan by three more years, the Bank of Korea said in a statement on Saturday. The decision to extend the bilateral agreement […]

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Where’s the “Recovery”? Sears on the Verge of Death as U.S. Economy Falls Deeper into Depression

Sears Shares Sink on Report of Vendor Halt By: Reuters via Sears Holding Corp. shares fell sharply Wednesday morning after a media report said a vendor halted shipments to the department-store chain. The move comes as suppliers are growing increasingly concerned about Sears’s finances ahead of the crucial holiday shopping season. Shares slumped as […]

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Massive Bond Information Dump Thanks to IT Butterfingers

Huge Data Leak at Largest U.S. Bond Insurer By: On Monday, KrebsOnSecurity notified MBIA Inc. — the nation’s largest bond insurer — that a misconfiguration in a company Web server had exposed countless customer account numbers, balances and other sensitive data. Much of the information had been indexed by search engines, including a page listing administrative credentials […]

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Swiss to Vote on Real Money – Gold

Swiss Gold Referendum: A Unique Opportunity to Lead the World Back to a Sound Money Policy By: Egon Von Greyerz via On 30 November 2014 the Swiss People has the opportunity to determine not just the fate of their own financial system but also to be the catalyst for the return to sound money […]

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Chicoms Buy Another American Landmark

Another Chinese Buy as Insurer Nabs Waldorf-Astoria for $1.9B By: Hilton Worldwide Holdings sold the Waldorf Astoria to Anbang Insurance Group for $1.95 billion. Hilton reached an agreement with the Chinese carrier under which it will continue to operate the famed hotel for the next 100 years. The building will be renovated to “restore the property to its […]

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With All That’s Going on Out There, Don’t Forget About the Dealings of the Money Changers in the Background

Here We Go Again: Greece Will be in Default Within 15 Months, S&P Warns By: Tyler Durden via Remember Greece: the country that in 2010 launched Europe’s sovereign solvency crisis and the ECB’s own helpless attempts at intervention, which later was “saved”, only to default shortly thereafter (but without triggering CDS as that would […]

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It’s All About the Business: Western Oil Companies Eager to Make Big Profits with Russian Energy Operations

U.S. Sanctions on Arctic Oil Projects Deal Major Blow to ExxonMobil By: ITAR-TASS Washington’s sanctions against Arctic oil projects have dealt “a major blow” to the US corporation ExxonMobil, the French business newspaper Les Echos writes on Tuesday. Rosneft discovered in the Arctic region last week a field that in the future will allow Russia and […]

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