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Colt, on the Brink of Disaster, Awarded M4 & M4A1 Contract. Kinda.

By: Colt has been teetering on the brink of disaster. They recently filed for bankruptcy, and they have been frantically trying to cut their losses while preserving their executives’ golden parachutes. Colt had been relying on military contracts to carry their balance sheet after ignoring the civilian market for decades, but when FN Manufacturing […]

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A User’s Manual

By: IN 2003 Peter Morley-Souter, a British teenager whose hobby was drawing comic strips with his sister Rose, was sent a parody of “Calvin and Hobbes”, a strip about a six-year-old boy and his stuffed tiger, by a friend. It showed the titular pair having sex with Calvin’s mother. Mr Morley-Souter posted his response […]

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Death and Transfiguration

By: Edward Gibon, the great English historian, begins his “Decline and Fall” with a glowing portrait of the Roman Empire in the age of Augustus. The Empire “comprehended the fairest part of the earth”. Rome’s enemies were kept at bay by “ancient renown and disciplined valour”. Citizens “enjoyed and abused the advantages of wealth […]

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“The Dreamliner Is Your dream. We Want to Build Our Own Airplanes.”

By: A good example of nationalist company executives from China marching to the same drum and lifting up their country. U.S. executive can’t move fast enough to move jobs and profits offshore. Seattle | China Eastern Airlines wants to build more of its own airplanes, a company executive announced this week. Liu Shaoyong, […]

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TV vs. the Internet: Who Will Win?

By: Between 1999 and 2009, annual revenues in the music industry declined from $14.6 billion to $6.3 billion, according to the market analysis firm Forrester Research. The music business was first attacked from below by illegal file sharing on Napster and subsequently from above by Apple’s iTunes, which unbundled fourteen-dollar CDs into ninety-nine-cent songs. […]

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Alternative Realities: 7 Radical Buildings That Could-Have-Been

By: In It’s A Wonderful Life the film’s protagonist George Bailey, facing a crisis of faith, is visited by his guardian angel, and shown an alternate reality where he doesn’t exist. The experience gives meaning to George’s life, showing him his own importance to others. With the increasing scale of design competitions these days, […]

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The Surprising Geography of American Left-Handedness

By: A pre-K teacher in Oklahoma is making news this week after forcing a left-handed 4-year-old boy to write with his right hand. The boy was sent home from school with an article discussing left- and right-handedness. The article mentions historic attitudes toward left-handedness that associate it with evil and the devil. It’s written […]

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See 150 Years of Los Angeles Housing in the Blink of an Eye

By: The city of Los Angeles both is and isn’t what many people think it is. Beverly Hills? It’s not Los Angeles, which is a separate municipality. That beach where you see people rollerblading in every movie set in L.A.? That’s Santa Monica—not Los Angeles. Hollywood is part of the city of Los Angeles, […]

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This Is the First 3D-Printed Hotel Suite in The World: Yes, It Has a 3D-Printed Jacuzzi

By: Forget 3D-printed food and 3D-printed cars. A hotel owner in the Philippines is 3D-printing an entire hotel suite, and unlike other 3D-printed buildings done before, this one will be completely and entirely operational, which means, if you’re thinking of vacationing in the country soon, you’ll be able to book a night at the […]

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California Judge Slaps Down Uber Bid to Force Arbitration on Driver

By: A former Uber Technologies Inc. driver defeated the company’s bid to force her into arbitration, a second victory after California’s labor commissioner said she should have been considered an employee. A San Francisco state judge sided with the driver Monday, finding the app-based ride service’s arbitration clause is unenforceable. The decision echoed a […]

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What I Learned Making a Living on eBay

By: I’ve furnished our house with truly awesome vintage furniture, rugs, artwork — nearly all found on eBay. My friends may tease me for my obsession (and chair collection) — but they never make fun of what I pay, because I get great deals. That’s because I know how eBay works. How to buy […]

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Tiny Houses and Shipping Container Homes

By: The tiny house movement has grown exponentially in the last few years. No longer do people crave the large scale multi storey houses of yesteryear. Instead they seem to yearn for the simpler life, living in a home that provides their basic requirements and no more. Hence the increased availability of tiny houses […]

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The Wild, Wild East

By: More than five centuries ago Christopher Columbus scrawled in his copy of Marco Polo’s “Travels” that the Middle Kingdom would bring mercacciones innumeras (an immeasurable amount of commerce). Columbus never reached that promised land. China has continued to disappoint foreign businessmen ever since, not least because many ordinary Chinese people have been too […]

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Barbie Wants to Get to Know Your Child

By: With the help of A.I., America’s most famous doll tries to fulfill a timeless dream — convincing little girls that she’s a real friend. What will happen if they believe her? It looked like a child’s playroom: toys in cubbies, a little desk for doing homework, a whimsical painting of a tree on […]

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China Tries to Extract Pledge of Compliance from U.S. Tech Firms

By: The Chinese government, which has long used its country’s vast market as leverage over American technology companies, is now asking some of those firms to directly pledge their commitment to contentious policies that could require them to turn user data and intellectual property over to the government. The government distributed a document to […]

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Russia Asks Bomb and Missile Producers to Stop Drinking at Work

By: A top Russian official has called upon state-owned arms producers to introduce an ethics code in order to battle alcohol abuse in the workplace. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, speaking Tuesday to human resources directors of major state-owned companies, lamented “a propensity for alcohol abuse” at those plants. She said “the lack […]

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Welcome to DSEI, the Biggest Military Show in the world

By: From tanks, helicopters, special forces All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and fast-attack craft through to the most advanced weaponry in the world and much, much more – the Defence and Security Equipment International Show (DSEI) is the place to be this week. The biggest show of its kind, approximately 32,000 visitors from 121 countries will […]

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Satellites of Russian Start-Up to be Orbited by Civil Version of Satan ICBM

By: Russia’s space start-up Yaliny that intends to create a constellation of satellites in orbit to provide global Internet access, has concluded an agreement with the international space company Kosmotras on the launch of its satellites using the Dnepr conversion rocket (based on the RS-20 ICBM – “Satan” by NATO’s reporting name), the Russian […]

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